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The Cane for April

March 21st, 2016
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There is something quite sexy about a girl wearing tights. I don’t know why I like it so much but I do. Especially when I get to spank and cane them over them. April had been staying with me and like a lot of young people, she was not the cleanest. I hate having an untidy house so I had given her a really hard paddling for being so messy. Instead of learning a lesson the silly girl decides to borrow my computer to show her boyfriend what I had done to her.

I am understandably quite cross when I find that she has not learnt her lesson so decide to make sure I get my point across. If a paddling on the bare bottom has not worked then perhaps a heavy dose of the cane will have more of an effect.

Poor April cannot believe she has been caught but has little choice but to take her punishment. She gets a spanking over her tights first before being made to bend over and touch her toes and take twelve of the very best.

I have been told that spanking and caning over tights hurts far more than on the bare but as I am not sure about the truth of this I gave some on top of the tights and then took them down. I do believe that having a bare bottom and everything on display does leave a naughty girl feeling vulnerable.

Want to see the film? Go along and join SpankingSarah today.

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The Wooden Paddle and Cane for Kiki at SpankingSarah

February 3rd, 2016
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Two updates to tell you about.  I was too busy last week to update the blog so I will make up for it this week.  Kiki is a wonderful young lady who loves to be spanked and paddled.  So much so that she even brought along her own special wooden paddle to our last shoot.  When Kiki first came along she had never ever felt the sting of the cane but she knew that if she wanted to shoot with SpankingSarah she would need to take this punishment.

It used to be only males who abused their position in the work place but in the age of sexual equality it seems that predators can be of both sexes.  Kiki has taken a fancy to one of her co workers and has been trying to convince the young lady to embark on a sexual encounter.  This has made the poor girl feel uncomfortable and the matter has been raised with the Boss.  Sarah values Kiki as an employee but knows that this kind of behaviour cannot go unpunished.

Sarah visits Kiki at home and questions her about the allegations.  Kiki admits that she has acted unprofessionally and begs Sarah not to  dismiss her for her actions.  She understands that she needs to be punished and readily agrees to be beaten.  Her first punishment is given with a nasty wooden paddle which leaves her bare bottom marked and sore but her ordeal is far from over. 

Kiki must also take a hard caning from her employer.  Her bottom clearly shows the effects of the paddle but she still has to bend over for twelve hard strokes of this formidable implement.    The strokes are given without mercy and leave her sore and welted.  Two great hard spanking films.

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Self Spanking leads to the Cane

July 15th, 2015
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Bonnie May has been rather a naughty and silly girl.  She came along for a spanking shoot and decided to give herself a bit of a spanking.  She stripped off naked and paddled her bare bottom really hard.  When Sarah caught her she could not believe it!  How could they do a spanking shoot when Bonnie already had lots of marks?

Bonnie is really sorry and explains that she just got carried away but understands the rules.  If your bottom is red and bruised you cannot get spanked.  We know our members like to see an unmarked bottom at the beginning of a film and a red and sore one at the end.

Sarah explained to Bonnie that the only type of film they could make would be a caning.  Bonnie agreed to this as she felt really bad about coming along and wasting Mr and Mrs Sterns time.  She was already naked apart from her long socks and so Sarah wasted no time in getting her bent over ready for the cane.

Bonnie is given twelve strokes of the cane on her bare sore bottom.  Sarah takes her time in giving these and makes sure that each and everyone of them is given full force to cause  maximum pain.

Bonnie may have enjoyed spanking her bottom with the paddle but she certainly does not enjoy the sting of the cane.  Her bottom is soon welted and sore.  Take a look at the full film at SpankingSarah

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The Cane for Luna May

June 10th, 2015
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Luna May has been a very naughty girl.  She was supposed to be looking after the children and got caught smoking and drinking in the house.  She has already been strapped but Sarah feels that further punishment is required.   Poor Luna, she has such a sore bottom but knows even worse is yet to come.

