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Sally Thrashed at Spanking Sarah

November 28th, 2012
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Sally beaten at Spanking SarahI love Sally aka Satine Spark.  Over the years I have made quite a few films with her.  She is one of those lovely ladies who never seems to age.  I noticed that most of the films that I had made with her were just spanking and paddling so I asked her if she would be willing to take some harsher implements.  Fair skinned Sally was happy to try a few other implements and we decided that we would film this trial.

I think she may have regretted her decision when she saw exactly what I had in mind for her!   Now, because I am such a kind lady I decided that I would put her over my knee first of all to warm up her bottom with a good hard spanking. 

It does not take much to turn her skin a really rosy red so by the time I pulled down her knickers, her bum was already red and sore.  I decided that as Sally has such a fantastic body that she should take off all her clothes.  This also meant that I could whip her back, stomach and breasts with the martinet. 

Did Sally like this?  I don’t think so!  I don’t blame her, I don’t like it either but one must try these things at least once.  Next it was time to use a nasty strap on her bare sore bottom.  Poor Sally really struggled with this implement.  It marked her fair skin and the bruises were soon on show.  You can see her flinch with every strike. 

I therefore moved onto the crop.  What better position to apply this then in the diaper position.  Sally ends up with a well marked bottom and I with a fantastic hard spanking film.  The harshest one that Sally had ever made.  Take a look at the great free clip here

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Naughty Hollie punished for spoiling my party

June 8th, 2011
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It was my first ever spanking party and naughty Hollie spoilt it.  This badly behaved Miss decided that she wasn’t going to let any of the men there spank her bottom.  In fact, she went so far as to smack one of the gentleman who tried!  I could not believe it.  My first ever spanking party was in ruins and I knew exactly who to blame for it.

After all the guys had left in disgust, I spoke to Hollie.  She was most unrepentant.  She only wanted young men or sexy ladies to smack her bare bottom.  Well, we all know that if you are going to be at a party, you have to let everybody have a spank.  Hollie had been made aware of this fact but had decided to completely flout the rules.

As you can imagine, I was not happy with this turn of events and decided that both Katie and I would teach this young madam a lesson.  One she would not forget in a hurry.  Hollie was going to be thrashed and thrashed severely.  Katie and I both chose an implement and the beating began.

We both used martinets on Hollies bare backside and she was whipped really hard, but do you know what?  She was really enjoying it.  This was supposed to be a punishment so I moved onto other harsher implements.  Hollie was left with a very red marked bottom, but do you know?  I don’t think a lesson was learnt.  This young lady enjoyed my attention far to much.  Take a look at the free clip and see what you think.

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Two days til my next spanking

July 17th, 2009
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Sarah at playMorning guys, not long to go now. This week has gone so very very slow! I am in dire need of a spanking. I must admit to not being too keen on this martinet The Spanker has acquired…. He has not tested it out on me, yet and I can’t say I am eager for a taste of it. Still, I will try anything once so maybe I should reserve judgement for now. Let us hope that our british weather alllows us some outside action. I don’t know about you, but there was a fantastic storm here last night which was great to watch (from inside) but would have made filming impossible. I will be packing my mac just in case. I may even venture out to the shops wearing nothing but some very sexy underwear underneath it. Knowing how naughty that would be gives me quite a thrill and would no doubt earn me at least a spanking, probably more. What do you think of that idea? I really am so excited about the whole thing! I bet you do not get such a thrill when you have to go to work. I am off to town this morning to have breakfast with some of my friends. We will walk there and back and convince ourselves that that is enough excerise to warrant eating a full english breakfast lol. We won’t see as much of each other for the next month or so, as we will be off on our holidays on conflicting times. So we are making the most of this weekend and are off out Saturday night. I will have to moderate my drinking as I will have a long drive Sunday morning but I am sure I will still manage to A, enjoy myself and B, make a fool of myself at least once ha ha. Anyway guys, more from me tomorrow. Kisses Sarah xx xx xx

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Pixie caned

July 16th, 2009

Pixie caned

Today we have the final part of the story of lovely young Pixie. We know that many of you have been waiting to see this particular part and we know that it will be as interesting as the other two parts. Pixie comes to the end of the story about how she developed her spanking and submissive life and now she knows that the final part of the administration of discipline must take place. She was very nervous, well it’s not easy, taking off all your clothes in front of a film crew, that makes it sound very grand but it is only a small crew! Non the less, after some strokes with the cane on top of her tight shorts, stretched over her superb bottom, she takes off all her clothes and then bends over the table for the caning. Measured strokes accurately applied land on that firm tight bottom. A must see film we think so take a look at Pixie in the free clip right here.

Sarah is taking a day out today to prepare for our film shoot in Devon, we are hoping to have some very exciting new ladies filming with us and hopefully if the weather holds out some great outdoors filming, we may even get to see Sarah in one of the bikinis she keeps buying on her many shopping trips.
We now have a genuine French Martinet, and a wicked looking thing it is to. If you have any ideas of a story that would bring it into use we would love to know, we do have many French members and avid readers of Sarah’s blog so maybe they have some ideas.

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