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Spanking Cookery with Satine Spark

March 9th, 2016
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Please welcome Satine Spark back to SpankingSarah. I love shooting with Satine Spark. It seems like only yesterday that she came along to make her very first spanking film when in fact it was over six years ago. A lot can change within that time scale but I can honestly say that Satine looks as fantastic today as she did then.

I love shooting spanking films. I adore the fact that we have such a fantastic relationship with the girls we shoot films with and it is always nice to catch up and smack deserving bottoms.

Satine Spark has starred in many of our films over the years and Mr Stern was keen to do something a little different with her this time. He decided upon a new series ‘Spanking Cookery’ with Satine being the first presenter but as members will see – she was not very honest about her culinary skills!

Last week she wrecked his recipe for French Onion Soup and got a good hard bare bottom spanking. You would have thought that this would have quickly improved not only her skills but her attitude and behaviour wouldn’t you?

Satine had been given the recipe to make a fruit cake and told to follow it to the letter to ensure that further spankings were not given. Satine managed to do this and did make a very nice cake but unfortunately she shared it out with the crew before Mr Stern even got to look at it!

This was not the wisest of moves and understandably, Mr Stern was not very happy to see a half eaten cake. It is obvious that further punishment is required. As a hand spanking does not seem to have worked, Mr Stern decides to use a spanking paddle instead.

Poor pale skinned Satine already has a sore bottom from the hand spanking so begs Mr Stern not to punish her any further but he is determined to extract his revenge. The paddle is quite a nasty leather one and each and every stroke really hurts her already tender skin.

Her bottom is soon bright red, marked and sore but Mr Stern continues with the punishment. Satine is made to touch her toes and her bare bottom gets a prolonged and painful spanking.


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Satine Spark and Sarah. Sexy Spanking

July 8th, 2015
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Wow,  I must confess this is one sexy film!  Now, I know when some producers say that it means that the spankings are not very hard.  Believe me, this really is not the case in this production.  Sarah and Satine do know each other very well, they have been filming together for years.  The girls are good friends and wanted to make a set of films which were just a little bit different.  You can see Satine giving her first ever spanking to a man at Sarah Spanks Men 

Sarah has bought lots of new spanking toys and she is eager to test them out on her girlfriend.  Satine is not so sure but as needs Sarah to pay her rent, has little choice but to comply.  Sarah is so excited and makes poor Satine strip naked so that every part of her youthful nubile body is available for her to play with.

Not content with just spanking her partners bottom, Sarah spanks her pussy and her tits as well.  She tries to convince Satine that she may learn to enjoy it!   I for one am not convinced.  Sarah is a hard and heavy spanker and soon Satines pale skin is marked and welted.

Sarah does not just want to spank, she wants to test how compliant and submissive Satine will be so she makes her get into lots of compromising positions to be spanked, touched and stroked.  Satine really does not know how long this ordeal will continue and just what is going to happen to her.

Satine tries her hardest to do exactly as she is told because she knows any defiance will mean nastier punishments.  Sarah is pleased she is behaving but still enjoys hurting her young lover and scaring her.

The final punishment has Satine in the revealing wheelbarrow position with everything on display.  She is paddled on the most tender part of her bare sore bottom.  A hard, cruel, sexy spanking film.  Take a look at it at Spanking Sarah


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Slave training for Satine Spark

June 17th, 2015
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Satine Spark has lost her job.  She is hoping to get another one before her flat mate finds out so has been sending out her CV to lots of different companies.  She is behind with her rent and has been lying to Sarah about when she will be able to pay.  Sarah has been sent a copy of her CV by another recruitment company so the game is now up. Sarah confronts Satine who tries to get herself out of trouble but it does not work.  She does not have a job and without work she is unable to pay her share of the rent.

Sarah has a rather unique proposal to put to her flat mate.  If Satine agrees to be her slave then Sarah will let her stay in the flat and will pay her share of the rent.  Satine is not really in a position to say no, she does not want to be homeless so feels that being submissive might be the easier option.

Satine has already felt the wrath of her flat mate.  Sarah had spanked her hard for spending too long in the shower.  Sarah explains that there are different types of spanking.  If Satine is really naughty then the smacks will be fast and furious but if Sarah wants to play with her then they will be more sexual in nature.

Sarah demonstrates this by putting Satine into the diaper position.  This is quite an uncomfortable position for the spankee but it ensures that everything is on display.  It is not only a painful way to administer a spanking but a humiliating one as well.