Luna May is to get the cane.  Sarah is cross and wants to make sure that the lesson is properly learnt and what better way then by giving Luna her first taste of the cane?   Sarah tells her exactly what is going to happen to her, Luna is incredibly apologetic but it is to no avail.  The cane is going to be administered to her bare and already sore bottom.

Luna is instructed to bend over and touch her toes.  This makes her bottom tight which will make the application of the cane even more painful.  Sarah chooses a nasty thin and whippy cane which she knows will cause maximum discomfort.

The very first stroke of the cane leaves a deep red welt on the bottom.  Luna cannot believe just how painful the cane is and she knows she has many more strokes to come.  Sarah is in no hurry to finish this punishment and ensures that it is prolonged and that each and every stroke is applied full force.

By the end of the punishment the welts cover the whole of the bottom including the tender sit spot.  This is a punishment that Luna will remember for a long time to come.  Take a look at the full film at Spanking Sarah

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A Hard Caning for Bemby

April 15th, 2015
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I flew back into the UK yesterday morning and I must confess I am still feeling a little bit jet lagged!  I was in New York for a week and I must say I had a truly amazing time.  It really is the city which never sleeps.  I am not sure if I will ever return (I don’t think my credit card could handle it)  But It is a trip I will always remember.  Poor Mr Stern stayed at home and I think he was pretty pleased to see me.   Saying that, I nearly didn’t go!  On the way to the airport I realised that I had the wrong passports.  Fortunately we had time to head back and pick up the right ones.

Fans of Caning will love the latest film at Spanking Sarah   Bemby is just eighteen years old (I checked)  because she does look rather young!  She has always been into spanking in her private life but had never been filmed and she had also never been caned before.   She was understandably very nervous on the day.  I do love shooting with new girls as often they do go onto becoming spanking models.

This was the second part of a story which saw Bemby in trouble with her Auntie.  She had already been given a severe slippering and now it was time for her to receive the ultimate of punishments, the dreaded cane.  Bemby was understandable rather afraid and begged her Auntie not to cane her.  The slippering had left her bruised marked and sore but her pleas where of no avail. 

Each and every stroke of the cane was given to cause maximum pain and suffering for this naughty young lady.  Her bottom was soon welted where the heavy cane had landed.  Bemby tried hard to be stoic but could not help but to cry out in anguish

Auntie Sarah gave her 12 hard strokes on her bare sore bottom to really drive the message home.  A harsh lesson for eighteen year old Bemby.    You can see this film and hundreds of others at Spanking Sarah

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A first ever Caning for Bonnie

January 14th, 2015
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I couldn’t tell you how many spanking websites there are.  At a guess I would say hundreds ….  It may even run into thousands.  But there is only one Spanking Sarah.  This site was and still very much is my baby.  It has seen some changes over the years.  Initially I starred as the main submissive and the site covered my journey into spanking.   As the years have passed I don’t identify as a submissive anymore,  I class myself as a Top and without meaning to sound my own trumpet, I know I am a very good one.  I will continue to make the occasional film as a bottom but I wanted to ensure that my site did not lose its uniqueness and become just another spanking site.

I think this has been achieved by quite a few factors.  I am not and never will be age discriminative, I will never forget how I felt when I first looked into the possibility of being a spanking model and found that many sites would not shoot with anyone over the age of thirty!  How unbelievable and sadly apart from the occasional ‘token oldie’  most spanking sites still seem to have A hard caningthis attitude.  I have shot with some beautiful sexy ladies in their thirties, forties and fifties and will continue to do so. 

I also take a chance on brand new spanking models.  Girls who have never ever been spanked before.  This is not without risk, some girls really cannot take the pain and believe me, I do not go easy upon them.  But I have found that many go on to make more films and also end up being featured on other spanking sites.  I guess that is a way of measuring success.  I love the buzz of introducing somebody to spanking and seeing the genuine reactions plus of course you always get amazing marks on virgin bottoms.

Bonnie is one such girl and she really is a beauty.  We will be filming with her again next week and I just can’t wait to spank her again.  This was her first ever dose of the cane and the welts left on her bottom look absolutely fantastic.  She is an absolute natural and really took the pain well.

