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The Strap and the Wooden Paddle

November 23rd, 2011
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Morning, it is Wednesday once more and time to update my wonderful  site.  You guys asked to see lots more films of me getting my big bum punished and as you know,  here at Spanking Sarah we do actually listen to our members and try to make films YOU want to see.  Well, you have got your wish.  In this update not only does my bare bum get strapped, but it gets the wooden paddle as well.  I don’t think I need to tell any of you just how painful a wooden paddle can be and it was laid on hard.  Mr Stern is not a man to go lightly especially on me and especially when he knows just how hard I am when I am in charge of the spankings.

This latest film is from the Unladylike Manor series.  Mr Stern and I have come to an understanding, we are to become partners in pain and dish out some nasty and unexpected punishments to young girls who have come along to confess their sins.  As you may know, this was something I had been doing whilst he was away and he was not happy at my deception.

In order to get Mr Stern to agree to the plan, I have had to agree to a series of hard punishments applied to my bare bottom.   This nasty strapping and paddling came straight after a blistering over the knee hand spanking and as you can imagine, I was not very happy!

That wooden paddle left my backside very marked and sore, I hope you are all pleased with yourselves lol.  The film will be on site later today, but you can get a sneaky preview of the clip by clicking here. [Gallery not found] 


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Suzannes Spanking good lesson

April 27th, 2011

Morning guys, hope you all had a restful Easter and are looking forward to another a long Bank Holiday Weekend.   We were rather lucky with the weather wasn’t we?  Let us hope that it comes back soon.  Anyway, let me tell you all about this weeks update.  Last week we saw Suzanne come along to me for a chat.  Her husband wanted to spice up their love life and had suggested that perhaps they add a little spanking into their foreplay.  Suzanne knew that I led a spanking lifestyle and so decided to come along and ask my advice. 

I suggested that the best thing to do to see if she liked spanking, was for her to go over my knee for a good bare bottom smacking. I warned her that I would really give her a hard whacking as I wanted to ensure that she knew exactly what she was letting herself in for. Her bum was bright red and sore by the time I had finished but Suzanne absolutely loved it.

Well, this week sees Suzanne back and she has brought along with her a stack of implements that her Hubby has bought.   They had tried some bare bottom spanking and loved it so wanted to try a few toys.   Not only did her Husband want to use them on her, but he also wanted to switch.  Suzanne asked if we could have a repeat performance but perhaps could she also try some of the implements out on me.

As you all know, I adore being spanked just as much as I like to give a spanking so I was quite excited at the prospect of Suzanne testing her toys on my bottom.  I hitched up my skirt and bent over the kitchen sink so she could practice on my bottom.  Suzanne rather got into it and loved using them.  It was not long before my cheeks were nicely pink.

Now it was Suzannes turn to try them out.  I warned her that as with the spanking, no mercy would be shown and each tool would be given to her harshly.  I explained that as much as she had enjoyed my hand on her bottom, she may not like the feel of the heavy strap, paddle and flogger.   Did she enjoy it?  Take a look at the free clip and see what you think.

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School Girl Clover strapped at ‘Dothegirls Hall’

September 1st, 2010

Morning guys,  how was your Bank Holiday weekend?  Mine was good fun if a bit scary at times!  I spent the weekend on a boat on the river and was it windy!  Not only were there gales, but the water level was much higher then usual which made navigating locks difficult to say the least.  Especially when you have so many people watching from the bridges, probably hoping you are going to make a mistake.  Our windscreen went under one with just inches to spare.  It was then that I decided mooring up was the best possible option.  I love to be watched when I am role playing and getting my bottom spanked, but not when I am trying to steer a big boat into what seems like a very small gap.

But enough about me.  This weeks sees us back at that famous institution ….  (ok, ok, the location in Cornwall we use for filming)  Dothegirls Hall.  Life is not always fair, but it seems it is especially not so at this school.   Punishments are given out on a regular and in my view, unfair way.  Poor school girl Clover has recently been given a hard hand spanking by Mr Cranky, been paddled by the irate Ms Grainger and now she has been summoned to the HeadMasters office.

Understandably, she approaches his office with some trepedation.  Clover knows that you are never invited along for a chat.  A summons to the office can only mean one thing.  School girl Clover is to be punished and it is going to hurt.  Clover can only imagine what the HeadMaster is going to do to her tender young bottom.  Is he going to spank it?  Paddle her?  She is of course fearful that she will get the cane.  The walk to his office is a long one.

