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Unladylike Manor. The thieving PA

April 25th, 2016
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We are back at Unladylike Manor this week and poor April finds herself in an uncomfortable position.   I really love making these movies which can be viewed alone or watched as a part of an ongoing saga.    Lord Stern has become quite the religious zealot and is trying to save the world whereas I am still purely motivated by getting my own way.

April has served time in prison with Lady Suzanne who recommended she try for a job with the Sterns upon her release.  As an accountant, April has been put in charge of the charitable funds so I make sure that money is syphoned away from the good causes.  Of course when April is caught I make sure my hands look clean and she gets the blame for the theft.

Mr Stern is so upset that his trust has been misplaced and so deals with young April quite harshly.  He finds the nastiest looking paddle he has.  It is first used over her tights which I have been told is a painful as on the bare.  April really does not deserve this but she knows that if she tells on me that things can only get worse.

It does not take long for Mr Stern to remove her tights and knickers and her bum is soon very marked, bright red and sore.  Poor April!  Will this be the end of her torment and what will happen to her now?

You can join SpankingSarah to view this film along with over 300 others or at our Clips4Sale or Spanking Library sites.

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Unladylike Manor Lola Punished

October 28th, 2015
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You certainly seem to be enjoying the return of our amazing spanking soap Unladylike Manor and so much so that I have decided to give you another episode this week. Now this one matches up to a film which I have on Sarah Spanks Men, in this film Lola is getting up-to her old tricks entertaining men but she is doing it in my house after being introduced by Lady Suzanne, She will suffer for it later. If you want to see that film it is on the Mens site now or you can download it from my spanking Library here.

Now back to Lola, when I discover just what she is up-to, and what she got me involved in then I can assure you she is in for one hell of a whacking. It’s not very often I have the wool pulled over my eyes but when I do my vengeance is very nasty and swift in coming. I get her “client” to help me give her a good hard naked spanking and then I cane her. Now it has been said that I cane harder than most men and in this film I certainly give young Lola all that she deserves. Her bottom was not to be sat upon for a few days after this caning I can tell you.

Now I do have more episodes of the series waiting to be edited for you and I will bring them to you just as soon as I can. I also have some more shoots arranged with my very good friend Suzy Smart who plays Lady Suzanne, Lord Sterns lover in the series. So if you have not already experienced the delights of this amazing series, this is episode number 34, then you should get along to my site right now and take a look at the whole series. If you want to take a look at one of the earlier films I have a link here where you can see a trailer and if you like download just that film.


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UnladyLike Manor. Let the Fun Begin!

March 5th, 2013
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Lady Suzanne spanked at spankingsarahPoor Lord Stern.   All he wanted was a little happiness in his life.  He thought he had found this when he married Sarah Bright his PA but it soon turned out that she was more interested in the money and status the title brought her rather than being a lovely and dutiful wife.  As soon as she has the ring on her finger she changed and she wouldn’t even let him smack her bottom.  He then embarked on an affair with Lady Sussanah a true Lady who did loved him deeply.  They had planned to make Sarah leave the Manor House so that they could live happily ever after.

Unfortunately for them, Sarah heard about their plan from the housekeeper.  The poor girl had not wanted to tell her but she had had little choice.  Especially when Sarah decided to beat the truth out of her.  Jenna Jay was stripped naked and beated until she was red raw.  Sarah did not want to lose her status so decided to embark on a wicked plan which would leave her quite a merry widow!

Lord Stern is being slowly poisoned and as the Doctors do not know what is wrong with him, he has been sent home to die in peace.  A private Nurse has been employed to look after him and Sarah has enjoyed tormenting her by spanking her bare bottom at every available opportunity.   It is now only a matter of days before Lord Stern breathes his last breath and Sarah cashes in on his millions.

Lady Sussanah is frantic.  Her calls to her lover have gone unanswered and the talk of the town is that Lord Stern does not have much longer to live.  Desperate to see her love she calls at the Manor House.  Sarah decides to have a little fun with her Husbands Mistress.  She first of all refuses to let her see him and cruelly tells her that he confessed everything before he become ill and did not want to be with Sussanah anyway.  Poor Sussanah does not believe this and begs Sarah to let her visit with him just one last time.

A delighted Sarah sees this as an opportunity to get a little revenge.  She agrees that Sussanah can pay a visit but that it will be at a price.  If she wants to see Lord  Stern she must remove all her clothes and be subjected to a hard bare bottom spanking first.  Susannah hates Sarah but her love for Lord Stern makes her comply with her sick request.

Lady Sussanah removes all her clothing and bends over as instructed.  Sarah goes to town and makes sure that every single slap is painful.  She aims to leave Sussanah marked and humiliated for ever trying to get the better of her.  Lady Sussanah stoically takes the beating she is given so that she can see her true love.

When Sarah is finished she allows a sore and battered Sussanah her visit.  Sussanah is distraught when she sees the state of her lover.   Her life in tatters she goes to leave the Manor House in tears.   As she goes to leave Nurse Amelia stops her and tells her that she thinks Sarah is behind Lord Sterns illness …..  Take a look at the free clip here

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This Town aint Big enough for the both of us

March 21st, 2012

Once upon a time, not so long ago a Personal Assistant set her sights on her Boss.  She snared him with her charms and their shared love of spanking and she managed to get him to marry her and make her the Lady of the Manor.  Now, all was calm in the Manor House where Lady Sarah ruled not with an iron fist but with a very heavy  hand and all that worked for her or knew of her feared her.