In our first film I was her nasty Landlady who was absolutely sick to death of waiting for the rent to arrive.  I gave her a hard paddling and left her with an ultimatum, pay the rent or feel the cane.  I gave her a time limit and vowed to be back.

Poor Bonnie is therefore rather dismayed when I return the very same night with a cane in my hand.  She quite rightly points out that I haven’t given her enough time to pay and cannot believe her ears when I admit that I just want to cane her for fun!

Not only do I want to cane her, but I want to humiliate her as well.  I make her remove all her clothes and play with her nubile young body before bending her over the table for the cane.   Bonnie really has little choice but to comply with my depraved wishes.

Bonnie is given twelve hard strokes of the cane and each one leaves its mark on her tender young flesh.  Her bottom is soon welted and she is in great pain.  Bonnie is made to suffer purely for my pleasure.  Take a look at this great film and many others at Spanking Sarah

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the Auditon Files Ella Hughes Part 3

December 10th, 2014
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I guess this weeks latest film would most definitely be illegal under the stupid UK laws.  Not may I add illegal for you to watch, not illegal to make, but illegal to produce in the UK.   We have regretfully moved our Spanking Productions Company to Spain so that we can avoid persecution.  This was not a move I wished to make at this stage of my life and I am pretty disgusted at the way my Government believes it has the right to dictate what we do.  You can help in various ways and if you are a UK resident then I would urge you to do so.  If we allow this type of thing to happen uncontested then who knows what type of Country the UK will become.  The easiest thing you can do is sign this petition it takes about 2 minutes.  If we get 100,000 signatures then these regulations will be debated.    Julian Huppert MP has set out an Early day motion to get this act annulled.  So far he only has the support of 2 others. You can write a protest letter to your MP. You don’t have to admit to being kinky.  Not sure who your MP is?  You can check here Or you can join the London Protest on Friday.

Ella hughes caned for the first timeThis weeks film was made the very first time we shot with young Ella Hughes.  It was her first ever spanking shoot and she admitted to me that she was absolutely terrified of the cane.  Ella talks candidly about her spanking life and despite her tender years she already knows what she likes and dislikes.  The cane has always symbolised punishment, something to be feared.  Ella had already taken a hard hand spanking and  a serious strapping should I let her off of the final part of her punishment?

Well, I suppose if I was a nice lady then perhaps this is what I would have done.  Unfortunately but fortunately for our members, I am not and I decide to go ahead with the caning.  You can tell that Ella is visibly scared and she pales when she is shown the heavy canes I have decided to use.  She is understandably apprehensive about this, her bottom is already sore and marked from the previous punishments.

A reluctant Ella takes her position bend over the chair.  Her skirt is raised and her knickers removed.  The poor girl knows this is going to hurt but nothing can prepare her for the pain she feels when the first stroke is applied to her bare bottom.

This is a prolonged and painful caning.  Each and every stroke is expertly applied and raises a welt on her tender young flesh.  Ella Hughes is in tears during this her first ever filmed caning.  Take a look at the site to see this fantastic caning film.

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A Double Caning for Lola Marie

December 3rd, 2014
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Before I tell you about our latest update at Spanking Sarah I would like to reassure those of you who are aware of the new and rather scary UK laws that our sites will not be affected.  You can read more about this here   I know some people have been worried that if they join they may find that the sites could be taken down.  This is NOT going to happen.   I won’t go on here about how I feel about how the Country of my birth has made criminals of law abiding citizens but I will be posting a link to an e petition soon and I would urge you to sign it.

Double caning for Lola MarieAnyway…. Enough doom and gloom.  We have been around for quite a few years and intend to be so for many, many more.  This week we have updated the site with a double caning film starring one of your favourite spank stars Lola Marie.   We were very honoured when Lola Marie decided to make her spanking debut with us back in 2012 (yes, I really was that long ago)  and we have had the pleasure of filming with her many times since.  Our last shoot was rather memorable to me for all the wrong reasons.  I had a nasty accident the day before but as I didn’t want to let either Lola Marie or Jess down I decided to continue with the shoot despite being in considerable pain.  About five minute after this film was made I was in casualty have X rays on my knee and hand.

