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Spanker for hire

August 26th, 2015
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When the wife is away the husband will play or something like that. Paul thought I had gone away for a day or two and phoned an agency who sent him round a young girl to spank him, you can see this film on Sarah Spanks Men by the way. But back to todays film, I returned to find him over this naked girls knee getting a really weak spanking from this silly young thing. I quickly changed things around and threw her over my knee where I gave her a hell of a spanking and then I took my slipper to her pretty young arse. Now I can be quite nasty when I am upset and that was just how I felt so I took a leather paddle from t he bag this girl had brought with her and used that on her as well. I gave her a nasty dose of what she was supposed to be dishing out.

This is a great film and features the lovely Rachel Leigh and Paul. Rachel is a lovely girl, not really into the spanking scene but she can take a very good whacking, not that she had any choice in this film as I had her securely trapped between my long legs. Have a look at the film Spanking Sarah, which you can join for as little as £11 per month. I also have all my films for sale individually on my Clips site this is to Clips for sale

I now have another site featuring all the hand made films we are making. These are really different and exciting with loads of real close up action. This site is called Handy Spank Cam and you can take a look at it here Handy Spank Cam


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Slave training for Satine Spark

June 17th, 2015
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Satine Spark has lost her job.  She is hoping to get another one before her flat mate finds out so has been sending out her CV to lots of different companies.  She is behind with her rent and has been lying to Sarah about when she will be able to pay.  Sarah has been sent a copy of her CV by another recruitment company so the game is now up. Sarah confronts Satine who tries to get herself out of trouble but it does not work.  She does not have a job and without work she is unable to pay her share of the rent.

Sarah has a rather unique proposal to put to her flat mate.  If Satine agrees to be her slave then Sarah will let her stay in the flat and will pay her share of the rent.  Satine is not really in a position to say no, she does not want to be homeless so feels that being submissive might be the easier option.

Satine has already felt the wrath of her flat mate.  Sarah had spanked her hard for spending too long in the shower.  Sarah explains that there are different types of spanking.  If Satine is really naughty then the smacks will be fast and furious but if Sarah wants to play with her then they will be more sexual in nature.

Sarah demonstrates this by putting Satine into the diaper position.  This is quite an uncomfortable position for the spankee but it ensures that everything is on display.  It is not only a painful way to administer a spanking but a humiliating one as well.

Sarah feels that Satine needs to be punished for telling lies so takes off her slipper and smacks  Satine’s bare bottom with it hard.  Her fair skin marks up quickly and it does not take long for the poor girl to be rather sore.   Take a look at the full film at Spanking Sarah

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The Slipper for Jadie Reece and the Wooden Spoon for Micheal Darling

May 21st, 2014
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Kissing my loverI have not one but TWO full length films added to the Spanking Sarah  site this week alongside a photo gallery. I know that some sites add their films in teeny tiny clips and you sometimes have to wait an age to see the full action. I don’t believe in doing that I want you to get superb value for your money and I honestly believe that my site offers the best value on the net. There are near on three hundred full length films and I do not restrict how much you can download. If you have never been a member then take a look I think I can safely say you will not be disappointed.

I recently started adding some bonus content to the site to make it more appealing to a wider audience.   There are some POV films featuring Katie, Ms Vixxen and myself and there are some F/M films as well.   Both types of film will be added on a regular basis and will be as well as not instead of our usual F/F or M/F film.    You will find these onsite under the ‘bonus content’ header.

I loved filming with Jadie Reece recently.  She played my girlfriend and I can assure you, I did not need to do much acting!  I find her really sexy and smacking her bottom was an absolute pleasure.  Not only did I get to smack her but I got to kiss her and fondle those amazing boobs.  In this weeks update I wake her up from her sleep and give her a good hard dose of the slipper.  She of course tries to get around me but it is to no avail.  Jadie is made to bend over the end of the bed and take her punishment.  A hard but sexy slippering film.

