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Spanked and Slippered before Bedtime

January 18th, 2012

This weeks update was requested expecially by one of my members who just loves to see ladies spanked and slippered in their pyjamas.   I promised him that on our Cornwall shoot we would film a pyjama movie and here it is.  I know he has been waiting to see it for a long time and so I do hope he thinks it was worth the wait!

It is evening and I am in my pyjamas reading my book.  Mr Stern decides he would like a hot drink and seems to have forgotten that he has these things called ‘legs’ in between his torso and his feet and these other things called ‘hands’ on the end of his arms.  He therefore asks me to stop what I am doing and go and make it for him.  Now, is that fair?

I did try to reason with him, but being an unreasonable sort of chappie,  he didn’t take too kindly to my suggestions.  In fact he decided to spank and slipper me.  What a meanie!  I  was ordered over the knee for a sound hard hand spanking.  This took place over my thin pyjama bottoms for quite some time.  When they were pulled down my poor bum was already rather red and sore but did this stop him?  Of course not.  In fact, he decided that his hand was starting to hurt so took off his slipper and used this instead.

How humiliating!  to be over the knee with my pyjama bottoms down and my big bare bottom in the air getting a dose of the hard and heavy slipper.  As you can imagine, I was not very impressed at all.  That slipper was rather hard and thuddy and it was not long before I was squirming around on his lap and trying to get him to stop.

Eventually, Mr Stern decided that I had been spanked and slippered enough.  My bottom was crimson and very well marked from that nasty slipper.  He let me up and ordered me out into the kitchen to make him his drink.  Now, if you had just spanked and slippered somebody would you trust them to make you a nice hot drink?  Take a look at the free clip here


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A Caning for Kami Robertson

December 28th, 2011
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I do hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year. I am rather hoping next year will turn out better than the last one has. May I thank all my members for their support this year. We cannot survive without your memberships as we just would not be able to afford to continue to make Spanking films. I know times are tough which is why depite rising costs, I have no intention of raising membership prices anytime soon. So at least that is a little bit of good news.

Kami Robertson caneAnother piece of good news for Spanking Sarah  members is that we have some great films from Spanking Model Kami Robertson for you.  This young lady is one of the most admired spanking models of our time so I am very pleased to be able to bring you these fantastic films.   This week see this naughty young lady caned for reading Kane Magazine.  She was supposed to be doing her homework but decided to read spanking porn instead and Mr Stern was not very impressed when he caught her.  He decided that as she liked Kane so much that perhaps she should try it first hand.

Kami is made to bend over the bottom of the bed and as she is wearing very skimpy pyjamas they do not give her much protection from the sting of the cane.   Not that they are on for very long.  They are soon removed so that her bare bottom feels the full impact.

She is given over thirty full force strokes of this wicked implement and her bottom is left marked and sore.  This is a fantastic full length hard caning film.  Take a look at the free clip here.


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A Sound Pyjama Slippering for KatieDidIt

December 8th, 2010
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Morning guys,  I am not having the best of times at the moment.  First the snow stopped me from doing any 121’s and filming, then the site went down for that short (but scary) time and now for some unknown reason, my email account is not working!  If you have sent an email to me in the past couple of days, it is more than likely that I have not seen it.  I am sorry, I am a naughty girl, not a rude one and do tend to answer every email I get.  I have opened a new account, please contact me at

Anyway, enough of my woes.  Let me tell you about todays great update.  It is the second part of the DoTheGirls Hall series. As you know, the first one involved me getting my bare bottom severely slippered by Lord Stern.  Katie and I had ruined his dinner party and he was far from impressed!   He was going away for a few days so did not have time to deal with Katie.

So, it was left to me to make sure that this naughty lady was punished.  I think she thought that our friendship would save her backside from the slipper, but she was wrong! I had had the indignity of being over his Lordships lap so she would be coming over mine.

I went into her bedroom, ordered her off of the bed and put her over my knee.  She was far from impressed but as she knew that Lord Stern had ordered this punishment to take place, their was little she could do.  I firstly applied the slipper to her pjyama clad bottom but it was not long before I had her pjyamas bottom down and she was feeling the full force of the slipper.