Sarah feels that Satine needs to be punished for telling lies so takes off her slipper and smacks  Satine’s bare bottom with it hard.  Her fair skin marks up quickly and it does not take long for the poor girl to be rather sore.   Take a look at the full film at Spanking Sarah

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A Wet Bottomed Spanking for Satine

May 28th, 2015
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Sharing a house is never easy especially when there is only one bathroom.  Sarah needs to get to work and Satine is in the shower and does not seem to be in a rush to get out of it!  Sarah has been knocking on the door for ages asking her to hurry up and when she hears Satine tell her to ‘Fuck Off’ she loses patience and barges in.  A naked Satine is not greatly impressed but soon sees that she has pushed Sarah to the limit of her endurance.

Understandably, Sarah is cross, so cross that she decides to teach her selfish roommate a lesson she will not forget in a hurry.  She grabs hold of her and starts to spank her whilst she is still standing in the shower.  Satine cannot believe what is happening to her.  She is soaking wet and soon learns that smacks on a wet bottom hurt a hell of a lot.

The spanks land fast and furious and it is not long before her bottom is glowing bright red.  She tries to wriggle away but Sarah holds her in position and carries on smacking her sore bum.  Satine is soon apologising and promising not to be so selfish in future.

Sarah is relentless in administering this long overdue punishment and any pleas to stop fall on deaf ears.  Smack after hard smack are applied and poor Satine really does not have anywhere to hide or move to.  Her bottom feels like it is on fire.

This is a fast, no nonsense spanking which has Satine hopping and squirming.  The shower has been turned off so apart from a red hot bot the rest of her naked frame is soon cold from being made to stand in the bath without having a chance to try or cover herself.

A humiliating and painful lesson for this naughty young lady but will she learn her lesson?  Take a look at the full film at Spanking Sarah

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Kissogram Slippered

February 4th, 2015
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Kissogram girls are very popular in the UK.  SO far they have managed to steer clear of the clutches of the Government who seem hell bent on making any kind of sexy fun illegal but who knows quite where or when the purge will end?   Anyway, I digress, I was saying, Kissogram girls are very popular in the UK but only if they go to the right house. 

Kissogram girl slipperedSatine Spark loves her job.  She has been asked to dress up as a sexy Police Officer and dance and strip.  Unfortunately for her she has been employed by some school children who want to pull a prank on their nasty Head Teacher!  Satine has been told that she should let herself in via the back door and go straight into her routine.

Can you imagine the Head Mistresses face when her peace is shattered by a scantily clad Satine?  She is horrified!  Satine apologises as soon as she realises what has happened but this is not good enough.  The Head gives the poor girl a choice, she will call the police for illegal entry or she will give her a good slippering.

Satine cannot believe what is happening and thinks that perhaps this is a further joke but it soon becomes clear that it is not.  She tries to reason with the Head but it is to no avail.  She eventually and rather reluctantly agrees to a slippering.

The Head makes the poor girl kneel in the chair.  Her skimpy uniform offers her virtually no protection but it is soon raised up anyway.  Poor Satine is soon wriggling and squirming in pain but this does not stop the punishment.

She soon has a bright red and marked bottom but the slippering continues.  This is a prolonged and painful punishment which leaves her sorry and sore.  A great film for fans of the slipper.  Take a look at this and many other films at Spanking Sarah

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The Paddle for Satine Spark

November 27th, 2014
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I bought a new diary today and I am already filing it fast with shoots, parties and appointments.  As another year draws to a close we have once more made our special free Christmas spanking film.  In fact, we have made not one but two!  This year saw us finally open SarahSpanksMen  this was a project I had been interested in for quite a few years but which only became a membership site within the last few months.  Obviously members of Spanking Sarah and Sarah spanks men may share some of the same tastes in spanking but we felt that it would be much better to make a great free film for both sites.  Yesterday we were joined by The London Tanner, Imogen D’Arcy, OnlyRealPrincess and Kodders.  We made some fantastic films and had an early Christmas lunch.

Satine Spark is back at SpankingSarah this week.  We recently saw her fall foul of Mr Stern.  She had turned up at a hairy shoot with a rather red bottom!  The silly girl had been to a spanking shoot and thought that he could ‘photoshop’ the marks out.  Mr Stern soon put her right and had her over the knee to get a good spanking on her already reddened cheeks. 