The spatula for a naughty boyThe second film was made last year and I cannot believe the difference in looks for me!  I must say that usually as we age we tend to look worse but in this instance I think I look so much better now.   I suppose that sounds really big headed but I have lost a lot of weight and I feel quite proud that I have been able to do so.  Let us hope I can keep it off.

The Vicar calls around to see Auntie Sarah about a delicate problem.  Her Nephew has been caught stealing money from the collection plate!  Can you imagine the embarrassment she feels?  How will she ever show her face in the village again.  Michael is going to be made to pay dearly for his crime and his punishment starts with a nasty dose of the wooden spoon.  Auntie lays it on hard and he is soon a very sore and sorry boy.

If you do not wish to join a spanking site then you can buy all of my films at my clips4sale store.  I always price my films at the lowest allowable price to make sure that you are getting the best possible price.

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The Slipper for a Knicker Wetter

April 23rd, 2014
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Slipper for a knicker wetterKiki London made her Spanking debut with us last year at English Spankers and RedStripe Films   This Asian beauty has proved to be very popular and I am very pleased to be have this wonderful young lady on the Spanking Sarah website.

In this weeks film Kiki London has been asked to stand in the corner dressed just in her white vest and knickers.   She has been a very naughty girl and she knows that she must be punished.  Her Aunt has asked her to stand and think about exactly what is going to happen to her.  The nervous girl is desperate for the toilet and just cannot hold on.

Aunt Sarah is furious when she returns to find Kiki standing in a puddle of her own wee.   The naughty girl knows that she will be in even more trouble now as she has not been able to hold on for the loo.   Kiki asks to be able to take off her sopping wet knickers but she is forced to keep them on.  Auntie decides that the application of the slipper over her wet panties will be a suitable punishment.

Poor Kiki.  The slipper really hurts, especially when applied over her white wet knickers.   Her humiliation is added to as she is forced to stand in her own puddle of pee.  Auntie Sarah is going to ensure that this punishment is not going to be forgotten in a hurry.

When her panties are pulled down the slippering continues on the bare.  This is a severe slippering which leaves this naughty girl well marked and sore.  Take a look at the free clip here


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Trouble at The House of Correction

November 13th, 2013
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Fighting and spanking girlsI am in London today but wanted to make sure you knew about the fantastic film that I will be putting on site today. Our House of Correction series is going down really well with Auntie Katie in charge of all those naughty young ladies there is a lot of spankings going on. In fact, young Bow got a good walloping from Katie a few weeks back when she was caught messing around putting condoms on bananas. Unbeknown to Katie the trouble maker had been Darcy who innocently looked on whilst her young friend was strapped. This week Bow decides to extract her revenge.

Bow marches into the living room to confront Darcy and tries to overpower her.  The two girls end up brawling on the floor which is incredibly sexy to watch!   Bow has really misjudged quite how strong Darcy is so instead of getting the better of her she is overpowered.  Darcy holds her down and tells her in no uncertain terms that she is not going to take responsibility

Bow just wants Darcy to tell Katie that she was to blame but it is never ever going to happen.  Darcy does not want anymore trouble and intends to make her stay at the House of Correction as painless as possible.  Poor Bow struggles and argues so Darcy decides to dish out some punishment of her own.

She pins Bow down, yanks up her skirt and starts smacking her already painful bottom.  Poor Bow just cannot believe her bad luck.  She is totally helpless and can barely move.  Her ordeal gets worse when her knickers are pulled down.

Darcy soon realises that smacking bums is not as easy as it looks.  In fact, it hurts her hand so she looks around and finds a slipper to use instead.  Bow is inconsolable she is getting a second undeserved punishment in as many days.

Darcy really whacks Bow with the heavy slipper.  A great young girl on girl spanking video.  Take a look at the free clip here

If you want to get all our films without a site membership, downloading just the ones you want then you can go to this site. These are all full length versions and you get to keep them in just the same way. I am frequently asked if I can recommend a great site where you can get authentic British porn, good girl next door films featuring a range of girls and ladies of all ages and sizes. Yes I can. Once again you can download the full length films, some up to 30 mins in length right here

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The Slipper for Molly the Trophy Wife

March 20th, 2013
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Poor Molly. She really did think she had landed on her feet.  She married a rich old man and she didn’t even have to live with him!  His money was being made in the Middle East.  All she had to do to keep him sweet was to look after his teenaged daughter Bow.  How hard can it be?  The girl spends most of her time at school anyway….. 

