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Jessica Fox self spanks and Tiana Mai caned for the first time

April 18th, 2016
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II have a couple of great spanking  films to tell you about.  Both girls have not made films with anyone else (yet) and join the horde of newbies who have made their debuts at our wonderful sites.   I didn’t do the blog last week which was very bad of me but be honest …… If you were in Spain and had the choice of catching some sunshine or sitting inside on the computer which would you do?  It will be different when we move permanently and it looks like this might happen as soon as the end of the year.   I know that Mr Stern is very keen to make the move sooner rather than later and who can blame him?   At the moment we will keep travelling between our Spanish and English homes.

I just love Jessica, she is such a lovely lady and these films I have of her are the only ones she has made. We had a great day filming and were looking for ideas and she said why don’t I spank my own bottom. I know that lots of you do like to see this but I was not sure if she would be hard enough but said OK and left her with Remington Steel who filmed her for me. The result is spectacular and when you see this film I know you will agree and love the way she goes about it.

The second film I would like to tell you about stars Tiana Mai.  This beautiful lady really took to being spanked but unfortunately some personal problems have made these the only spank films she can ever make.  I do hope that if circumstances change that we will get the opportunity to film with her again but for the foreseeable future you can only see Tiana at Spanking Sarah and English Spankers

Young Tiana has been out all night indulging in what is known as a spot of ‘dogging’ and now at home she has to pay the price. Her young bottom has never experienced the pain that can be inflicted by a thin swishy cane wielded by a strong right arm but she is now to have this experience. She has to bend over and raise her pert bottom in the air for me to use one of my favourite canes and even though it is her first time I do not hold back as you will see and hear as the whacks hit home on that beautiful target.

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Amazing Self Spanking from April

January 20th, 2016
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I think that all of our films are pretty amazing,  we shoot with so many girls brand new to the industry.  Once they have filmed with the very best then they often go on to film with other Producers.  April is one such girl.  We have made many films with April but I do believe that this is one of the very best.  You will soon see her on other sites but I doubt whether you will see her quite like this.

It is quite hard to try and make original spanking films.  We try to be unique, not just with our choice of models but with our storylines also but it obviously is hard to always think of new things to do.   We know we are a market leader – why else would other Producers be rallying to get shoots with the girls we have introduced to the industry?  We are risk takers – most of our models have never ever been spanked before.  We always ask them for their input and if there is anything they want to try and do then we are always happy to facilitate.

April wanted to try her hand at self spanking.   In a few short months she had gone from a complete spanking novice to enjoying it so much that she wanted to do it herself!  I know lots of people who self spank but none of them do it as sexily as April!  The girl is very bendy and can get herself into all sorts of positions as viewers of this spectacular will see.    Over the years we have made several self spanking films with many different models and I can honestly say that in my opinion this one is the very best of the lot.  The fact that Mr Stern is such a good cameraman and editor helps but April absolutely excelled all expectations in this full length film.

April choose several different implements that she wanted to beat herself with and decided that she wanted to make this an almost a POV  with the watcher being part of the whole experience.  She talks to you as she smacks herself and she does not hold back.  This film has to be seen to be believed and you can view it by joining SpankingSarah for as little as £11.00 per month.  Don’t want to join a membership site?  You can by the film at Clips4Sale or at Spanking library.

We are filming with three new models this month, watch the blog for updates on how they get on with the wonderful world of spanking. 


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Self Spanking leads to the Cane

July 15th, 2015
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Bonnie May has been rather a naughty and silly girl.  She came along for a spanking shoot and decided to give herself a bit of a spanking.  She stripped off naked and paddled her bare bottom really hard.  When Sarah caught her she could not believe it!  How could they do a spanking shoot when Bonnie already had lots of marks?

Bonnie is really sorry and explains that she just got carried away but understands the rules.  If your bottom is red and bruised you cannot get spanked.  We know our members like to see an unmarked bottom at the beginning of a film and a red and sore one at the end.

Sarah explained to Bonnie that the only type of film they could make would be a caning.  Bonnie agreed to this as she felt really bad about coming along and wasting Mr and Mrs Sterns time.  She was already naked apart from her long socks and so Sarah wasted no time in getting her bent over ready for the cane.

Bonnie is given twelve strokes of the cane on her bare sore bottom.  Sarah takes her time in giving these and makes sure that each and everyone of them is given full force to cause  maximum pain.

Bonnie may have enjoyed spanking her bottom with the paddle but she certainly does not enjoy the sting of the cane.  Her bottom is soon welted and sore.  Take a look at the full film at SpankingSarah

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Self Spanking for Bonnie May

July 1st, 2015
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I love shooting with Bonnie May.  Until last year she had never even been spanked!  I wasn’t sure whether she was going to like spanking and that seems to be true.  Bonnie May does not like spanking ……  She loves it!

