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Jessica Fox self spanks and Tiana Mai caned for the first time

April 18th, 2016
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II have a couple of great spanking  films to tell you about.  Both girls have not made films with anyone else (yet) and join the horde of newbies who have made their debuts at our wonderful sites.   I didn’t do the blog last week which was very bad of me but be honest …… If you were in Spain and had the choice of catching some sunshine or sitting inside on the computer which would you do?  It will be different when we move permanently and it looks like this might happen as soon as the end of the year.   I know that Mr Stern is very keen to make the move sooner rather than later and who can blame him?   At the moment we will keep travelling between our Spanish and English homes.

I just love Jessica, she is such a lovely lady and these films I have of her are the only ones she has made. We had a great day filming and were looking for ideas and she said why don’t I spank my own bottom. I know that lots of you do like to see this but I was not sure if she would be hard enough but said OK and left her with Remington Steel who filmed her for me. The result is spectacular and when you see this film I know you will agree and love the way she goes about it.

The second film I would like to tell you about stars Tiana Mai.  This beautiful lady really took to being spanked but unfortunately some personal problems have made these the only spank films she can ever make.  I do hope that if circumstances change that we will get the opportunity to film with her again but for the foreseeable future you can only see Tiana at Spanking Sarah and English Spankers

Young Tiana has been out all night indulging in what is known as a spot of ‘dogging’ and now at home she has to pay the price. Her young bottom has never experienced the pain that can be inflicted by a thin swishy cane wielded by a strong right arm but she is now to have this experience. She has to bend over and raise her pert bottom in the air for me to use one of my favourite canes and even though it is her first time I do not hold back as you will see and hear as the whacks hit home on that beautiful target.

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The Cane for April

March 21st, 2016
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There is something quite sexy about a girl wearing tights. I don’t know why I like it so much but I do. Especially when I get to spank and cane them over them. April had been staying with me and like a lot of young people, she was not the cleanest. I hate having an untidy house so I had given her a really hard paddling for being so messy. Instead of learning a lesson the silly girl decides to borrow my computer to show her boyfriend what I had done to her.

I am understandably quite cross when I find that she has not learnt her lesson so decide to make sure I get my point across. If a paddling on the bare bottom has not worked then perhaps a heavy dose of the cane will have more of an effect.

Poor April cannot believe she has been caught but has little choice but to take her punishment. She gets a spanking over her tights first before being made to bend over and touch her toes and take twelve of the very best.

I have been told that spanking and caning over tights hurts far more than on the bare but as I am not sure about the truth of this I gave some on top of the tights and then took them down. I do believe that having a bare bottom and everything on display does leave a naughty girl feeling vulnerable.

Want to see the film? Go along and join SpankingSarah today.

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The Wooden Paddle and Cane for Kiki at SpankingSarah

February 3rd, 2016
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Two updates to tell you about.  I was too busy last week to update the blog so I will make up for it this week.  Kiki is a wonderful young lady who loves to be spanked and paddled.  So much so that she even brought along her own special wooden paddle to our last shoot.  When Kiki first came along she had never ever felt the sting of the cane but she knew that if she wanted to shoot with SpankingSarah she would need to take this punishment.

It used to be only males who abused their position in the work place but in the age of sexual equality it seems that predators can be of both sexes.  Kiki has taken a fancy to one of her co workers and has been trying to convince the young lady to embark on a sexual encounter.  This has made the poor girl feel uncomfortable and the matter has been raised with the Boss.  Sarah values Kiki as an employee but knows that this kind of behaviour cannot go unpunished.

Sarah visits Kiki at home and questions her about the allegations.  Kiki admits that she has acted unprofessionally and begs Sarah not to  dismiss her for her actions.  She understands that she needs to be punished and readily agrees to be beaten.  Her first punishment is given with a nasty wooden paddle which leaves her bare bottom marked and sore but her ordeal is far from over. 

Kiki must also take a hard caning from her employer.  Her bottom clearly shows the effects of the paddle but she still has to bend over for twelve hard strokes of this formidable implement.    The strokes are given without mercy and leave her sore and welted.  Two great hard spanking films.

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My Birthday present

December 12th, 2015
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No it’s not really my birthday, it’s just for the film…What, you thought everything was real around here, well I have news for you. But back to the film and the really great story. Now this is the truth, Ashleigh actually does hate to be caned but she knows that every time she comes to see me she will get her bottom caned and she was the one who came up with this story. I had a new cane, my candy cane as I call it for obvious reasons, anyway she said the story could be that she had brought it for me and that I was to pretend I had never caned anyone before and she would let me practice on her.