Clover knocks on the door with dread and enters.  She is asked to explain her recent bad behaviour but finds that nothing she is going to say can change her fate.  The HeadMaster explains that he is going to use a strap on her bottom and hands.  He explains that he will first adminster her punishment over her white school girl knickers before removing them completely and giving her bottom a hard thrashing.  Clover is left in no doubt that by the time her punishment is over, she will be marked, red and very sore.

So the punishment begins.  Poor Clover is bent over and soon feeling the sting of the heavy strap.  The Headmaster makes sure that the strap falls on every part of her bottom and that it is a painful punishment indeed.  Take a look at the free clip here and tell me what you think.  Kisses Sarah xx

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Spanking Sarah meets The Kinky Cobbler.

May 16th, 2010

Good morning guys, you know, part of the thing I love about having the spankingsarah website is that it enables me to meet people who are into the same things as I am.   The Kinky Cobbler is one of those people.   I met him at the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar on Sunday.  What a lovely man.  He takes real pride in the implements he makes and it certainly shows!  He knows  just what ladies want across their bare bottoms.  He makes all his own merchandise and I couldn’t begin to tell you what a wide selection of wares he has.  Not only are they all of the highest quality, but they are at very reasonable prices as well.  I spent rather a long time looking at all the things he had on offer.  The Spanker and I were like kids in a toy shop.  We tried out a wide variety of different implements before we decided which ones to choose.  If we had had the room, I think we would have taken one of each!  I can’t wait to try all the new toys out.

He is also going to custom make a special strap for me.   It is rather big and will certainly make an impression on my bottom.  I will be keeping it exclusively for my own use – as I do the dragon canes.   I am so looking forward to getting it!   The Kinky Cobbler is yet to get his own website but can be found at The BBB and also at LAMS.   If you don’t go to either of these places but are interested in some of the things he makes, let me know and I will pass your details on.  Kisses Sarah xx

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Spanked and strapped hard in this weeks update

November 17th, 2009

A hard punishmentGood morning guys, I am just about recovered from my weekend away now and I am busy arranging our next batch of filming. We will be heading back down to Devon in a few weeks to make some more great films for you so are in the process of finding fantastic models. As I have said before, if you are a lady who loves nothing more than to over the knee getting a spanking, why not get in touch with us? You get to be paid to do something you love.

Anyway, to this weeks update. It is a favourite of mine so I do hope you guys are going to love it. This was made in a hotel room with no film crew. Just The Spanker and I as this was a real punishment session. If you remember, a while back I managed to put up completely the wrong update! Well, as this was not the first time this had happened, The Spanker was far from impressed! He promised me a real hard punishment and that is exactly what I got.

It began over his knee for a hard hand spanking, there were no warm up swats used here. He smacked my bottom with the full force of his hard hand. The little protection my knickers gave me was short lived as I was told to remove them quite quickly. My bare bottom was soon a rosy red as I took stroke after very hard stroke. It is lucky that I like pain as I think most girls would have already been in tears. It has been said by many models that The Spankers hand is harder than being struck with a paddle.

Talking of implements, it was not long before I was no longer over The Spankers knee but bent over a chair for a dose of the strap. This was the hardest strapping I had yet to have been given. When you see the film you can see just how harsh it was. I had difficulty staying in position and had to be ordered back quite a few times. My bottom was on fire. Take a look and see what you think.

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Yet more decadence at the dungeon

August 14th, 2009
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The strap in the dungeon for SarahGood morning guys, what a lovely lovely sunny day it was yesterday.  I do so hope that it continues for the next few days.  I am off on a camping trip and whereas staying in a tent is great when the sun is shiny, it is miserable in the rain.  As you all know, I love being wet but not in that way.

Today, we bring you the second and last part of our dungeon updates.  You seemed to really love part one so I think you are in for a treat.   Master Raven secured me to a big wooden wheel my hands and legs were strapped and I was totally unable to move and at his mercy.  He inserted a vibrator into my hot and wet pussy and fucked me hard and fast with it. It was a fantastic experience and it was not long before I had a huge orgasm.

He then unstrapped me from the wheel and led me to a bench.  I layed on my back and he continued to fuck me with the vibrator.  Master Raven has a rule though.  You take the pleasure, than you take the pain!  He turned me over and began to flog me with his whip. As you know, I am not keen on whips, but in this instance, I really did love it.   My already wet pussy was absolutely soaking.

Master Raven really wanted me to call him ‘Sir’ and I repeatedly refused to do so.  When he realised quite how much I was enjoying being whipped,  he decided to use the strap on my sore bottom instead.  He strapped me hard and fast. I tried to resist submitting to his request but it soon became obvious that he really would not stop punishing me with that strap until I did.

