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The Audition Files Ella Hughes Part Two

September 24th, 2014
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Ella Hughes hard paddlingIt has been a busy week here.  We have found ourselves childless this week so  decided to hop across the Channel to pick up some booze!   We got up really early on Monday morning (to be honest it was really still Sunday) and we haven’t stopped since.  We got back late last night and as we had a shoot arranged for today we had to be up and out of 7am this morning.  Still, it was absolutely worth it and I am sure that you will enjoy watching the new films with yet another lady we have found to make her spanking debut at our sites. 

Ella Hughes has proven to be a real hit with you guys.  She is an absolute star and I really enjoy giving her the punishment she needs.  This week she is back at Spanking Sarah for the second part of her spanking interview.  She has taken a good hard hand spanking and is eager to have some more!  Now, I usually let new girls choose an implement from my vast toy bag.  To be honest some will always go with the lightest one they think they can find.  Not Ella!   Ella was like a child in a sweet shop.  She wanted to try them all.   I told her she could pick four and so she reluctantly wheedled down her chooses.

Amongst the things she choose were a really heavy paddle and a nasty little wooden bath brush.  Ella was more than happy with her chooses so I was more than happy to apply them to her already reddened cheeks.  Ella is one of my all time favourite spanking models and if you watch the free clip you will see why.

Ella looked rather beautiful knelt in my chair with her bottom high in the air ready to receive punishment.  I gave her a really hard whacking with each and every implement and she loved absolutely every moment of it.  Ella really is a spankers dream.  She adores the feel of leather and wood and takes so much.  Her bottom was rather swollen and bruised after this punishment but she still had a smile on her face.

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School of nursing Part 2

September 4th, 2013
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A good beating for AleeshaThe second part of this 3 part series, a series by the way which I just loves making because these two ladies, Molly Malone and Aleesha Fox have got to be two of the nicest girls and the best actresses in the business. I work with so many lovely girls that in a way I suppose I should not make remarks like that in case I upset someone else but, well they are lovely as are practically all the ladies I work with. I think that if you work with someone then you really do want to have fun while you are working and that’s just what we had making these films.

In this episode, the second part of the school of nursing  after I had had a pretty stern word with both girls, Molly Malone  turns Sexy undies on Molly Maloneon Aleesha and is determined to make her admit she stole some pills from  the dispensary. Aleesha of course puts up a vigorous defence, she is adamant it was not her who stole the pills. Molly bares Aleeshas lovely spankable bottom and sets about beating the truth out  of her with a number of very nasty implements. A wicked ruler and wooden backed  clothes brush amongst them. Now I always think that the photography is important in my films, if you have great looking girls in fantastic costumes then you want to make them look good. There are some lovely shots close up of the  very sexy undies  worn by Molly. All in all I have to say that Molly certainly thrashed Aleeshas naughty bottom harder than I would have done, and that’s saying something! The great action and excellent dialog make this a hard hitting film in more ways than one. Oh, towards the end of the beating I walk in and discover just what is going on! Take a look at  the free film clip here. Don’t forget, if you want to download any of my films without joining my web site you can get them instantly right here.

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Schoolgirl pee in her knickers

July 31st, 2013
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I just wanted to let you know about the latest film we have at Spanking Sarah. As you know, you can join my site for as low as £11.00 per month but you can also buy the films individually if you prefer.

Doesn’t Lola Marie make the most fantastic school girl? I think she looks truly amazing in her little cotton socks and her checked gingham summer dress. She looks a picture of innocence.

She has actually been a very naughty girl and has been sent along to the PE Mistress for a Detention. She is given some hard strokes of the tawse on her hands before she is made to strip down to her white vest and panties and forced to do some physical exercise. All that jumping around makes Lola Marie really need a wee. She asks the teacher but she is refused permission. She is told to carry on jumping on the spot whilst Ms Bright attends to some other matters. As soon as her teachers back is turned young Lola runs into the bushes to relieve herself.

Now, as you know, this is Spanking World and in Spanking World School girls like Lola Marie always get caught especially when they are pissing their panties! When they are caught by their nasty PE teacher then they can expect the consequences to be very painful indeed! Poor Lola Marie not only got spanked on her bare bottom.

But she gets tawsed on the back and front of her thighs as well! A real hard punishment for Lola Marie. You can see a free clip here.

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Bow and Darcy at the House of Correction and Disco Dancing with Kiki Devine

May 29th, 2013
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I missed a blog post last week.  Mr Stern has been rather poorly so most of my time was spent looking after him.  He is still not feeling that great but he is a little better and has been very busy making sure all the sites have been updated.   Despite his illness we have still managed to do two spanking shoots.  One with Molly Malone and Aleesha Fox and the other one just today with a brand spanking new model called Lola Marie.  Lola got lots of spankings from her Mum when she was growing up but today was the very first time she had come to a spanking shoot.  Lola was absolutely amazing and I have some preview photos of her.  I love this girl and I know you will too.  

