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Back in town and due a spanking

March 23rd, 2009

Well, I got back from the sea side quite late last night and I am already planning my next trip down there! How does that saying go? Ah, thats it, no rest for the wicked (looks at The Spanker) But plenty, it seems for the naughty. I am going to go straight back down there after we have finished our few days of filming. I think my poor bottom will be so very sore that all I will be capable of is rest. I have been promised that I am going to receive some very harsh discipline, mainly for my cheek and I guess I probably deserve it. I think that The Spanker should thank me, I always manage to give him a good reason to spank me so in a way, I make his job so much easier! As he said in his last post, if you are a member and want to come along to the set, send us an e-mail and we will see what can be arranged. It would be great to have some pictures taken of me draped over your knees, if you are worried about your face being shown, I am sure something could be arranged. You would be surprised at how long filming can take – even though I rarely (if ever) make mistakes. Anyway guys, I must go, I am having my hair cut this morning and then I plan to hit the shops. Until tomorrow, Kisses Sarah x x x

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  1. March 23rd, 2009 at 19:52 | #1

    Hi Sarah,

    My goodness but you are a naughty one, aren’t you? *giggles and bounces* I like the look of your new site and can’t wait to hear about all the different spanking good situations you can get that perky little behind into!


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