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Soon to be caned in my new school knickers

October 31st, 2009

Spanked in the gardenMorning guys, I have found in my various cyber travels a nice website that sells (amongst other things) real school knickers. I am so excitied! I can buy virtually all my school uniform on any high street, but I have never came across real school uniform knickers. Until now. I have asked The Spanker to order some for me. I want a white pair (of course) but also a blue pair and they even do maroon! They will look so good under my school uniform. Boo to the postal strike though, as this may mean that I won’t get them in time for the caning I am due this week.

I am going to be very naughty and cheeky to The Spanker at every available opportunity this week. I want to ensure that when we meet he has the excuse to give me a really severe caning on my bare bottom. I need to be careful though, if I push to far, he may not warm my bottom up before the cane and that would be just awfull! A cold caning is not a pleasant experiance and not one that I look forward to nor relish. I love to be prepared for my caning, first over the knee and hand spanked before moving onto a strap or paddle. It makes taking a harsh caning so much more pleasurable. So it will be a fine line I will be walking this week.

I have posted a picture from one of the scenes we shot recently. The film will be edited soon and I will have to work out just when I can put it onto the site. We have so many good films that I sometimes don’t know which ones to show you first.

Anyway guys, got to go, mischief to make ha ha. Kisses Sarah

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  1. October 31st, 2009 at 18:41 | #1

    Sarah, watch out for ghosts and ghoulies and things that go bump in the night.
    Have a great evening. 😀
    Warm hugs,

    • October 31st, 2009 at 18:53 | #2

      Hi Paul,

      The only thing going bump in the night in my house is me if I fall out of bed xx

  2. Johnboy
    November 1st, 2009 at 20:53 | #3

    Love your blog Sarah!

    • November 1st, 2009 at 22:51 | #4

      Thankyou Johnboy xxx Love chatting to you on the forum

  3. November 2nd, 2009 at 02:55 | #5

    You look so good with your hair dark like that. Not that you didn’t look great before, too. I mean you would look good any way. Even with out hair. I mean, you just look good period. No, not during a period; I didn’t say that. I mean, you can’t look bad. No way could you ever look anything but good to me. But I do like the dark hair. It makes you look younger. Not that you are old or that you look old. NO, I wouldn’t say that, I mean even if it were true, I wouldn’t say it, and it’s not true. You don’t look old, never have. No one could say that you look a day over forty. Oops, did I say forty. I meant thirty. Not a day over thirty. Especially with the dark hair. It makes your face look so pretty, not that your face didn’t look pretty before. I mean , Your face always looks pretty, especially when you do that little pouty look. You wrinkle your brow and chin and stick your lip out. So cute. You really looked cute in the bath tub. It was a fun scene to watch. Not that all your scenes aren’t fun to watch. I mean I like all your stuff. Say, have you been to the gym? You look a little tighter, more toned maybe. Yeah, looking good, girl. Not that you didn’t look good before. I mean, you always looked good. Well, maybe not that one time, but we won’t tell anyone about that, will we? Whew.

  4. November 2nd, 2009 at 07:20 | #6

    Lol, Welcome back to the Bum Tickler I know and love. Thanks…….. I think ……. ha ha.

    In answer to your questions, yes, I have been going to the gym. I got too skinny at one stage which was silly so I have put a little weight back on but ensure that I get a lot of excerise. In fact, in less than an hour I will be there pumping iron (well, not exactly pumping iron, but you know what I mean)

    I am lettinh my hair grow a little longer to see how it suits me. Also so that I can have bunches with my school uniform. My hair colour is natuarally this dark, so maybe I should never messed around with it in the first place…..

    As for always looking good….. You should have seen me at 6 o clock this morning, my eyes were stuck closed and my hair was in total dissarray! My word, it was like Halloween all over again!

    Anyway, must dash. Got to pop onto the forum before I go gyming it.

    Kisses Sarah xx

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