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Unladylike Manor. The thieving PA

April 25th, 2016
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We are back at Unladylike Manor this week and poor April finds herself in an uncomfortable position.   I really love making these movies which can be viewed alone or watched as a part of an ongoing saga.    Lord Stern has become quite the religious zealot and is trying to save the world whereas I am still purely motivated by getting my own way.

April has served time in prison with Lady Suzanne who recommended she try for a job with the Sterns upon her release.  As an accountant, April has been put in charge of the charitable funds so I make sure that money is syphoned away from the good causes.  Of course when April is caught I make sure my hands look clean and she gets the blame for the theft.

Mr Stern is so upset that his trust has been misplaced and so deals with young April quite harshly.  He finds the nastiest looking paddle he has.  It is first used over her tights which I have been told is a painful as on the bare.  April really does not deserve this but she knows that if she tells on me that things can only get worse.

It does not take long for Mr Stern to remove her tights and knickers and her bum is soon very marked, bright red and sore.  Poor April!  Will this be the end of her torment and what will happen to her now?

You can join SpankingSarah to view this film along with over 300 others or at our Clips4Sale or Spanking Library sites.

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The Wooden Paddle and Cane for Kiki at SpankingSarah

February 3rd, 2016
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Two updates to tell you about.  I was too busy last week to update the blog so I will make up for it this week.  Kiki is a wonderful young lady who loves to be spanked and paddled.  So much so that she even brought along her own special wooden paddle to our last shoot.  When Kiki first came along she had never ever felt the sting of the cane but she knew that if she wanted to shoot with SpankingSarah she would need to take this punishment.

It used to be only males who abused their position in the work place but in the age of sexual equality it seems that predators can be of both sexes.  Kiki has taken a fancy to one of her co workers and has been trying to convince the young lady to embark on a sexual encounter.  This has made the poor girl feel uncomfortable and the matter has been raised with the Boss.  Sarah values Kiki as an employee but knows that this kind of behaviour cannot go unpunished.

Sarah visits Kiki at home and questions her about the allegations.  Kiki admits that she has acted unprofessionally and begs Sarah not to  dismiss her for her actions.  She understands that she needs to be punished and readily agrees to be beaten.  Her first punishment is given with a nasty wooden paddle which leaves her bare bottom marked and sore but her ordeal is far from over. 

Kiki must also take a hard caning from her employer.  Her bottom clearly shows the effects of the paddle but she still has to bend over for twelve hard strokes of this formidable implement.    The strokes are given without mercy and leave her sore and welted.  Two great hard spanking films.

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Amazing Self Spanking from April

January 20th, 2016
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I think that all of our films are pretty amazing,  we shoot with so many girls brand new to the industry.  Once they have filmed with the very best then they often go on to film with other Producers.  April is one such girl.  We have made many films with April but I do believe that this is one of the very best.  You will soon see her on other sites but I doubt whether you will see her quite like this.

It is quite hard to try and make original spanking films.  We try to be unique, not just with our choice of models but with our storylines also but it obviously is hard to always think of new things to do.   We know we are a market leader – why else would other Producers be rallying to get shoots with the girls we have introduced to the industry?  We are risk takers – most of our models have never ever been spanked before.  We always ask them for their input and if there is anything they want to try and do then we are always happy to facilitate.

April wanted to try her hand at self spanking.   In a few short months she had gone from a complete spanking novice to enjoying it so much that she wanted to do it herself!  I know lots of people who self spank but none of them do it as sexily as April!  The girl is very bendy and can get herself into all sorts of positions as viewers of this spectacular will see.    Over the years we have made several self spanking films with many different models and I can honestly say that in my opinion this one is the very best of the lot.  The fact that Mr Stern is such a good cameraman and editor helps but April absolutely excelled all expectations in this full length film.