I really enjoyed filming in the dungeon, I had never even seen, let alone used a lot of the equipment before.  Master Raven was great to work with and I suppose he did deserve to be called ‘Sir’ not that I really meant it when I said it! Have a look at the film and tell me what you think.  Until tomorrow.  Kisses Sarah xxx

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over the spanking knee

June 20th, 2009

My favourite positionMorning guys, have any of you had your picture taken in one of those photo booths recently? My word! I think they are designed to make you look like you should be holding a board with your surname and number written upon it! Tis enough to send you into a depression. The machine takes four pictures and to add insult to injury, asks you to select the picture you are ‘happy’ with. I was not even slightly content with any one of the four so tried to pick the one that made me least look like I should be appearing on Crime Watch any time soon. My friend who was standing outside the booth did nothing to help matters – in fact, when she saw my photos she burst out laughing! I had to have them taken and as I have managed to lose my driving licence and as I managed to reverse into a car earlier in the week, it is likely that my insurance company may well be asking for it. So after having a little look for it at home, I thought it would be easier all round just to get myself a copy. After the indignity of having the pictures taken, I wandered off to the DVLA offices to apply in person for said licence. I duly took my ticket (just like being at the deli counter) and waited for my number to be called. I filled in the appropriate form and handed over the awful picture and my passport as proof of I.D. The woman behind the counter compared my passport photo to the new one and commented that the passport photo looked ‘so pretty’ by this time, my friend was on the floor such was her enjoyment and I just knew that this whole sorry charade would be repeated down the pub at the weekend. My passport photo is not far off of being ten years old and I had very long hair in it. Most people I know think it is just the worse picture of me that they have ever, ever seen so the fact that this lady thought it was better than the recent offering was even worse. Still, I suppose I brought the whole thing on myself for being silly enough to not check my mirrors properly when reversing. Not that it was entirely my fault – it never is lol but I won’t bore you with the details. Now in an ideal world, the owner of the other car would have not gone to their insurance company but taken their premium so to speak out on my bare bottom. I think that would have been a better outcome for everyone involved. What do you think a suitable punishment would have been? There was no damage to my car and the damage to theirs was minimal. I think a bare bottomed over the knee spanking followed by a heavy session with the paddle would have sufficed. Maybe to make sure I had learnt my lesson I could be made to touch my toes whilst I recieved the cane. So much easier then filling in all those forms! Plus I would not have to be the ‘butt’ of all my friends jokes this weekend. I have three of the four offendng photos left, and if one more person says anything about seeing them or me cracking the lens in the machine, I may have to scream lol. Serves me right for being careless. I do need a very firm hand to keep me in line. Without constant discipline reminders I do tend to do these silly things. I expect The Spanker may have a few things to say about it when we next meet. He is quite busy at the moment so my bottom may be safe for the next week or two. Anyway guys, more tomorrow. Kisses Sarah xx xx

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Caned hard

June 11th, 2009

Before the caneMorning guys, well, I said I would be telling you about my recent punishment session so here goes……..As you all know, after returning from our latest shoot I was a tad neglectful of the blog. Well, if I am honest, it was not only the blog that I let slip. In my defence, not that it made any difference to The Spanker, it is quite difficult going from one type of reality to another. When you have spent a whole week away being spanked, strapped and caned virually constantly, it is quite difficult to slip back into your normal day to day routine. Oh, if only every day could be a shoot! I would be so much happier. They say you can have to much of a good thing but I disagree. I could spend everyday draped over a knee. Tis such a pity my bottom marks so much and needs recovery time. Anyway, as per usual, I have managed to slip a little off track. I was telling you about Tuesdays punishment. It began with a scolding, this may sound strange, but this is actually sometimes the worse part. I was made fully aware that he was dissapointed with my recent tardy behaviour. As you can imagine, I did try to argue my case but it was to absolutely no avail. I was soon pulled over the knee for the first part of my punishment. A very prolonged and hard hand spanking. The Spanker has had many years of practice in spanking ladies bottoms and has perfected a painful routine. My word, it still surprises me just how hard he can spank when he puts his mind to it. It was not long before my bottom was a tad uncomfortable and sporting a red and rosy glow. I was expecting the spanking to be a warm up session for the cane. I had already seen the dragon that he had bought especially for the occasion so was incredibly shocked to then be presented with a heavy strap. Let me tell you, if I was not sorry before, I was when I was hauled over a chair for a dose of that. Especially as I knew that I still had my main punishment to come. I lost count of the amount of times that strap hit my bare and already sore and hard spanked bottom. Naturally, I was playing with my pussy to try and deaded the pain. After what seemed like an eternity, the strapping came to an end but before I had a chance to even get my breath back, I was told to get the tube which held the new cane. Imagine my dismay when I realised that he had not been completely truthful. He had not bought one new cane, he had purchased two!! I had been expecting the dragon, but he had also got a kaboo (I may have spelt that wrong, feel free to correct me) It was quite a thin cane but had a nasty bite to it. My bottom does not seem to take to the thinner canes. They have a tendency to wrap around and cut my hips. Although this one did not do that, it marked and bruised me very quickly. Now, an expert like The Spanker knows that to give a girl a severe caning should not result in any cuts which could leave lasting scars or damage. As soon as he saw the havoc this cane was causing to my bare and already sore bottom he stopped and swapped to the heavier and thicker dragon cane. To be honest with you, the amount of damage the thinnier cane did surprises me as it did not really hurt that much. Of course, there was pain as it intially hit my flesh but the sting did not last for very long at all. Now the dragon hurt! but surprisingly did not cause any damage or lasting marks. In fact, my bottom is still sporting cane marks from the last day of the shoot when he used all four canes (again, it was a thin one which has done the damage) How strange is that? I was given quite a few strokes of that dragon, to many to remember. They were adminstered in batches of six. It is quite strange how I can remember quite vividly the hand spanking and strapping whereas the caning is a blur. I think my brain goes to another place whilst I am in aboslute agony, maybe it is a way of dealing with extreme pain and pleasure. However hard a punishment is, I always enjoy it and although I may at the time it is happening, want the pain to stop, as soon as it has, I want it back again! I think my pain threshold must be incredibly high as I have been told that I can take far more punishment then most spanking models. I think how much I enjoy it shows in our films and photos. The question you are proboably asking now is am I sorry? But of course I am lol, at least until next time! Anyway, until tomorrow. Kisses Sarah xx xx xx xx
PS. The pictures from my punishment will be in the members area in my new Private Pictures folder

