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School punishments

February 19th, 2016
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I have something very different for you this week at Spanking Sarah. It is not often I get the chance to show a school film but for this weeks update I have in fact combined three films into one.

Yes three full length films featuring a very naughty schoolgirl caught going out of bounds from her rather posh boarding school. The nastiest master in the school happens to be taking his break in the grounds and catches her as she returns still in her uniform. He questions her and decides to inflict a nasty spanking on her there and then out in the grounds and so sets about spanking her firm bottom over her school knickers and then on the bare  bottom.

No sooner has he finished this than he gets a phone call from the village shop keeper informing him that a girl has been steeling cigarettes from the shop, the girl sounds very much like Rebecca, the one he is just spanking. She denies this but a quick search soon reveals her stash of cigarettes. Without further ado he fetches the school punishment paddle and after removing her knickers he makes Rebecca bend over for a real hard and prolonged paddling on the bare bottom. The poor girl is close to tears by the end of this but Snaith decides he must take her to see the headmaster.

In the heads study she realises she is in for a lot more pain now. He has his own punishment strap and delights in bending her over a chair to use it on her before fetching the senior girls cane. She bends over now to take the final punishment. A hard caning with no mercy shown for those punishments already inflicted.

I am sure you will love this extra session of school punishments, a really good collection so please get along and take a look at my site.


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The Cane for Belle Calder

January 29th, 2014
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The cane for Bell CalderBelle Calder is a relatively new spanking model but judging by how well she has been received by members, I am pretty sure that she will soon be featured on many more spanking sites.  I think she makes a pretty realistic school girl and she was a real pleasure to take over the knee.  Belle is not into the scene but that did not stop her taking a good hard caning.  Belle had expressed a real fear of taking the cane but I had made it a stipulation of filming.  I make no excuses, we make spanking films and if you want to shoot with our company you need to be able to take the cane and take it hard.   We never push people past their limits but if you want to be a spanking model then you need to be able to take the cane.
I gave Belle 12 hard full force strokes of the cane as this was her first ever time.  She took each and every single one of them and I was really proud of her.  I will not say that this was easy for her because it was not.  Every stroke hurt her tender young flesh and the marks clearly show that this is a first punishment.

Take a look at the free clip of this school girl spanking film here

If you want to get all our films without a site membership, downloading just the ones you want then you can go to this site. These are all full length versions and you get to keep them in just the same way. I am frequently asked if I can recommend a great site where you can get authentic British porn, good girl next door films featuring a range of girls and ladies of all ages and sizes. Yes I can. Once again you can download the full length films, some up to 30 mins in length right here

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The Cane for Imogen D’Arcy

January 15th, 2014
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A few weeks ago we met the lovely Imogen D’Arcy.  Imogen is no stranger to spanking but had never ever made a film before.  I thought she did rather well and it seems that you felt the same.  I used quite a few of The London Tanners straps and paddles on her bare bottom and she took each and every one.Imogen gets the cane

In between strapping her I asked her about her spanking life and we got an amazing insight into her D/D relationship.  I was rather honoured to find that not only was this her first film, but it was the first time she had been punished by a lady.

After a good warm up with the straps it is time for the cane to be used.  I have quite a collection of canes so decided that I would use quite a few of them on her delectable backside.   Imogen is still rather fearful of the sting of the cane but bravely agreed to be given a severe caning punishment.

I ask Imogen to bend in the chair and raise her marked bottom in the air.  I decided to give her six strokes with each of the canes.  Imogen then has to decide which she prefers and she is then given a further 6 strokes with this cane as well. 

Each and every stroke is full force and leaves its mark.  Imogen soon has a welted and sore bottom.  Take a look at the free clip here

If you want to get all our films without a site membership, downloading just the ones you want then you can go to this site. These are all full length versions and you get to keep them in just the same way. I am frequently asked if I can recommend a great site where you can get authentic British porn, good girl next door films featuring a range of girls and ladies of all ages and sizes. Yes I can. Once again you can download the full length films, some up to 30 mins in length right here

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A bare bottomed spanking for school girl Shannon

March 9th, 2011
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What a good school girl Lorna Shannon makes!  As you know, this lady came along for a spanking interview with us a few weeks back and despite balign=”lefgt” eing new to spanking, Shannon passed with flying colours.  We therefore asked her to come back and make some films for SpankingSarah This beautiful lady is not (as yet) featured on any other spanking sites but I am sure you will agree when you see her performance, it will not be long before the other spanking sites are trying to get her to make movies with them.