April choose several different implements that she wanted to beat herself with and decided that she wanted to make this an almost a POV  with the watcher being part of the whole experience.  She talks to you as she smacks herself and she does not hold back.  This film has to be seen to be believed and you can view it by joining SpankingSarah for as little as £11.00 per month.  Don’t want to join a membership site?  You can by the film at Clips4Sale or at Spanking library.

We are filming with three new models this month, watch the blog for updates on how they get on with the wonderful world of spanking. 


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Rachel Leigh Paddled for the first time

June 24th, 2015
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Rachel Leigh is not doing very well.  It is her first year at college and her first time away from home so instead of spending her time on her studies she has been out partying.  This has not gone unnoticed by her Tutor who has called her in to discuss this.

When it becomes apparent that Rachel has fallen too far behind to catch up the tutor initially thinks that perhaps the best outcome would be for her to leave her studies but Rachel really does not want this.  She knows she has done wr ong and begs for help.   The tutor decides that perhaps Rachel would benefit from some behaviour motivation.  She has already been over the knee for a hand spanking but now harder measures are going to be used.

Rachel is going to be given a dose of the spanking paddle.  She really does  not want this.  She found the spanking incredibly painful and thinks that she has already suffered enough.  However, her tutor has different ideas and tells her quite plainly that she either takes the paddle or leaves the college.

Her uniform leaves a lot to be desired, the skirt is far to short and you can see the tops of her stockings.   Mrs Stern mentions this but Rachel does not seem to see anything wrong with her attire.  I think she rather wishes her skirt was a little longer when the paddle is applied to her bottom!  It offers no protection what so ever.

Her knickers are soon taken down and the paddling is given on the bare bottom.  The smacks are hard and administered quickly which soon has Rachel kicking and squirming and trying to get her hands on her bum to protect it.

This is a prolonged and painful paddling which leaves young Rachel red and sore.  Take a look at the full film at Spanking Sarah


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Slave training for Satine Spark

June 17th, 2015
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Satine Spark has lost her job.  She is hoping to get another one before her flat mate finds out so has been sending out her CV to lots of different companies.  She is behind with her rent and has been lying to Sarah about when she will be able to pay.  Sarah has been sent a copy of her CV by another recruitment company so the game is now up. Sarah confronts Satine who tries to get herself out of trouble but it does not work.  She does not have a job and without work she is unable to pay her share of the rent.

Sarah has a rather unique proposal to put to her flat mate.  If Satine agrees to be her slave then Sarah will let her stay in the flat and will pay her share of the rent.  Satine is not really in a position to say no, she does not want to be homeless so feels that being submissive might be the easier option.

Satine has already felt the wrath of her flat mate.  Sarah had spanked her hard for spending too long in the shower.  Sarah explains that there are different types of spanking.  If Satine is really naughty then the smacks will be fast and furious but if Sarah wants to play with her then they will be more sexual in nature.

Sarah demonstrates this by putting Satine into the diaper position.  This is quite an uncomfortable position for the spankee but it ensures that everything is on display.  It is not only a painful way to administer a spanking but a humiliating one as well.

Sarah feels that Satine needs to be punished for telling lies so takes off her slipper and smacks  Satine’s bare bottom with it hard.  Her fair skin marks up quickly and it does not take long for the poor girl to be rather sore.   Take a look at the full film at Spanking Sarah

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Pain for a bad babysitter

May 20th, 2015
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Having kids is tough.  Every parent knows just how hard it can be to get proper childcare and we all like to be able to go out on the occasional evening safe in the knowledge that our little ones are being properly looked after.  Mrs Stern is no exception.  She wants to be able to go out and relax and has employed a local girl to look after the kids.  You can imagine how cross she was when she caught Luna smoking and drinking in her house.

Luna tries to excuse her bad behaviour, in fact she lies to try and get out of trouble.  All this does is enrage Mrs Stern who decides that the foolish girl needs to be punished for her actions.  She has rather a nasty leather paddle and feels that an application on the bare bottom may just do the job.