This became rather apparent on our latest shoot.  We left Bonnie alone for a while whilst we sorted some paperwork out and do you know what she did?   The naughty girl couldn’t wait for us to spank her.  She picked up the implements and started spanking herself.

I think there is something really sexy about a girl giving herself a good spanking.  Bonnie May most certainly did not hold back, she smacked her cute short covered bottom hard and fast with the paddle.

When she had warmed herself up the saucy girl stripped totally naked and continued smacking herself in some really revealing and sexy positions!  What a tease.  Bonnie had soon made her bottom really red and sore but she continued to give herself some real hard slaps.

Will she get caught and punished some more?  Take a look at the great film at Spanking Sarah


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Self Spanking Leads to a Caning for Kiki

September 12th, 2012
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Naughty Kiki thought she was all alone in the stately home. The rest of the school had left on the coach so she decided it was time to have a kinky call with her boyfriend. She spanked her bottom with her hand and a spanking paddle and got so turned on that she started to play with her wet pussy.   Unfortunately for her, she had not really thought about what would happen when it was discovered she was missing from the coach.

School Teacher Ms Bright soon realised that she was missing one of her charges so returned to the Stately Home to see what was happening.  The Security Guards were rather preoccupied when she arrived and one look at their security monitors showed her why.  The had been watching every single thing that this dirty school girl had been doing!  Ms Bright made sure the tape was wiped clean before she went off to deal her errant pupil.

Kiki was so carried away that she did not even hear Ms Bright enter the room and only stopped playing with herself when she heard the thud of the cane hit the bed.  The poor girl had been caught well and truly in the act and couldn’t deny what she had been doing.  Especially when she learnt that the whole thing had been recorded on video.

Ms Bright decides that as Kiki likes being spanked so very much that she can have a bit more.  She pulls the girls legs high into the air and begins to beat her bare bottom harshly with the paddle.  As you can imagine, Kiki does not find this very sexy at all.  In fact, in hurts her quite badly as Ms Bright ensures that she is thrashed on every single part of her bottom.

After a good hard beating Kiki is made to stand but her ordeal is far from over.  Ms Bright is going to teach this naughty girl a lesson she will not be forgetting in a hurry.  She is going to give her a good hard caning on her already well marked and sore bottom.

Kiki has to endure stroke after painful stroke which leaves her bruised bum well welted.  Take a look at the free clip here

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Self Spanking for Sexy Kiki Divine

August 29th, 2012
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I have had a wonderful holiday in Corfu and am now back brown, refreshed and ready to once more bring you the best spanking films on the internet. I love shooting with the sexy Kiki Divine and I know you all love her too. On our last shoot I had a little chat with her and asked her just what she would like to act out when we were filming. She confessed that she is so into spanking that she gets her boyfriend to spank her before sex and that sometimes when she is working away that she rings him up, puts the phone on camera and then spanks and plays with herself!

Well, I must confess, I have never really been into ‘self spanking’ but Kiki assured me that it is really sexy and after watching her in action I must agree with her. Kiki plays the part of a naughty school girl perfectly.

Left in a stately home, Kiki decides to give her Boyfriend a call and tell him all about just what a boring day she has had.  She really misses him so pulls up her school skirt, takes down her panties and shows him her bottom.  Whilst talking really dirty to him she starts to spank her bare bottom with her hand and describing exactly what she wants him to do to her later.  

Once her bottom is a rosy red then Kiki gets a paddle and starts to use this to make her bottom really red and sore.  This makes her so horny that she starts to play with her soaking wey pussy.  Take a look at the free clip here

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No Spanking! Snow joke!

January 8th, 2010
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Naughty SchoolgirlGood morning guys, bit of a late blog entry today. My normal routine is a bit up the wall because of the snow. Althougth the major roads are nice and clear, the minor ones are like ice rinks so for once, I am doing as I am told, and not going out unless I really have to. I must admit that it has been quite nice to stay at home in the warm for the past few days. But I think if it continues for much longer, I will be bored. I do love the snow but this year it has played havoc with my spankings. I have missed out on so many as I have not been able to meet up with The Spanker for our normal sessions. As a consequence, my behaviour is obviously on a downward spiral. I do need to be spanked and caned on a very regular basis. That is part of the reason that I have decided to go ahead and do some one to ones this year. I am in the process of looking for a suitable property to conduct these from and will let you know just as soon as I have. I want to find somewhere quiet so we will be able to use it also for filming and to have spanking parties without upsetting the neighbours. This is not the easiest of tasks as I can’t really ask the estate agent any spanking related questions can I? Still, I am sure I will find somewhere suitable.

