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Spanking Cookery with Satine Spark

March 9th, 2016
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Please welcome Satine Spark back to SpankingSarah. I love shooting with Satine Spark. It seems like only yesterday that she came along to make her very first spanking film when in fact it was over six years ago. A lot can change within that time scale but I can honestly say that Satine looks as fantastic today as she did then.

I love shooting spanking films. I adore the fact that we have such a fantastic relationship with the girls we shoot films with and it is always nice to catch up and smack deserving bottoms.

Satine Spark has starred in many of our films over the years and Mr Stern was keen to do something a little different with her this time. He decided upon a new series ‘Spanking Cookery’ with Satine being the first presenter but as members will see – she was not very honest about her culinary skills!

Last week she wrecked his recipe for French Onion Soup and got a good hard bare bottom spanking. You would have thought that this would have quickly improved not only her skills but her attitude and behaviour wouldn’t you?

Satine had been given the recipe to make a fruit cake and told to follow it to the letter to ensure that further spankings were not given. Satine managed to do this and did make a very nice cake but unfortunately she shared it out with the crew before Mr Stern even got to look at it!

This was not the wisest of moves and understandably, Mr Stern was not very happy to see a half eaten cake. It is obvious that further punishment is required. As a hand spanking does not seem to have worked, Mr Stern decides to use a spanking paddle instead.

Poor pale skinned Satine already has a sore bottom from the hand spanking so begs Mr Stern not to punish her any further but he is determined to extract his revenge. The paddle is quite a nasty leather one and each and every stroke really hurts her already tender skin.

Her bottom is soon bright red, marked and sore but Mr Stern continues with the punishment. Satine is made to touch her toes and her bare bottom gets a prolonged and painful spanking.


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Satine Spark and Sarah. Sexy Spanking

July 8th, 2015
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Wow,  I must confess this is one sexy film!  Now, I know when some producers say that it means that the spankings are not very hard.  Believe me, this really is not the case in this production.  Sarah and Satine do know each other very well, they have been filming together for years.  The girls are good friends and wanted to make a set of films which were just a little bit different.  You can see Satine giving her first ever spanking to a man at Sarah Spanks Men 

Sarah has bought lots of new spanking toys and she is eager to test them out on her girlfriend.  Satine is not so sure but as needs Sarah to pay her rent, has little choice but to comply.  Sarah is so excited and makes poor Satine strip naked so that every part of her youthful nubile body is available for her to play with.

Not content with just spanking her partners bottom, Sarah spanks her pussy and her tits as well.  She tries to convince Satine that she may learn to enjoy it!   I for one am not convinced.  Sarah is a hard and heavy spanker and soon Satines pale skin is marked and welted.

Sarah does not just want to spank, she wants to test how compliant and submissive Satine will be so she makes her get into lots of compromising positions to be spanked, touched and stroked.  Satine really does not know how long this ordeal will continue and just what is going to happen to her.

Satine tries her hardest to do exactly as she is told because she knows any defiance will mean nastier punishments.  Sarah is pleased she is behaving but still enjoys hurting her young lover and scaring her.

The final punishment has Satine in the revealing wheelbarrow position with everything on display.  She is paddled on the most tender part of her bare sore bottom.  A hard, cruel, sexy spanking film.  Take a look at it at Spanking Sarah


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Self Spanking for Bonnie May

July 1st, 2015
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I love shooting with Bonnie May.  Until last year she had never even been spanked!  I wasn’t sure whether she was going to like spanking and that seems to be true.  Bonnie May does not like spanking ……  She loves it!

This became rather apparent on our latest shoot.  We left Bonnie alone for a while whilst we sorted some paperwork out and do you know what she did?   The naughty girl couldn’t wait for us to spank her.  She picked up the implements and started spanking herself.

I think there is something really sexy about a girl giving herself a good spanking.  Bonnie May most certainly did not hold back, she smacked her cute short covered bottom hard and fast with the paddle.

When she had warmed herself up the saucy girl stripped totally naked and continued smacking herself in some really revealing and sexy positions!  What a tease.  Bonnie had soon made her bottom really red and sore but she continued to give herself some real hard slaps.

Will she get caught and punished some more?  Take a look at the great film at Spanking Sarah


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A Naked Punishment for Jess

April 22nd, 2015
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Poor Jess!  She really does not know what has hit her.   She thought she was going on a course which would ensure the continuation of her benefit payments and that it would be an easy ride.  That impression was soon dashed when Sister Sarah took her over the knee and spanked her.  She has been left with a pile of text books to study and they are so boring she has fallen asleep.

She is rudely shaken awake by one of the Doctors who is not impressed with finding her sleeping.  In fact, he feels that this deserves even more punishment!  The poor girl really does not know what to do.  He claims to be in charge and has a horrible looking spanking paddle with him so she reluctantly agrees to allow him to spank her.