I am very proud of the fact that so many ladies new to the wonderful world of spanking trust me enough to be spanked for the first time for my website and the fact that they then come back is I believe shows just what an enjoyable thing it is for them.  Shannon has a sexy figure and a beautiful face and I know you will love her as much as I do.

In this update, Shannon is dressed in school uniform including white school knickers and has been sent to the HeadMaster.  He questions her about her recent behaviour and she admits to him that she has been allowing the boys to do some very naughty things to her!   This naughty young minx is soon to learn the error of her ways.

Ordered over the HeadMasters knee, her bottom is firstly spanked over her regulation school knickers – you can soon see a lovely red glow around these white panties but it is not long before they are lowered and Shannon feels the full force of the HeadMasters hard hand onto the bare.  This young schoolgirl is subjected to a very long spanking with the promise of more punishment to come.  Take a look at the free clip here.

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School Girl Clover strapped at ‘Dothegirls Hall’

September 1st, 2010

Morning guys,  how was your Bank Holiday weekend?  Mine was good fun if a bit scary at times!  I spent the weekend on a boat on the river and was it windy!  Not only were there gales, but the water level was much higher then usual which made navigating locks difficult to say the least.  Especially when you have so many people watching from the bridges, probably hoping you are going to make a mistake.  Our windscreen went under one with just inches to spare.  It was then that I decided mooring up was the best possible option.  I love to be watched when I am role playing and getting my bottom spanked, but not when I am trying to steer a big boat into what seems like a very small gap.

But enough about me.  This weeks sees us back at that famous institution ….  (ok, ok, the location in Cornwall we use for filming)  Dothegirls Hall.  Life is not always fair, but it seems it is especially not so at this school.   Punishments are given out on a regular and in my view, unfair way.  Poor school girl Clover has recently been given a hard hand spanking by Mr Cranky, been paddled by the irate Ms Grainger and now she has been summoned to the HeadMasters office.

Understandably, she approaches his office with some trepedation.  Clover knows that you are never invited along for a chat.  A summons to the office can only mean one thing.  School girl Clover is to be punished and it is going to hurt.  Clover can only imagine what the HeadMaster is going to do to her tender young bottom.  Is he going to spank it?  Paddle her?  She is of course fearful that she will get the cane.  The walk to his office is a long one.

Clover knocks on the door with dread and enters.  She is asked to explain her recent bad behaviour but finds that nothing she is going to say can change her fate.  The HeadMaster explains that he is going to use a strap on her bottom and hands.  He explains that he will first adminster her punishment over her white school girl knickers before removing them completely and giving her bottom a hard thrashing.  Clover is left in no doubt that by the time her punishment is over, she will be marked, red and very sore.

So the punishment begins.  Poor Clover is bent over and soon feeling the sting of the heavy strap.  The Headmaster makes sure that the strap falls on every part of her bottom and that it is a painful punishment indeed.  Take a look at the free clip here and tell me what you think.  Kisses Sarah xx

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Spanked in my school uniform

June 15th, 2009

Spanked over the kitchen tableGuess who looks just amazing in her old school uniform? Right, We are just starting to edit some of our very latest films and are really excited by the fantasy story requested by one of our members. I will not go into detail now, don’t want to spoil the film but it does involve dressing up, doing something very naughty with Carl who played the part of a randy hitch hiker rather too well and ending up bent over the kitchen table, white school knickers around the knees and being spanked by Carl till well red and well marked. We do try to bring you the stories you want to see, it is quite difficult to keep thinking of interesting ideas that have not been done to death so when we do get some ideas in from our members we really do appreciate it and will always try to recreate them as close as possible so that you get to see just what you wanted. Anyway, enjoy another picture from Sarah and the hitchhiker.


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