One day a new Lady moved into the village.  This Lady had been born into this title and did not feel any fear of a commoner.  She heard the local gossip and decided that she would come along and try to steal Katie the hard working House Keeper.  She waited for Lady Sarah to go out and crept into the Manor House and made Katie an offer she felt that she would not be able to refuse.  “Katie, come and work for me and I will give you your own apartment, a car a payrise and I will make sure nobody ever spanks you ever ever again!”

Well, Katie was in a quandary, she wanted the car, the apartment sounded great and who would not want some additional money but to never ever be spanked again?  This would be unbearable.  But Katie is not as silly as she looks.  She explains to Lady Susannah that she loves to be spanked and suggests that perhaps Susannah can learn to do so.

Lady Susannah is so keen to employ Katie that she agrees to give it a go.  Katie bends over and tries to teach her prospective employer how to spank her ample bottom.  But alas, Lady Susannah is not very good at it and Katie knows in her heart that despite how mean and nasty Lady Sarah can be, that she will never be able to leave her and her hard hand spanking ways.

Which is why when Lady Sarah walks in and catches Lady Susannah spanking Katie that Katie agrees to Sarahs nasty plan.  She gives Lady La de Da as she calls her a choice.  Take a hard hand spanking herself or Lady Sarah will make a report to the police which would be backed up by her trusty House Keeper.  Breaking and entering, assault and sexual assault.  What choice does poor Lady Susannah have?  She has to bend over and face the humiliation of  having her trousers and knickers pulled down and her bare bottom smacked hard.   Take a look at the free clip here



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Unladylike Manor – The cane for Sarah and Katie

March 30th, 2011

Life is never very fair is it?   There was I, playing the part of the Lady of the Manor and playing it rather well I thought when along comes that Lord Stern and spoils all my fun!  Not forgetting that bloody Katie who told tales.  Ok, I may have been in the process of blaming the whole thing on her, but, you would have thought her to be grateful.  It was a most excellant plan.  Hire young girls and spank and paddle their lovely pert behinds.  I was even going to let her have a go, had I not been caught red handed.

This weeks update starts with me already having a red bottom.  Lord Stern has applied a very heavy paddle to it.  I was bent over the spanking stool and given a really hard thrashing on my bare bottom.  Punishment over I assumed.  It is not often I am wrong but in this case, I most certainly was.

I was going to be caned and with the heavy dragon cane.  My only consulation was that that sneak Katie was going to be caned too!  I must confess, it was rather funny to see her placed over the spanking stool with her little legs kicking up in the air.  I think she deserved far more punishment then me but it seems that once more, Lord Stern did not agree.

I got a very hard and may I say unjust caning!  My poor sore bottom very soon had the marks from the dragon all over it.  I do think that that nasty Lord Stern rather enjoyed giving out this double bare bottom caning.  Take a look at the free clip and see what you think.

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Unladylike Manor. Sarah slippered in her pyjamas

November 24th, 2010
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Morning guys,  I am very proud to bring you this morning, the first in our new spanking series.  A lot of you know that we recently filmed this whilst away in Lincolnshire.  It was a great deal of fun and the final footage looks great.   A lot of the scenes in Unladylike Manor see me in a different role to the one you, and indeed I am used to playing.   So let me tell you a little bit about the first of these great spanking films.

The Spanker, our very own Mr Stern is the Lord of the Manor.  He has an usual but quite effective way of dealing with any bad behaviour from his staff.  If they step out of line, then they will be punished.  Punishments are carried out on the bare bottom.   To work for this Gentleman, you have to accept that you will at times have a red bottom!

Mr Sterns dinnerparty has been ruined and he was far from happy.  He feels that the blame lays jointly with Sarah his PA and Katie the cook.  He has already administered some punishments but feels that both ladies can still benefit from the slipper being applied to their bare bottoms.   I am ready for bed, dressed in red silk pyjamas when Iam summoned to Lord Sterns quarters for the last in my trio of spankings.

Of course, I was not very happy at the prospect of being slippered.   It may look like quite an innocuous implement but let me tell you, it most certainly is not!  A good dose of the slipper is very painful and stings.  Lord Stern was not interested in any of my excuses and ordered me to bend over his knee.

So,  reluctantly I went over his knee.   Lord Stern is quite the discipline expert and my silky pyjamas offered little protection to my bottom from the fearsome slipper.  Not that they were up for very long.  They were soon pulled down so that I felt the full sting of the slipper on my bare bottom.

It did not take long for my bare bottom to feel like it was on fire!  Lord Stern relentlessly slippered me, despite my protestations.  After a while, he had me kneel on the chair to ensure that my whole backside felt the full force impact of that dreadful implement.

When it was eventually over, Lord Stern ordered me to pull my pyjama bottoms up.  He explained to me that he was to be going away for a few days so did not have time to punish Katie.  I was quite cross at the thought that she would be getting away with it until he gave me permission to carry out the slippering myself.   This got me thinking as to what else I could do whilst the Lord was away ……….   Have a look at the free clip of me having my bottom well and truly slippered.  Kisses Sarah

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