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The Cane for April

March 21st, 2016
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There is something quite sexy about a girl wearing tights. I don’t know why I like it so much but I do. Especially when I get to spank and cane them over them. April had been staying with me and like a lot of young people, she was not the cleanest. I hate having an untidy house so I had given her a really hard paddling for being so messy. Instead of learning a lesson the silly girl decides to borrow my computer to show her boyfriend what I had done to her.

I am understandably quite cross when I find that she has not learnt her lesson so decide to make sure I get my point across. If a paddling on the bare bottom has not worked then perhaps a heavy dose of the cane will have more of an effect.

Poor April cannot believe she has been caught but has little choice but to take her punishment. She gets a spanking over her tights first before being made to bend over and touch her toes and take twelve of the very best.

I have been told that spanking and caning over tights hurts far more than on the bare but as I am not sure about the truth of this I gave some on top of the tights and then took them down. I do believe that having a bare bottom and everything on display does leave a naughty girl feeling vulnerable.

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A Naughty Nurse gets a nasty punishment

September 30th, 2015
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Have you ever visited SarahSpanksMen?  If you don’t like seeing men getting their bottoms well and truly smacked then it is probably best you don’t but I have found that quite a lot of you like to switch and enjoy watching all sorts of spanking porn.  SarahSpanksMen took a lot of time to get off of the ground …….  Mr Stern does not switch and he just did not believe me when I said that a site offering F/M spanking could be successful.  I kept on and on at him and in the end he agreed that we could give it a try.  He was proved wrong very quickly and he is very pleased to have been so. 

I have always enjoyed making films that can be viewed on their own as a stand alone storyline or can be watched with others and made into a series.   Having another site has given me the ability to do this more often.  This weeks update at Spanking Sarah is one of these films.

Members of Sarah Spanks Men saw April behaving rather badly.  She had been employed to look after a ‘poorly Husband’  His Wife was fraught with worry until she realised that all that was wrong with him was that he wanted his bottom smacked!  She had hidden a camera in the bedroom and got to watch the whole sorry show.

Sarah is not very happy and promises her Husband a punishment that he won’t forget in a hurry but first she is going to deal with young April.  If she likes spanking so much then she can take one.  Poor April has little choice but to do as she is asked and she is made to bare her bottom for a hard and heavy hand.

This is not only a painful spanking but a humiliating one as well.  April is placed in the wheelbarrow position so that everything is on display and given a prolonged hand spanking which leaves her close to tears.

Her bottom is soon red and sore but still the spanking continues.  Her knickers are pulled down so that her young tender flesh feels the full force.  A great spanking film.  All our films can now be watched by our members or by buying individual films at Clips4Sale or Spanking Library

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