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Slippered then shaved

July 21st, 2009

Sarah ShavedMorning guys,  I don’t know what it is like where you are but it is absolutely pouring with rain here!  I can’t see me being able to wear any of the bikinis I packed and we have had to rearrange a lot of the storylines we had planned  but do not fear,  we will still manage to bring you some great films.  In fact, as I am posting this, there is a shoot going ahead with a lovely lady called Tiffaney –  it is her first ever spanking assignment so I will let you know a little later how she did. We visited our competition winner yesterday and what a great location he has.   He has made it clear that we can film whenever we want (provided he can watch ha ha)  Keep your fingers crossed that the weather improves a little bit.  If not, we will certainly be making a return visit in the very near future.  Overall, we had a very busy day!   You have seen now the picture of me being slippered in my PYJAMAS and a little later I will be posting a picture of me shaving my pussy. I got into a bit of trouble for not ensuring it was nicely trimmed for filming and so therefore was ordered into the bath and made to do it there and then.   Anyway, busy, busy, busy!  More later.  Kisses Sarah xx xx xx xx

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    cute more otk action

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