This was the final part of Lola Marie’s visit to the House of Correction.  She had been spanked, paddled and strapped and there had not really been any change to her bad behaviour.  It was time for the ultimate sanction.  A caning, but this was deemed not to be enough for this naughty girl, it was decided a double caning was in order.

Now Auntie Katie is well known for being a formidable caner and let us be honest, I a hardly soft despite being injured.  Poor Lola Marie was subjected to this punishment totally naked which of course added to her humiliation.  She was forced to bend over the spanking bench knowing that she was going to receive a terrible punishment.

Lola Marie was subjected to stroke after painful stroke of the cane with barely time to recover from each one.  Auntie Katie is right handed and I am left so both of her cheeks felt the full burning force.

It did not take long for white welts to appear on her skin.  A hard caning film.  Take a look on site to see

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The Paddle for Jess and The Cane for Zanda Lee

October 16th, 2014
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Jess punished by Katie DiditWe have been in Spain at the World Spain Party which was hosted by our good friend The London Tanner.  The weather was glorious and the spankings in abundance!  We are now back in the cold and catching up with everything.  The site was updated whilst we were away, the blog I am afraid was a little neglected.

Last week we paid another visit to Auntie Katie and her House of Correction.  So many of you love Katie and the fact that she does not take any nonsense from her naughty charges.  Jess had played rather a nasty trick on Lola and convinced her that Katie wanted her to be tied up!  God knows why Lola believed her but she did!  Well, Katie is far from impressed so Jess had a pay the price.  It was over the knee for a good hard dose of the paddle which left her bum glowing red and really sore. 

This week our new lady Zanda lee takes the cane for the very first time.  Now, one would think that as she had never been caned before then perhaps we Zanda lee canedwould take things a little easier on her ….  Well, we didn’t.  In fact when I say we, I mean me.  I gave Zanda Lee some rather wonderful stripes on her bare bottom which she said took nearly two weeks to heal. 

Zanda Lee plays the part of a secretary who has been stealing from her Boss.  When she is first caught she is not very remorseful but this soon changes after he puts her into the diaper position over her desk and uses a nasty wooden ruler on her bum!  Despite being bruised and marked he feels that further harsher measures are called for.  He instructs his deputy to cane the secretary and to ensure that she is never tempted to steal again.

Each and every stroke of the cane is applied to cause maximum distress and really hit home that this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated at all!  Poor Zanda Lee is in tears at the end of her ordeal.  Take a look at the free clip here

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The Cane for Chloe and Sarah

April 9th, 2014
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Srah and the maid canedMaid Chloe is rather pleased to have kept her job.  She has allowed her employer Sarah to spank her.  Chloe rather likes to be spanked so she is quite happy with the situation.   She likes the glow of a well spanked bum and is happy to be punished on a regular basis.   This works well for both ladies. Sarah decides that she would quite like to use a cane and Chloe is kind enough to offer the use of one.  Chloe comes back with a small over the knee cane.  Sarah is quite disappointed with the size of this implement but still allows Chloe to punish her with it.   Once Chloe realises that Sarah is going to let her cane her she goes and gets a better cane. Sarah bends over in the sofa and takes six of the best from cold.  Chloe does not hold back and these are six hard cold strokes on the bare bottom.   A cold caning is always painful and you can clearly see the welts on Sarahs bottom from this punishment. It is then Chloes turn to take the cane.  She bends over and Sarah uses the cane on her already sore paddled bottom.  Chloe is given numerous hard strokes of the cane and she feels each and everyone of them.  Take a look at the free clip here

If you want to get all our films without a site membership, downloading just the ones you want then you can go to this site. These are all full length versions and you get to keep them in just the same way. I am frequently asked if I can recommend a great site where you can get authentic British porn, good girl next door films featuring a range of girls and ladies of all ages and sizes. Yes I can. Once again you can download the full length films, some up to 30 mins in length right here


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