If this snow carries on, I may have to resort to some self spanking. It is not something I have done in quite a while but it may be better then the nothing I am getting at the moment. I have been watching some ladies do some self spanking on spankingtube and it seems to be quite popular. Is this something you would like to see me do? As you know, I am always on the lookout to do things that you guys would like to see so you will have to let me know. I made a short film before Spankingsarah opened as a promo and it showed me spanking myself with a suede flogger. I am not sure where that clip is now or I would have put it up again for you to see. Anyway, more from me later. Kisses Sarah xx

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Spreading spanking cheer

December 22nd, 2009

Just what is needed, a sound Christmas spankingGood morning guys, well, let us hope that today works out better than the rest of the week has.  I will confess to feeling a little bit sorry for myself yesterday.  It seemed like all sorts of things were going wrong.  I have had this problem with McAfee to contend with, plus troubles with my e-mails not coming though.  Then I had a near miss accident on a hill.  Then The Spanker could not come down because of the snow so I missed out on a well needed spanking and caning  and to top it off, last night a lorry hit into the side of my car!  I bet you can forgive me for feeling a little bit sorry for myself?  Well, I won’t lie to you and pretend I wasn’t because I was.  But then I stopped to think and realised that for every problem I have had, the resolution could have been far far worse.   The McAfee thing will be sorted, my e-mails already are.  A near miss is just that.  The Spanker will venture down at some stage and at the end of the day, a car is just a car, nobody was hurt.  So really, if you look at it from that perspective, I am actually quite lucky!  I mean, some people do not get to be spanked at all.  So I can’t really complain about a weeks abstinence can I?  Besides, come the New Year, If I do go ahead and start one 2 ones, I will no doubt be getting more spankings then even I need!  I wonder if that really is possible ha ha,  as you all know, I do need a hell of a lot of them.

So, I gave myself a good talking to, and a nice Brandy and decided that instead of hibernating until after Christmas (which was my intial plan) that I would shake myself down and get on with enjoying the things I can do and not dwelling on those I can’t.  I did think about giving myself a spanking but I think I will wait until I see The Spanker instead.  You never know though, I may have to at some stage. 

Anyway guys, here is hoping that your week has run a little smoother than mine.  Kisses Sarah xx

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British spanking

June 21st, 2009

Good morning to you guys and lets hope the weather improves! I almost put my heating on yesterday! Thats the trouble with being British. We may lead the way with spanking, but we certainly fall down on the weather front. Have you noticed the new links on the side bar? I would like to have as many blogs from different countries as possible so if you run or know of any good sites, can you pass their url or e-mail details onto me so that I can contact them? I am so interested in how customs/implements differ from country to country. The slipper and cane seem to be favoured by the british. Whereas Kevin and Remus have both mentioned a ‘loopy’ which seems to be an american tool. I had never heard of it before! Saying that, as regular readers would know, I may have been interested and fascinated by spanking for many years. But it has only been the past couple really that I have actually been spanked. The first time I was ever caned was on film (not that The Spanker knew that) he had asked me if I had been caned before and I may have told a little white lie when I said yes lol. So when he reads this, as I know he will,he will find out that he was my first ha ha. I would say only but I have been caned on film by one other person. Obviously I have an excuse for failing to tell him the truth. I was not sure if he would have done it had he realised just how little real spanking experiance I had had. Not that it matters now, I took to it like a duck to water (another british custom, silly sayings ha ha) So you can say that coming clean is ‘better late then never’ But there are still many things I have yet to try. I am attempting to make up for it now. Such a pity that I wasted those years, but never mind, I still have quite a few ahead of me (I hope) I am yet to be spanked with a hairbrush or a proper slipper. The Spanker has a slipper shaped strap, it is actually quite a nasty little implement but it is not a real size eleven lol. I drove down to the sea side last night, tis a decision I may regret if it rains again today. Ever the optimist, I have packed my bikini and am hoping to catch at least a few rays. I hope you enjoy whatever you are doing today. More tomorrow. Kisses Sarah xx xx xx

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April 18th, 2009
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Morning to you guys, does anyone want to come and do my packing for me? Roll on the summer when I won’t have to wear many clothes! I am heading up North on Monday for a few days and I bet its going to be cold, I have been told that it could even snow but I am hoping that that was a joke. So today is going to be spent getting all my things packed and ready for a long drive on Monday. Followed by a very sore bottom on the Tuesday when I meet up with The Spanker, if you are lucky, he may take a picture of his handy work and pop it up on the blog. I love the idea that you will soon be able to add your own contributions to the blog. It can be anything you like, a story, your favourite fantasy even a picture of a bottom you yourself have given a spanking to – you had better let the lady know you are posting it though! I hope I get to judge the best one each month and if you win you will get a months free membership. That said, we are practically giving it away anyway. I defy you to find a site which has so much well shot original content for such a low price. I am so very proud of our site and every film we have made, if I wasn’t, it would not have made it past the editing stage. We really do value your input, both good and bad comments are always appreciated as it helps us understand what you want. We never forget the simple fact that if we have no members, we have no site. What would I do then? I have got so used to be bent over on a regular basis, I would not want to have to go back to self spanking. Anyway, fingers crossed we will keep getting things right for you guys and that will never happen. Until tomorrow. Kisses Sarah xx xx

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