When Satine realises that a hairy shoot is now out of the question she has a proposal to make.  How about he employ her for a spank shoot instead?   Mr Stern gets in touch with his partner Sarah and asks her to come along and give young Satine a good thrashing.

Upon arrival Sarah makes sure that Satine  is aware that if she agrees to go ahead with a spanking then it will be a jolly hard one!  Satine is already rather red and sore and decides that it can’t really get much worse…..  How wrong can a girl be?   Sarah selects a nasty looking spank paddle to use on her latest victim.  She asks Satine to kneel in the chair so that she gets a good swing. 

Satine soon realises that Sarah means business.  Each and every stroke of the spanking paddle bites into her tender skin and makes her wince and jump with pain.  The punishment is prolonged and painful and carried out without mercy.

Satine is forced to strip naked and soon has a bright crimson and very bruised bottom.  Take a look at the free clip here


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A Hairy Shoot for Satine Spark

November 13th, 2014
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I love shooting spanking films.  I particularly like filming them with people that I know and like.  It just makes everything so much nicer and easier.  Satine Spark made her spanking film debut with us about four years ago and we try and get together at least once a year to make some great new films.  Now, Satine is not a spanking  model …. That is to say that it is not her primary kink.  She is a well known and very well loved porn actress despite the fact that she looks like butter would not melt in her mouth.  In fact, that is probably why she is so popular.  She has not changed one bit since the very first time we shot with her.

A hairy spanking for Satine sparkWhen we were arranging this latest shoot Satine asked if I minded that she had a really hairy bush.  She has been doing quite a lot of hairy shoots at the moment.  Well, I did not mind at all and Mr Stern was ecstatic!  He does love a really hairy pussy and could not wait to see it.  I am of the opinion that if you have got It than you may as well flaunt it so we decided that we would incorporate the hairiness into a storyline.

Satine comes along to do a hairy shoot with Mr Stern.  He has booked her to make a special video where she slowly strips off her clothes whilst flashing all her hairy bits.   All is going really well until Mr Stern spots her bright red backside!  He calls a halt to the shoot to find out what has happened.  Satine  at this stage tells him she has been on a spanking shoot and that she thought he would be able to photoshop the redness out!  Well, can you imagine?  Of course Mr Stern is not very impressed and decides that if Satine likes spanking then she can go over his knee.

Poor Satine!  She is still sore from the latest spanking shoot but what choice does she have?  She knows she has messed up and that she must now pay the price.  A reluctant Satine goes over the knee for what she knows is going to be a very hard spanking indeed!   Mr Stern is secretly quite pleased to have her over the knee but continues the pretence of being cross and gives her bare skin a blistering bottom burning spanking

Satine wriggles and wiggles but this just makes Mr Stern smack her harder!  It has been a while since he has administered a spanking but you can tell that he is absolutely loving every moment of it.  Satine does not seem to share the sentiment and is very glad when it is all over!  Take a look at the free clip here


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Sally Thrashed at Spanking Sarah

November 28th, 2012
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Sally beaten at Spanking SarahI love Sally aka Satine Spark.  Over the years I have made quite a few films with her.  She is one of those lovely ladies who never seems to age.  I noticed that most of the films that I had made with her were just spanking and paddling so I asked her if she would be willing to take some harsher implements.  Fair skinned Sally was happy to try a few other implements and we decided that we would film this trial.

I think she may have regretted her decision when she saw exactly what I had in mind for her!   Now, because I am such a kind lady I decided that I would put her over my knee first of all to warm up her bottom with a good hard spanking. 

It does not take much to turn her skin a really rosy red so by the time I pulled down her knickers, her bum was already red and sore.  I decided that as Sally has such a fantastic body that she should take off all her clothes.  This also meant that I could whip her back, stomach and breasts with the martinet. 

Did Sally like this?  I don’t think so!  I don’t blame her, I don’t like it either but one must try these things at least once.  Next it was time to use a nasty strap on her bare sore bottom.  Poor Sally really struggled with this implement.  It marked her fair skin and the bruises were soon on show.  You can see her flinch with every strike. 

I therefore moved onto the crop.  What better position to apply this then in the diaper position.  Sally ends up with a well marked bottom and I with a fantastic hard spanking film.  The harshest one that Sally had ever made.  Take a look at the great free clip here

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