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Spanking all over the world

July 3rd, 2009

More torment to comeGood morning guy, spanking all over the world maybe a bit of an overstatment ha ha. Certainly spanking all over britain. British spanking at its best you could say. Very soon I will be jumping in my car and making my way to a secret northern location to make a new film. Thank god for sat nav or I probably would not make it past the end of my road, let alone up the M4? I may have the completely wrong motorway mentioned there lol but the nice sat nav lady will put me straight. I love making films for you guys. Knowing
that watching me turns you on makes me so very aroused. I suppose I am a bit of a show off. If you think about it, there is not many of the seven sins that my personality does not cover. I guess the one attribute I have the least of is envy – I am a tad to self absorbed to be envious of anyone. Anyway guys, best get going, I have a long journey and a sore sore bottom aead of me. More tomorrow. Kisses Sarah xx xx xx

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