Brave but a bit silly I thought as I readily agreed to this little story. So when it came to the time for Ashleigh to bend over she said to me to be gentle as she had come up with the story and was putting her bottom on the line. I said I had no inclination to be gentle and it would be me putting the lines on her bottom.

That’s exactly what happened and I have to say she did take this hard caning very well. I don’t think she will be volunteering to take the cane again in a hurry but rest assured, if she does I will be filming it for you. You can see the film by joining my site right here, there are well over three hundred other great films there and loads of pictures and free bits. If you just want to download the films individually then you can go to my C4S site here or my Library site here. These are my trusted resellers  and you may get the full films with full confidence.


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Unladylike Manor Lola Punished

October 28th, 2015
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You certainly seem to be enjoying the return of our amazing spanking soap Unladylike Manor and so much so that I have decided to give you another episode this week. Now this one matches up to a film which I have on Sarah Spanks Men, in this film Lola is getting up-to her old tricks entertaining men but she is doing it in my house after being introduced by Lady Suzanne, She will suffer for it later. If you want to see that film it is on the Mens site now or you can download it from my spanking Library here.

Now back to Lola, when I discover just what she is up-to, and what she got me involved in then I can assure you she is in for one hell of a whacking. It’s not very often I have the wool pulled over my eyes but when I do my vengeance is very nasty and swift in coming. I get her “client” to help me give her a good hard naked spanking and then I cane her. Now it has been said that I cane harder than most men and in this film I certainly give young Lola all that she deserves. Her bottom was not to be sat upon for a few days after this caning I can tell you.

Now I do have more episodes of the series waiting to be edited for you and I will bring them to you just as soon as I can. I also have some more shoots arranged with my very good friend Suzy Smart who plays Lady Suzanne, Lord Sterns lover in the series. So if you have not already experienced the delights of this amazing series, this is episode number 34, then you should get along to my site right now and take a look at the whole series. If you want to take a look at one of the earlier films I have a link here where you can see a trailer and if you like download just that film.


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Return to the Manor Porn

October 13th, 2015
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I didn’t get a chance to blog last week.  It was manic!  But so much fun.  I caught up with some of my closest spanking friends made some amazing films, had some great sessions oh and managed to catch a really nasty chest infection.  I was told that it didn’t affect how hard I can spank but I know that by the weekend I was ready for my bed.  Mr Stern very kindly looked after me and I am almost back to full health.  I have been spanking today and have been assured that my hand is just as hard as normal. 

Before I tell you about the two latest films to be released at Spanking Sarah I would like to share some photos from our recent shoot.   We love our Unladylike Manor series and know you do too.  It is likely to be the longest running spank opera but with a twist.  Yes, you can watch all the episodes back to back but even if you just watch one you will pretty soon realise what is going on.  There are lots of suspense and  surprises plus plenty of hard spanking action and we were honoured when Suzanne Smart agreed to make a return to the Manor.

DSC_6737 DSC_6217 DSC_6314 DSC_6603 DSC_6641 DSC_6653 DSC_6674 DSC_6686Coming Soon to SpankingSarah


In fact, we were so excited about the Return of Unladylike Manor that we put the first of the new films up almost immediately!

Lola Marie has been in prison with Lady Suzanne.  She was serving time for prostitution and claims to be eager to turn over a new leaf.  Perhaps a change of occupation to a maid in the Stern Household will help?  Lord Stern is always willing to help a pretty young lady see the error of her ways and puts her over the knee for a good hard hand spanking.  Lola Marie claims to have repented but has she?npp7211003 npp7211010 npp7211022 npp7211038

I absolutely adore Lola Marie and as the preview photos show you, she certainly has not learnt her lesson!  It has been a while since we have filmed a full sex scene for SpankingSarah and I am curious to see how well it will be seen.

Luna May will be back on site on Wednesday.   Sometimes a doctor knows when the treatment is not working, this is the case with lazy work shy Luna and the remedy is clear to Dr Sarah. A good long hard dose of the senior cane across the bare bottom always works. Luna is not so sure that this special treatment is called for but she has little choice other than to bend over and take her medicine. The swish of the cane and the cry of anguish make this an exciting hard caning film.     npp7153022 npp7153004 npp7153008 npp7153011 npp7153014 npp7153020

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Training your staff

August 12th, 2015
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Training your staff or not, that is the question. Lola Marie is possibly the last person in the world you would employ in your high class restaurant, she is rude, cheeky and very bad mannered. When some new customers come along for the first time she insults them and then spills drinks on them without as much as a word of sorrow for her behaviour.