Luna knows that she has made the situation worse, she also knows that Mrs Stern could prevent anyone from ever employing her as a babysitter again.  She has little choice but to accept the punishment and deep down she knows that it is well deserved.

This does not stop her from trying to wriggle out of it but it soon becomes apparent to her that no amount of begs or pleas are going to stop Mrs Stern from giving her bottom a real hard thrashing.  She is made to kneel in the chair, her skirt is lifted up and her panties lowered.

Mrs Stern is rather cross and makes sure that each and every stroke hits the mark with full force.  Poor Luna cannot believe just how much this hurts and is soon squirming and exclaiming just how sorry she is.  Her apologies are ignored, she is going to be given the hardest punishment of her life.

Her bottom is soon bright red and marked.  Take a look at the full film at SpankingSarah.

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A Hard Caning for Bemby

April 15th, 2015
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I flew back into the UK yesterday morning and I must confess I am still feeling a little bit jet lagged!  I was in New York for a week and I must say I had a truly amazing time.  It really is the city which never sleeps.  I am not sure if I will ever return (I don’t think my credit card could handle it)  But It is a trip I will always remember.  Poor Mr Stern stayed at home and I think he was pretty pleased to see me.   Saying that, I nearly didn’t go!  On the way to the airport I realised that I had the wrong passports.  Fortunately we had time to head back and pick up the right ones.

Fans of Caning will love the latest film at Spanking Sarah   Bemby is just eighteen years old (I checked)  because she does look rather young!  She has always been into spanking in her private life but had never been filmed and she had also never been caned before.   She was understandably very nervous on the day.  I do love shooting with new girls as often they do go onto becoming spanking models.

This was the second part of a story which saw Bemby in trouble with her Auntie.  She had already been given a severe slippering and now it was time for her to receive the ultimate of punishments, the dreaded cane.  Bemby was understandable rather afraid and begged her Auntie not to cane her.  The slippering had left her bruised marked and sore but her pleas where of no avail. 

Each and every stroke of the cane was given to cause maximum pain and suffering for this naughty young lady.  Her bottom was soon welted where the heavy cane had landed.  Bemby tried hard to be stoic but could not help but to cry out in anguish

Auntie Sarah gave her 12 hard strokes on her bare sore bottom to really drive the message home.  A harsh lesson for eighteen year old Bemby.    You can see this film and hundreds of others at Spanking Sarah

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A first time spanking for a naughty nurse

January 21st, 2015
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A well spanked nurseWe have a brand spanking new series for you at Spanking Sarah.  We know just how much you love the House of Correction and we are going to continue with that as an occasional series but we felt that at the start of a New Year we would have a new ongoing story.  We follow the UK news quite closely and were interested to see how their Government is trying all sorts of things to cut the unemployment figures.  It seems that they sending people for retraining whether they want to go or not.  Can you imagine how awful it must be to try and train those people?  They have no interest in being there and just go purely to retain their benefits.   A complete waste of time but  what if you could spank them?  I think that may have people changing their attitudes pretty quickly! 

Enter our two trainee care assistants.  Belle and Luna.  Both girls have never held down a job and neither would ever consider being a carer bar the fact that they don’t want their benefits stopped.  They have been issued with uniforms and look rather lovely.  It is a pity that their attitude does not match their appearance!  These two young ladies have a lot to learn and Sarah Stern is soon going to teach them.

Sarah explains that their lives are soon going to change.  She does not take any nonsense and decides to start as she means to go on.  Both girls are going to get a good hard spanking whilst the other watches.  Luna and Belle really cannot believe what is happening to them and try to reason with their tutor.

Luna is chosen to go first.  This girl has never ever been spanked before but this does not mean that Sarah is going to go any easier upon her.  She is made to go over the knee.  A nervous Belle laughs which annoys Sarah and makes her vow to smack her even harder when it is her turn.