Spanking Sarah

Last week young Darcy and Bow were back at the House of Correction under the strict guidance of Ms DidIt.   Bow is planning to sneak out and meet her Boyfriend and Darcy  takes it upon herself to give her a sex education lesson.  Darcy produces a condom and teaches Bow how  to put it on a banana!  Katie DidIt is  not impressed when she returns and demands to know what is going on.  Darcy pleads innocence and Bow is given the  hardest bare bottom strapping of her young life.  

Spanking Sarah

This week sees the return of the wonderful Kiki Devine.  Kiki is working in a photo  studio doing some quite nice pictures but the photographer offers  her more money if she will do some naughtier things. She is not too sure  but the lure of the money is too strong and she finds herself naked. Her  guardian turns up unexpectedly to prevent  things going much further but she is determined to deal with Kiki and to do so  very firmly and painfully. Kiki is put over the knee, and is then subjected to a real hard nasty spanking that leaves her in no doubt  that she has done wrong and no doubt that she has been well punished

Spanking Sarah

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Leia Ann Woods returns in The Prisoner

January 2nd, 2013
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Happy New Year to you all. I hope you enjoyed the free film I made for you at Christmas. It is still now available in the members area but has been taken down from the front of the site. All good things do have to come to an end. But don’t worry, we will be producing and releasing a few free films during the year. I am very excited about 2013 as it heralds many changes but please do not worry, at Spanking Sarah I can guarantee that you will still get top quality films at a low cost price.  Planning and thought go into our productions and I love shooting with people who I know can not only take a good spanking but can carry a good story as well.   I want to start 2013 as I mean to go on so I am proud to present the next part in ‘The Prisoner’ saga.

Leia Ann Woods caned at Spanking Sarah

Now, each episode can be watched and enjoyed as a ‘stand alone’ but I do think you get the benefit from watching these as a full series.  For those of you who haven’t, let me tell you the story so far…..  Leia Ann Woods has been released from prison and is trying her hardest not to return there.  She has a small flat, a job and a modest income.  She is not impressed to come home and find Sarah Bright sitting in her living room.  Sarah has escaped from jail and has decided to pay her old friend Leia Ann a visit.  Leia Ann demands that she leaves and tries to place a call to her probation officer but is soon over the knee being ‘persuaded’ to let Sarah stay.  A reluctant Leia Ann is left with no choice but to keep her unwanted house guest.  The nextday the suspicious probation officer decides to pay a visit.  He has seen the abandoned call and knows that Sarah is on the run.  He thinks it is likely that her first port of call with be to Leia Ann.  Leia denies this so he decides to beat the truth out of her.  A dismayed Sarah vows to get her revenge on Leia Ann

Right, so that brings those of you who haven’t been watching up to date.  This week we see Leia Ann settled in the safe house which her probation officer has provided for her.  After letting Sarah down Leia Ann knew that she could no longer stay in her own home and asked him to rehouse her.  He did so, but it came at a price.   Mr Stern the probation officer is a sadistic man but he knows that Leia is more frightened of what Sarah will do so uses this to his advantage. 

Leia Ann is subjected to regular visits from Mr Stern which allow him to use her in any way that he deems fit.  This week we see him not only strap but cane Leia Ann as well.  She does not want nor deserve this kind of treatment but feels like she has no other choice than to submit to this.  Safety comes at a high price for Ms Woods in ‘The Prisoner’  Take a look at the free clip here

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Leia Ann Woods in ‘The Prisoner’ the Final Chapter?

September 5th, 2012
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Mr Stern knows the truth.  Leia Ann has confirmed to him that I am hiding in her house.   He had to beat this information out of her and poor Leia Ann was torn.  She knew that I would hold a grudge and that I would not forgive her.  But what choice did she have?  The poor girl was caught between a rock and a hard place and had little option open to her.

This week sees Mr Stern drag me out from my hiding place to punish me for my escape from jail.  I am furious with Leia Ann and makes sure she knows that I will get my revenge.  I try to get hold of her straight away but Mr Stern holds me back.  He gives me a choice.  Take a beating from him or wait for the police to come and collect me for my return to prison.

It is not really much of a choice is it?  I opt for the beating and he uses a rather nasty strap on me but my ordeal is about to get far worse.  Not content with thrashing me himself, he orders Leia Ann to use a thick leather paddle on me!  As you can imagine I am beside myself with anger and threaten Ms Woods.  I make no secret of the fact that I will get my own back on her just as soon as I can.

After my bare bottom has been well and truly thrashed by this unlikely pair and is well marked Mr Stern decides that a caning for both of us is in order.  The wicked man gives us both well striped bottoms with the heavy cane.  A great conclusion to this trio of films.  But is this the end?  Or will I get my revenge on Leia Ann?  Take a look at the free clip here

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Leia Ann Woods in the Prisoner Part 2

August 22nd, 2012
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Now, as you would know (if you are a member of my site) The story so far goes like this.  Leia Ann Woods has been released from prison on parole and is determined to keep her nose clean.  She does not want to return and has been settling down into life on the outside.  She is rather shocked to come home one day to find one of her former inmates sitting in her living room!  I have escaped and decide to stay at Leia Ann’s house for a while.  She tries to call her Parole Officer to let him know the situation but I snatch the phone from her hand.  After a few slaps around the face and a trip over my knee Leia Ann eventually sees things from my point of view.

