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The Confessor, Maid to Spank at Unladylike Manor

July 27th, 2011

The story so far …..  Lord Stern is off on his holidays.  KatieDidIt the housekeeper is being blackmailed and I am dressed up in a sexy latex nun outfit.  Oh, and Clover has been spanked and Honnee has been whipped.  My advertisement in the local paper seems to have stopped working.  Despite a lot of calls to the Manor House, it seems that none have been in response to that ….. Or have they?  Devious Housekeeper DidIt has been putting the young girls off and trying to save them from my wrath.  The foolish woman thinks that she has foiled my plan but she is wrong.  If plan A fails then plan B will be brought into operation.  I ask Ms DidIt to fetch me the maid.  As Lord Sterns PA I know all the going ons in the house and know that this young lady has been skimming money off of the household bills.  She now has a choice, take a really hard whacking or get her cards.  Not only do I thrash her, but I get her to remove all her clothing so I have access to her nubile young body.  The poor girl takes the beating and I get Katie to join in just for the fun of it.  Amber is left bruised marked and sore after her prolonged tawsing.  Take a look at the free clip here. [Gallery not found]

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