Her bare bottom was very soon red, marked and sore.  This really was a sound slippering. Katie really took a sound punishment.  Take a look at the free clip.

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Unladylike Manor. Sarah slippered in her pyjamas

November 24th, 2010
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Morning guys,  I am very proud to bring you this morning, the first in our new spanking series.  A lot of you know that we recently filmed this whilst away in Lincolnshire.  It was a great deal of fun and the final footage looks great.   A lot of the scenes in Unladylike Manor see me in a different role to the one you, and indeed I am used to playing.   So let me tell you a little bit about the first of these great spanking films.

The Spanker, our very own Mr Stern is the Lord of the Manor.  He has an usual but quite effective way of dealing with any bad behaviour from his staff.  If they step out of line, then they will be punished.  Punishments are carried out on the bare bottom.   To work for this Gentleman, you have to accept that you will at times have a red bottom!

Mr Sterns dinnerparty has been ruined and he was far from happy.  He feels that the blame lays jointly with Sarah his PA and Katie the cook.  He has already administered some punishments but feels that both ladies can still benefit from the slipper being applied to their bare bottoms.   I am ready for bed, dressed in red silk pyjamas when Iam summoned to Lord Sterns quarters for the last in my trio of spankings.

Of course, I was not very happy at the prospect of being slippered.   It may look like quite an innocuous implement but let me tell you, it most certainly is not!  A good dose of the slipper is very painful and stings.  Lord Stern was not interested in any of my excuses and ordered me to bend over his knee.

So,  reluctantly I went over his knee.   Lord Stern is quite the discipline expert and my silky pyjamas offered little protection to my bottom from the fearsome slipper.  Not that they were up for very long.  They were soon pulled down so that I felt the full sting of the slipper on my bare bottom.

It did not take long for my bare bottom to feel like it was on fire!  Lord Stern relentlessly slippered me, despite my protestations.  After a while, he had me kneel on the chair to ensure that my whole backside felt the full force impact of that dreadful implement.

When it was eventually over, Lord Stern ordered me to pull my pyjama bottoms up.  He explained to me that he was to be going away for a few days so did not have time to punish Katie.  I was quite cross at the thought that she would be getting away with it until he gave me permission to carry out the slippering myself.   This got me thinking as to what else I could do whilst the Lord was away ……….   Have a look at the free clip of me having my bottom well and truly slippered.  Kisses Sarah

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Pass me the cane

July 28th, 2009

The dragon cane and SarahGood morning guys, I am still in my bed! It is so nice and cosy that I think I will write this than snuggle down for another hours sleep. From what I can see from my window, it looks like it is going to be a nice sunny day. What a pity we did not have a few more of those whilst we were in Devon. Never mind, we still managed to make some fantastic films for you. As I said yesterday, my favourite was the one we shot on the very last day. That ice cold cucumber felt marvellous inserted into my hot and wet pussy. The forty odd strokes of the dragon cane did not feel quite as nice at the time ha ha but they left me with a lovely sore and marked bottom for the rest of the day. I do love to feel that after glow so to speak when you know you have been given a proper punishment. Its a pity that the feeling does not last. My bottom is displaying very few marks from the week away. In fact, more damage was done with the slipper on the first day then any other! It seems that my skin does not take to well with being struck with large and ‘thuddy’ objects. The bruising I had from that pyjama slippering was unbelievable. I did take a hard dose of it on my bare cheeks but when you compare it to the hard canings I have had, which have left few if any lasting marks, it really is strange that I marked so very badly. It has been decided that in future, most of my on screen punishments will be carried out with the dragon cane. You won’t hear me complaining (well, you will hear me moaning at the time ha ha) but as you know, the cane is my very favourite implement anyway. I can take a very hard and long caning, none of this ‘six of the best’ for me. I do like the sharp sting of the strap as well so we will be experimenting off of camera as to which ones will be effective to use. I am already missing having my daily bottom spankings. I am rather hoping that The Spanker will find the time to pay me a visit this week as next week I will be away on holiday. If he is to busy, I may have to wait over two weeks for the cane! Imagine how naughty I will be by then ha ha. Anyway guys, back to sleep for a while for me. More tomorrow. Kisses Sarah xx xx xx

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