Molly Malone punished by Spanking SarahThat was until Ms Bright the Head noticed a grave change in the girls behaviour.  She called Molly into the school to discuss it and it soon becomes apparant that Bow is not getting any kind of care at home.  Molly despises her young Step Daughter  and finds looking after her a total bore.  Bow has had to fend for herself and share her home with a Step Mother who may not be wicked, but really couldn’t care about her charge.

Ms Bright is not impressed with Ms Malones’ attitude and soon wipes the smirk off her face.  Ms Bright gives her a choice.  She can expell young Bow who will then spend all her time at home, or she can punish both Step Mum and child.  What can Molly do?  She doesn’t want Bow hanging around so she reluctantly agrees.

Unbeknown to the adults, Bow has heard this agreement being made.  Now, she may not want to be punished, but the fact that her horrible Step Mother would get it too is just to much of a temptation.  Bow deliberately goes out of her way to get into trouble.  She really does want Molly to suffer.

Molly cannot understand just how she has found herself in this situation and why Bow has not improved her behaviour.  She is made to strip naked and bend over the desk.  She is given a good hard dose of the slipper on her bare bottom. 

Molly is given a hard prolonged slippering which leaves her bottom red and sore.  Bow has been peeping in at watching, but what will happen when she is caught?  Take a look at the free clip here

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Molly and Bow return in The Trophy Wife

January 9th, 2013
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Molly Malone and Bow Jangles are both quite new to the Spanking Film World. In fact, The Trophy Wife series is actually the very first films of Bow to be released. Both girls are good fun to shoot with and certainly know how to act as well as how to take a good hard spanking which is always a bonus in my book.

Molly Malone plays the part of a ‘Trophy Wife’ to a tee.  We made a few films in this series, all of which have their own story within the story.  You don’t have to have watched any of the other parts to understand what is going on and each and every film has its own long and painful spanking scene.

Molly Malone spanks at Spanking SarahFilm 1 and 2 have already proven to be very popular with our members and so this week we release part 3 of The TrophyWife.  The story so far…..  Molly really is not interested in Step Daughter Bow.  That is until Ms Bright the Head Mistress threatens to expel the girl.  Molly cannot face the thought of her young charge being at home all day so comes to an agreement.  Ms Bright will allow Bow to stay at school provided that both Step Mother and daughter are punished when Bow is naughty.  Bow is not to be made aware of this twist but has been listening at the door.

In part 1 We saw Molly take a good hard bare bottom spanking from Ms Bright.  Bow was not supposed to know about this but she had been eavesdropping.  Part 2 saw Bow over her Step Mothers knee getting a good whacking.  Molly was not very keen on any further punishments so vowed to be a better Step Parent in the future.

It seems however that Bow has different ideas.  She of course doesn’t like being spanked but the fact that if she is naughty her Step Mom will get it is just too tempting to resist.  The very next day Bow makes sure the Head Mistress has cause to punish her again.  Molly is dismayed to find herself but at school so soon after the last spanking but a deal is a deal.

It is decided that as a spanking hasn’t seemed to work that harsher measures should be brought into play.  Ms Bright informs Bow that she is going to be given a slippering and that this will be carried out by Molly.  Bow is instructed to kneel on the chair with her school dress raised and her white panties pulled down.

Poor Molly knows that she is soon to suffer the same fate so decides to really wallop her naughty young charge for causing her so much trouble.  Bow soon has a really red sore and marked bottom.  Take a look at the free clip here

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Pyjama spanking and slippering for Danielle Hunt

April 25th, 2012
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Uncle Paul has just about had enough of his unruly niece and her bad behaviour.  Danielle has been sent to live with him by her parents because she had been kicked out of every school in the area.  She drinks,  steal, lies, smokes and plays around with boys and he is at his its end.  He has tried to reason with her, to help her but it has been to no avail.   He therefore decides that he has no other option open to him other than to spank and slipper her.  He comes into her bedroom and explains to this troublesome teen that it is time she faced the consequences of her actions.