Smack after smack is applied to Lunas bare bottom.  Her tender skin is not used to this treatment and is soon a vivid red.  Luna is so shocked at what is happening to her and kicks her legs in protest and pain.  Luna is given a prolonged and painful spanking with the added humiliation of knowing her friend is watching.  See this and hundreds of other great films at Spanking Sarah

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The Scam and the Razor Strop

November 24th, 2014
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In this life not many things are free.  There are of course exceptions to this rule and our Christmas film will be one of them but mainly, if you want something, there is a price to pay.   Unless of course you wish to be dishonest.   Our latest film features some very honest people playing some very dishonest characters!  The London Tanner and Amelia Jane Rutherford really do make this scene there own and both play their parts realistically.

The London Tanner has hit upon a plan to get beautiful nubile young ladies let him spank them.  It is a simple plot and it relies on one of our least favourite attributes …… Greed.  He has put an advertisement in a high end newspaper claiming that he is terminally ill and is looking for his long lost niece.   She will be the sole heir to his estate and so of course, this advert attracts a certain type of young lady.  Amelia Jane wants to get her hands on the dosh and will do almost anything to do so.  Uncle claims that she always used to love spanking so what choice does she have but to agree? 

The London Tanner has already managed to get her over the knee for a good bare bottom spanking but feels that he can chance his arm.  He tells Amelia that he is pretty sure that she is his long lost niece but in order to prove it that he needs her to take a good whacking with his old fashioned razor strop.  Amelia reluctantly agrees but manages to convince him that this next part of the punishment should not be carried out until the morning.

A pyjama clad Amelia is surprised when ‘Uncle’ comes into her room at first light.  She suggests that they could perhaps engage in some other type of activity but he points out that that sort of behaviour would not be fitting for those who are so closely related.  Amelia really does not want to be beaten but she can almost feel the money.  She therefore bends over the edge of the bed for the razor strop.

The London Tanner makes sure she feels each and every hard stroke of that strop.  The poor girl really suffers at his hands but tries to pretend that she is actually enjoying her punishment.  Her pyjama bottoms are pulled down so that the beating can continue on the bare.  It does not take long for her bum to turn a blistering red.  Take a look at the free clip here

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Belle Calder Gets the Paddle

June 30th, 2014
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Bell Calder paddled by Sarah SlyAn early update for you this week. I normally update the site on a Wednesday but I am having extensive building work being done on my house and didn’t want the builders to see me uploading naughty films! You therefore don’t have to wait til Wednesday to see the latest great film to grace my wonderful site. If you haven’t been a member for a while then can I firstly let you know about some changes that have recently taken place? I have added a huge amount of bonus spanking content. For your low monthly membership price you now get so much more. Not only will you get a full film and photo gallery each and every week but you will also find Spank art cartoons, POV Spanking films and some F/M Spanking films. These will always be as well of and not instead of the normal monthly updates.

This week young Belle Calder is in trouble.  Sarah Sly had placed secret cameras around to see just how she was getting so much money.  It transpired that Belle was doing some rather naughty web camming!  Her Uncle was quite horrified and had given her quite  a hard bare bottom spanking but  Sarah is not convinced that the lesson has been driven home hard enough.

Sarah gives Belle quite a scolding but like most youngsters Belle feels that she knows better and that she shouldn’t have to listen to Sarah and her lecture.  In fact this silly young lady almost laughs in her face.  Those of you who know Sarah Sly Private eye will know that that is rather a foolish thing to do!  Sarah is going to teach her not only to respect her elders but to respect herself as well.

Sarah bends this naughty girl over and smacks her with rather a nasty leather spanking paddle.  The paddle has holes in it which make each and every whack feel harder.  Belle certainly does not find this funny especially when she is made to take her knickers down in order for the spanking to be carried out on her bare backside.

Sarah really lays the paddle on hard and smacks not only her bum but the tops of her thighs as well.  Belle is soon in tears and regretting her days as a web cam model.  A hard lesson for this young lady which leaves her with a bruised and battered backside.  Take a look at the free clip here

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