Her boss, that real nice gentleman The London Tanner hears what has been going on he has no option but to punish her in a way she will not forget. Just like all good chefs he keeps a cane handy in his kitchen for just such an emergency. Lola argues that she should not be subjected to cruel and inhumane punishments but we all know that with this young lady that is the only thing which will work. She is bent over the cooker and her panties taken down to her knees. Now The London Tanner has a very strong right arm and when he swings a cane at your bottom you know all about it and so did Lola Marie. This is a great fun and caning film and it’s on my site now

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Nurse Ella Caned

July 29th, 2015
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What can you do when a young nurse has been so naughty she really should be kicked out of the job. Well that should be obvious. In my lovely world of spanking fantasy they get punished. Now I did start off by giving Ella a nasty paddling with my very heaviest leather paddle but now I think it’s time she felt the cane. What has she done you ask?

It was reported to me that she had been letting young doctors play with and even spank her bottom. In return they gave her some extra money and they gave her good ward reports. Now that just is not the way I like to run things. So, we now have Ella Hughes bent over the staff room table with her panties off and her bare bottom already marked from the paddle. I have chosen quite a thick heavy cane as I intend this to be a punishment caning. Those of you who have been caned by me know just how hard I can cane! Poor Ella, it has to be said that by the time I had finished with her I was beginning to feel a little sorry for her, just a little! This is a real hard discipline film. If it is the sort of thing you like to see get along to my web site and join up. It’s very cheap and there are over 300 other films and picture sets to look at as well. Spanking Sarah

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The Cane for Luna May

June 10th, 2015
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Luna May has been a very naughty girl.  She was supposed to be looking after the children and got caught smoking and drinking in the house.  She has already been strapped but Sarah feels that further punishment is required.   Poor Luna, she has such a sore bottom but knows even worse is yet to come.

Luna May is to get the cane.  Sarah is cross and wants to make sure that the lesson is properly learnt and what better way then by giving Luna her first taste of the cane?   Sarah tells her exactly what is going to happen to her, Luna is incredibly apologetic but it is to no avail.  The cane is going to be administered to her bare and already sore bottom.

Luna is instructed to bend over and touch her toes.  This makes her bottom tight which will make the application of the cane even more painful.  Sarah chooses a nasty thin and whippy cane which she knows will cause maximum discomfort.

The very first stroke of the cane leaves a deep red welt on the bottom.  Luna cannot believe just how painful the cane is and she knows she has many more strokes to come.  Sarah is in no hurry to finish this punishment and ensures that it is prolonged and that each and every stroke is applied full force.

By the end of the punishment the welts cover the whole of the bottom including the tender sit spot.  This is a punishment that Luna will remember for a long time to come.  Take a look at the full film at Spanking Sarah

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A Naked Caning for Jess

May 7th, 2015
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Poor Jess is not having a very good day.  She joined the Academy of Careworkers purely to prevent her benefits from being stopped.  When she signed the forms little did she know that she was signing away her rights and that she could be punished at anytime for almost anything!  She has been spanked hard by Sister Stern and then paddled by someone claiming to be a Doctor.  How was she to know that he was the porter?  Despite being duped she is now in even more trouble with Sister Stern.

Not a good day by anyone’s standards but it is just about to become even worse.  Sister Stern feels that Jess should have realised that he was not a proper Doctor.  The jeans under the white coat plus the fact that he was wearing a name badge for Portia La Roux should have given the game away.   The time spent getting the paddle should have been spent studying and now she must be punished.  As a spanking and the paddle do not seem to have had a great deal of effect Sarah feels that the cane should be applied.

Jess absolutely cannot believe it.  She tries to explain her position but soon realises that Sister Stern really does not care.  She wants to cane her so she will get the cane whether she likes it or not.  The false Doctor has already made her strip which has left her feeling vulnerable and humiliated.  Sister Stern is not going to allow his actions to go unpunished but has decided to deal with Jess first.

While the porter watches Jess is bent over for the application of 12 hard strokes of the cane.  She is rather frightened as she knows that this is going to be the most painful punishment that she will ever endure.  Sister Stern is an expert with the cane and is going to make sure that each and every stroke welts this young girls bottom.

The first stroke bites hard into her already sore bottom making Jess flinch with pain.  The Porter is forced to watch knowing that his ordeal is going to be worse.  Each and every stroke is hard and leaves its mark on her tender flesh.  12 hard strokes are administered without mercy.  Take a look at the full film at Spanking Sarah

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