Danielle cannot believe what she is hearing!  How dare he even try to chastise her.  She shouts and fights with him and struggles as he puts her over the  knee.  His heavy hand lands first of all on her pyjama clad bottom and she does not like it one bit but Uncle Paul is determined to teach this naughty girl a lesson she will not forget in a hurry.

After a prolonged spanking Uncle Paul thinks that those pyjama bottoms should be pulled down so that Danielles bare bottom feels the full force impact of each and every hard spank.  Danielle kicks and cries but her pleas for him to stop are to no avail.  This is a lesson which has been a long time coming.

When Uncles Pauls hand starts to hurt he decides that he will put his slipper to good use and applies it to Danielles already sore bottom.  Danielle is given a hard bare bottom slippering which leaves her marked and red.  Uncle Paul ensures that her whole backside gets a good seeing to before telling her to get into bed.  But instead of doing as she is told Danielle packs a bag and runs away …..  Take a look at the free clip here

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A sound slippering for Danielle Hunt

January 31st, 2012
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Danielle arrives home from school and forgets to tell Auntie Sarah just how naughty she has been that day!  As soon as the telephone rings Danielle knows exactly who it will be, her teacher to tell her Guardian that they wish to suspend her for her bad behaviour.  Auntie Sarah manages to convince the school that thy should give her niece a second chance and promises to deal with her at home.

Danielle tries to talk her way out of trouble but to no avail.  Auntie Sarah is very strict and she is not going to take any notice of her naughty niece.  She informs her that she is going to be given a hard slippering and makes her bend over her knee.   Her school skirt is raised and the slipper makes it make on her tight white school knickers.  A kicking and whining Danielle soon realises that her bad behaviour will indeed be firmly punished.

It is not long before Auntie Sarah has taken her young charges knickers down and the slipper is being applied to her bare bottom.  Danielle does not like this one bit but knows that there is no point to continue to argue with her Aunt.  She is going to get a hard bare bottom slippering whether she likes it or not.

Danielle is subjected to a hard prolonged over the knee slipper spanking and is soon a very sore and sorry girl.  Auntie Sarah explains that the punishment is for her own good and that she hopes she has learnt her lesson.  She instructs Danielle to get up, pull up her white school panties and go to bed.

This silly young school girl makes the mistake of calling her Auntie a name as she walks out of the room.  She is called back for further punishment.  What will this be?  Take a look at the free clip to  see

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A Sound Pyjama Slippering for KatieDidIt

December 8th, 2010
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Morning guys,  I am not having the best of times at the moment.  First the snow stopped me from doing any 121’s and filming, then the site went down for that short (but scary) time and now for some unknown reason, my email account is not working!  If you have sent an email to me in the past couple of days, it is more than likely that I have not seen it.  I am sorry, I am a naughty girl, not a rude one and do tend to answer every email I get.  I have opened a new account, please contact me at

Anyway, enough of my woes.  Let me tell you about todays great update.  It is the second part of the DoTheGirls Hall series. As you know, the first one involved me getting my bare bottom severely slippered by Lord Stern.  Katie and I had ruined his dinner party and he was far from impressed!   He was going away for a few days so did not have time to deal with Katie.

So, it was left to me to make sure that this naughty lady was punished.  I think she thought that our friendship would save her backside from the slipper, but she was wrong! I had had the indignity of being over his Lordships lap so she would be coming over mine.

I went into her bedroom, ordered her off of the bed and put her over my knee.  She was far from impressed but as she knew that Lord Stern had ordered this punishment to take place, their was little she could do.  I firstly applied the slipper to her pjyama clad bottom but it was not long before I had her pjyamas bottom down and she was feeling the full force of the slipper.

Her bare bottom was very soon red, marked and sore.  This really was a sound slippering. Katie really took a sound punishment.  Take a look at the free clip.

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