The Doctor tells her that she is an absolute disgrace to her uniform and that she should take it off immediately.  Jess argues that this should not be necessary but in the end she gives up and takes all her clothes off.  What Jess does not know is that her ‘Doctor’ is actually one of the porters and he cannot believe his luck in getting this vulnerable girl to do his bidding. 

Not only is Tony the porter going to spank her but he makes sure he ogles her wonderful body as well.   He really can’t believe his luck, it is not every day he wanders in on a gullible and naïve nurse.  He takes her over the knee and starts to paddle her already sore bottom.

This is the worst day for Jess ever!  first spanked and now paddled and to top it off in the nude.  The paddle is hard and she gets a sound thrashing with it.  Her bum is soon really marked and sore and still the spanking continues.

When Sister Stern walks in on the situation she cannot believe her eyes!  What will happen to Jess and Tony?  Take a look at this film and many more at Spanking Sarah

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Lola Marie Paddles Jess

November 6th, 2014
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Lola Marie paddles JessI was in Venice for a few days last week and had an amazing time.  The weather was absolutely wonderful and I really enjoyed my first visit to this beautiful and unique city.  It truly was a fantastic experience.  I was only there for a few short days so tried to pack in as much as possible.  Upon my return we decided to add a new addition to our family.  We are now the proud owners of little Noah a ten week old Shorkie pup.  He is rather naughty and needs a lot of training but I am sure he will get there.

Auntie Katie is doing some training as well, but she has her hands full with naughty girls not puppies!  I could make a rather rude joke about her ‘puppies’ but I won’t!  Lola and Jess are the latest additions to the House of Correction and they are both in dire need of being re educated about some things.    Jess tied Lola up and then told Auntie Katie that Lola had been involved in some kind of sex act!  They both got a beating but an innocent Lola is out for revenge and decides to take matters into her own hands.

Lola has stolen one of the spanking paddles and when she catches up with Jess she confronts her about her lies.  Jess really does not have any excuse, she just felt that Lola deserved everything she got.  Imagine her surprise when she is hauled across the knee by Lola for a spanking!  Lola may not be wearing any clothing but this does not make her feel vulnerable …. In fact, I think it has the opposite effect.

Lola Marie is pissed off and Jess is going to pay.  She sets about beating the other girls bottom which is already sore without any mercy.  She makes sure each and every stroke of that paddle hits its mark and Jess is soon wriggling and squirming and trying to convince Lola to stop.  Her pleas fall on deaf ears.  Lola feels aggrieved and she is going to ensure that Jess never ever gets on the wrong side of her again.

Jess is very fair skinned and her bottom bruises quite quickly, she really cannot tolerate the level of pain that Lola is inflicting.  Lola holds her firmly in place and carries on administering the beating of a life time.  By the time Lola feels that Jess has been punished enough the poor girl has a bright red marked bottom and tears in her eyes.  What next at the House of Correction?  Take a look at the free clip here

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Jess Joins The House of Correction

September 4th, 2014
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Jess spanked at the house of correctionMeet Jess.  Jess is the latest recruit to be unfortunate enough to join the House of Correction.  This naughty girl was caught shoplifting and now she must pay the price.  Jess seems to think Jess spanked at the house of correctionthat she is going to be in for an easy ride but she soon realises that Auntie Katie does not stand any nonsense from naughty girls.  As soon as she arrives at the house she is forced to strip and subjected to a search to ensure that she has not brought any contraband into the house.

Every inmate at The House of Correction gets spanked the minute they walk into the house.  This serves a few purposes, it lets the naughty girls know that their stay will be a pain filled one and it encourages better behaviour.  Auntie Katie has a hard and heavy hand and she puts it to good use.  Jess finds herself naked and vulnerable when she is placed over the spanking stool.   

There is no warm up to this spanking,  It starts off hard and fast and continues at the same pace.  This is a punishment and is made to feel like one.  Jess soon has a bright red bottom and you can see her visible signs of distress.  The poor girl really was not prepared for the treatment she is receiving.

Auntie Katie makes sure that the spanking is a prolonged and incredibly painful one.  Jess endures smack after painful smack on her pert bare bottom.  Take a look at the free clip here


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Lola Marie joins the House of Correction

August 6th, 2014
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Lola Marie joins the house of correctionAuntie Katie has had rather a few naughty girls to deal with at the House of Correction.  She has only just recovered from being tied up and taunted by the rather evil Vicki aka Ms Vixxen.   She did wonder whether she should retire but she knows that there will always be young ladies who need her strict type of discipline.

It becomes apparent that she is going to have her hands full with the latest recruit.  Lola Marie has attitude with a Capital A and she knows exactly how to show it.  She has been convicted of a multiple of crimes and is quite frankly rather lucky not to have been sent to jail.   You would think that this would make her a little grateful to have been sent but this is most definitely not the case.  Lola Marie does not want to be there and is going to make sure that if she is miserable then so is everybody else.

Katie has dealt with so many girls that this behaviour really is like water off of a ducks back.  While Lola Marie is in her house she will behave or she will face dire consequences.  Lola Marie may well have met her match!

