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Sarah ‘spanks’ her credit card

April 17th, 2009

Well, its the only thing you will ever see me ‘spanking’ I have been asked from time to time to spank other people but I really do not have it in me to be a ‘switch’ Saying that, at one stage I did class people who were bi sexual as greedy, and now I am as happy playing with a girl as I am a man so you can never say never. I just know that at this stage in my life, I am happy to be the one bent over receiving a bare bottom spanking and would obtain no enjoyment on being the spanker. Anyway, I digress, I was going to tell you that I spent most of yesterday at the shops. It would have been bliss had it not been the Easter holidays so full of very noisy kids but I still managed to spend, spend, spend. I bought myself a really beautiful red dress, I just need somewhere to wear it now! |Maybe The Spanker can take me somewhere nice……I won’t hold my breath. Seriously though, it really is lovely and fits absolutely perfectly. I may try and wear it when we are shooting so you guys can see it. I also purchased a load of new stockings and hold ups. You guys would not believe how many I go though when we are filming, I can’t be bothered with washing them so just throw them away! quite wasteful really, perhaps I should be punished for that. Then lastly, I got some new underwear, I like to try and wear really pretty things when I am getting a spanking, even though I know that they will be pulled down very quickly! So really guys, you could say that my shopping trip was all for you, what a selfless person I am lol. Someone should give me a star ha ha. I know that The Spanker will be giving me something early next week, I don’t think he has decided yet whether it should be. I have been quite good (I think) so he hasn’t got an excuse to cane me. I have got a few days left so may just have to do something really naughty. Anyway guys, I am having lunch with one of my friends today, and as I am at this moment still in my bed, I must leave you and go and get ready. Until tomorrow, Kisses Sarah xx

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