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Unladylike Manor. The thieving PA

April 25th, 2016
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We are back at Unladylike Manor this week and poor April finds herself in an uncomfortable position.   I really love making these movies which can be viewed alone or watched as a part of an ongoing saga.    Lord Stern has become quite the religious zealot and is trying to save the world whereas I am still purely motivated by getting my own way.

April has served time in prison with Lady Suzanne who recommended she try for a job with the Sterns upon her release.  As an accountant, April has been put in charge of the charitable funds so I make sure that money is syphoned away from the good causes.  Of course when April is caught I make sure my hands look clean and she gets the blame for the theft.

Mr Stern is so upset that his trust has been misplaced and so deals with young April quite harshly.  He finds the nastiest looking paddle he has.  It is first used over her tights which I have been told is a painful as on the bare.  April really does not deserve this but she knows that if she tells on me that things can only get worse.

It does not take long for Mr Stern to remove her tights and knickers and her bum is soon very marked, bright red and sore.  Poor April!  Will this be the end of her torment and what will happen to her now?

You can join SpankingSarah to view this film along with over 300 others or at our Clips4Sale or Spanking Library sites.

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How to buy your Spanking Films

November 5th, 2015
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I do think that membership to my website is the best way to buy your spanking films.  The site has no download limits so if you join for a month you can watch or download nearly three hundred films for one low membership price.  Not only can you watch all the films, but you get a full photo gallery for each and every film, bonus films from my SarahSpanksMen site and fantastic SpankArt.

I do know that some people are distrustful of membership sites.  Many years ago some less scrupulous companies made it virtually impossible to cancel your membership.  Thankfully those days are well and truly over and the billing companies we use make cancellation very easy.   However, I completely understand that a site membership is not for everyone which is why we sell films on an individual basis.   You can now buy them from two places  Clips4Sale and Spanking Library.  These are the full versions of the films, just as you will get from my web site. I have also made my films mobile friendly now, they can be downloaded in the MP4 format which will play on your smart phone, tablet or as usual your PC.


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