On arrival she is subjected to the same treatment as everybody else.  Lola is to be strip searched,  checked for drugs and given a naked hand spanking over the special stool.  Her complaints and insults are ignored and she is forced to comply.

I do think that Katie gives this girl a much harder spanking then she has others but do feel that she felt that this mouthy madam needed it!  Lola can shout and scream as much as she wants.  Katie makes sure that the smacks are full force and her ebony bottom is soon rather red.  Take a look at the free clip here

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Chaos at The House of Correction

July 23rd, 2014
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Hard punishment at the house of correctionIs Auntie Katie losing her touch? Over the years she has turned many young girls away from a life of crime. This strict matriarch has ruled the House of Correction with a rod of iron but has she met her match in Vicki? Somehow this naughty young lady has managed to overpower Katie and tie her up. She is rather delighted with this turn of events and spends time tormenting the rather helpless Katie. Poor Katie just cannot believe what has happened. She has never been so grateful to see the probation officer!

Sarah often visits the House to check in on  the young ladies in Auntie Katies care.  She cannot believe her eyes when she sees Katie tied to a chair and demands to know exactly what is going on.  Poor Katie cannot talk, not only has she been tied up but she has been gagged as well.  Eventually Sarah releases her and hears the whole sad and sorry tale.  Vicki obviously needs to be punished and Sarah feels that she should be the one to administer it.

Sarah makes Vicki kneel on the table and produces a rather nasty looking leather paddle with holes in it.  She explains to Vicki that she is going to get a good hard beating for her bad behaviour and that Auntie Katie will be there to witness it.  Vicki is not very happy that her plan to abscond from the house has been foiled but has little choice than to comply with Sarah.

Her clothes are removed and Sarah makes sure that the position Vicki is placed in is not only humiliating but uncomfortable as well.  Vicki is on her hands and knees with her bum high in the air.  Each and every stroke of the paddle is administered full force and designed to hurt this young girls tender flesh.

Vicki is in considerable pain but tries to take her punishment stoically.  She however cannot keep up the pretence and is soon howling in pain.  Her bum is soon bright red and clearly shows the marks were the paddle has hit.  A hard punishment movie take a look at the free clip here

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Sophie Parker Joins the House of Correction

October 30th, 2013
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Sophie waiting for her spankingSophie Parker thinks she has got away with her crime. Instead of being sent to prison she has been sentenced to a spell in the House of Correction. She thinks that she is in for an easy ride.

How little does she know.  The House of Correction is run by the formidable Ms DidIt.  She stands for no nonsense from the residence and makes them realise this just as soon as they walk in the door.   Sophie Parker is forced to strip and is subjected to an intimate search almost the minute she walks in the door.  

She absolutely cannot believe it when she is made to bend over the spanking stool.  Katie DidIt firmly believes that a spot of humiliation as well as the pain adds to the whole discipline.  Sophies bare bottom is presented and is soon feeling the full force of her hard hand.

Sophie does not like this one little bit.  In fact, she hates it but she also knows that she has no choice but to endure this painful and prolonged spanking.

Her bum is left red, marked and sore and she is warned that her stay at the House of Correction is going to be very painful indeed.  Take a look at the free clip here

If you want to get all our films without a site membership, downloading just the ones you want then you can go to this site. These are all full length versions and you get to keep them in just the same way. I am frequently asked if I can recommend a great site where you can get authentic British porn, good girl next door films featuring a range of girls and ladies of all ages and sizes. Yes I can. Once again you can download the full length films, some up to 30 mins in length right here

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Amelia Jane Rutherford Joins The House of Correction

September 25th, 2013
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Amelia Jane Rutherford at the house of correctionMs DidIt runs a very tight ship at the House of Correction. Young ladies who have committed offences are sent to her establishment rather than to prison and it is hoped that their stay will make them mend their wicked ways and become better members of society.

Amelia Jane Rutherford is a good girl really but she got into the wrong crowd.  She was with her ‘friends’ when they robbed a store.  An old lady was pushed over and the other girls run away.  Kindly AmeliPaddled on her denim shortsa stayed but was to afraid to give the names of her accomplices to the police.  She was arrested and now has to serve her time at the House of Correction.

Ms Didit can tell that Amelia is not really a wicked girl but this does not mean that she will be treated any differently to the other girls unfortunate enough to stay.   The girls are not only punished but they are also humiliated.  Amelia is forced to remove all her clothing during her first punishment. 

Poor Amelia really cannot believe just what she has to endure.  She is made to bend over the punishment stool for a dose of the spanking paddle.  She is wearing a small pair of denim shorts which do not offer much protection at all.  Ms Didit makes sure that every stroke of the paddle is hard and Amelia is soon very sorry and very sore.

It is not long before her shorts are removed along with her panties and the rest of her clothing.  A naked Amelia is bent back over the stool for even more punishment.  Her bare bottom is bright red and sore and her punishment is prolonged and painful.  Take a look at the free clip here

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