Leia Ann is expecting a visit from her Parole Officer in the morning so I go and hide in one of the other rooms.  I have warned her that I will not take too kindly to being caught and that she would do well to keep our secret.  It is therefore a rather scared Leia Ann who opens the door for this visit.  Her Parole Officer is no fool and can tell straight away that Leia Ann is hiding something.  He questions her about the aborted call and when she is not forthcoming decides he would do better to try and beat the truth out of her.

Poor Leia Ann doesn’t know what to do! Fearful of the fact that if I am discovered that she may face a return to jail she tries to keep quiet despite the fact that Mr Stern the Parole Officer is thrashing her and has no intention of stopping until she talks.   Mr Stern is aware of just how hard the situation is for her and tries to give her a way out.

He explains that he will keep her out of Jail and will not make her talk but she must nod if the statement he makes is truthful.  He asks if I am hiding and as Leia Ann has already suffered a spanking and now the paddle and strap she nods her head. 

Her punishment for concealing me is both prolonged and painful.  Leia Ann is left with a marked and bruised bottom.  Take a look at the free clip here


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My Toy Bag

August 1st, 2012
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Morning Guys, as you know, of recent I have been making far more films where I play the dominant role.  I do still love to switch but I thought that you had probably all seen me getting punished enough.  I then got quite a few emails from members asking to see new films of me getting spanked, strapped, slippered and caned.  Now, of course I am always happy to try and please my members so I have made a few new films showing my submissive side.  A couple with Mr Stern and yesterday two with a new top called Nick Nightingale.  These will appear on the site over the next few months in between films where young ladies get just what they deserve.  I do hope you enjoy them.

In this film you get to see exactly what I keep in my toy bag.  Now, I do have rather a lot of implements and I like some more than I do others.  In fact, I really hate some of them and that nasty Mr Stern knows exactly which ones.  So, can you guess which ones he picked to use on me?  He really does deserve a spanking himself!  Not that he has ever let me.

He picked some of the real nasties!  A horrible plastic paddle which I can now tell you is no more.  (I broke it over one of my favourite Nephews bottoms a few weeks back)  A nasty black strap plus an awful wooden bath brush.  As you can imagine, I was not very happy.

Fortunately, he did warm me up with a hard hand spanking before he used those hated implements on my bare bottom but I must say that they all still really hurt!  He can be quite a sadistic sod, especially when he is dealing with me.   Take a look at the free clip here

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The Strap and Birch for Clover and Lizzy

July 11th, 2012
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Lizzy and Clover are very good friends so when Lizzy and her Husband decided that they would like to make some spanking films, Clover got in touch with me.   I of course was more than happy to have this lovely couple alone for a spanking shoot and as I love working with Clover, I asked her to come as well.  As a result we have a few wonderful films which will appear on site over the next few months.  At Spanking Sarah we prefer quality over quantity so make a few good films with real punishments on a shoot.

Lizzy the Maid has already been punished by her Master and she is very upset about the treatment she has recieved.  She goes to show Clover who tries to console the tearful girl.  After cuddling her and rubbing her bottom the two girls end up in the bed that they were supposed to be making!  Unfortunately the Master of the house finds them there.

This sadistic man decides that Lizzy must not have been punished enough and that young Clover would also benefit from a further thrashing.  Both girls are given a hard beating with his strap.  Poor Lizzy is already rather marked and sore from the crop and is soon close to tears.

Clover is placed in the diaper posistion on the edge of the bed for her punishment.  The poor girl is not only punished but humilited as well.  Her bare bottom is soon bright red and bruised from her thrashing.

Just when the two girls think that things cannot get any worse, their Master decides that the strapping is not a suffient way to chastise his maids.  He produces a Birch which he lays on both girls.

This nasty implement stings and both girls have to endure a prolonged beating with the birch.  Take a look at the free clip here

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The Strap and the Wooden Paddle

November 23rd, 2011
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Morning, it is Wednesday once more and time to update my wonderful  site.  You guys asked to see lots more films of me getting my big bum punished and as you know,  here at Spanking Sarah we do actually listen to our members and try to make films YOU want to see.  Well, you have got your wish.  In this update not only does my bare bum get strapped, but it gets the wooden paddle as well.  I don’t think I need to tell any of you just how painful a wooden paddle can be and it was laid on hard.  Mr Stern is not a man to go lightly especially on me and especially when he knows just how hard I am when I am in charge of the spankings.

This latest film is from the Unladylike Manor series.  Mr Stern and I have come to an understanding, we are to become partners in pain and dish out some nasty and unexpected punishments to young girls who have come along to confess their sins.  As you may know, this was something I had been doing whilst he was away and he was not happy at my deception.

In order to get Mr Stern to agree to the plan, I have had to agree to a series of hard punishments applied to my bare bottom.   This nasty strapping and paddling came straight after a blistering over the knee hand spanking and as you can imagine, I was not very happy!

That wooden paddle left my backside very marked and sore, I hope you are all pleased with yourselves lol.  The film will be on site later today, but you can get a sneaky preview of the clip by clicking here.



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