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The strap for naughty nurse Sarah

May 20th, 2009

Latex nurse gets the strapMorning guys, it is update day on the members site and this weeks film is a continuation of last weeks.   I expect most of you have seen my forray into film making,  it was most enjoyable. But just in case you have not, I will recap. Thinking that I had been left to my own devices,  I put on a very sexy nurses outfit and began some intimate self examinations of my bottom and my pussey. I had set the camera up on a tripod so you would get a chance to see my very naughty actions. I don’t need to tell you that I gave myself a great deal of pleasure with those two toys and I hope that you enjoyed watching it almost as much as I did making it. Anyway, just after I had brought myself to orgasm, in walked The Spanker!   He had come back to get his keys and had watched the whole thing. I guess we are lucky really that he waited for me to finish what I was doing before announcing his presence.  He could have spoilt a lot of fun. Obviously as I was not supposed to be wearing the costume,  playing with expensive camera equipment or playing with both of my holes I needed to be punished. He decided  to apply quite a nasty little strap.  Firstly over my knickers,  not that they gave me much protection and then onto my bare bottom.  Now,  some straps look very mean but merely tickle,  let me assure you,  that was not one of them! It hurt, a lot!   But I did deserve it. Take a look at the film, my bottom was almost crimson when he had finished whacking it!   I was a very sorry girl by the time he had finished. Well,  until my bottom stopped throbbing!  More tomorrow.   Kisses Sarah

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Perfect outside spanking weather

April 27th, 2009
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Doing the blogWhat a lovely few days we have had. Yesterday was  glorious. I spent most of it out in my garden laying on a sun lounger soaking up the rays. I should actually of been catching up with some of the work I have to do for the website. But the lure of the sun was just too great. Besides, if I did all that I was told The Spanker would be without good reason to come and give my bottom a hard spanking. It has been a whole week since my last punishment and I am more than ready for another one. It is such a pity he lives so far away. Though saying that, if he did not, we would probably never get any work done! Hopefully he will be along in the next day or two to give me the spanking that I crave. The weather is absolutely perfect for being punished outside. As you can probably tell from the pictures, I  loved it last week.   I must admit, one of my biggest fantasies is that one of you guys stumbles across us one day and joins in. I think being spanked hard outside across my bare bottom by a total stranger would be such a turn feel so horny The fact that anyone could see us makes me absolutely soaking wet and I always finger myself whilst my punishment is being administered. Hmmm, just the thought of it is making  me so very horny! I am rather hoping he does not bring that horrible leather slippper. I don’t think I have been to badly behaved this past week do you? I should have claimed that I really loved the feeling of it and pretended to hate one of my favourite implements. To be honest though, I think that he can tell by my reactions when I am getting a strapping as to which ones I like or dislike. Anyway guys, more from me tomorrow. If you are down in the woods in the next couple of days you may be in for a surprise! If you do see us, feel free to join in.   Kisses Sarah xxxx

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