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The return of Tiffany T in this weeks update. The caring, sharing Nurse

January 6th, 2010

Two girl sex at spankingsarah.comGood morning guys, well I have woken up this morning to a light dusting of snow outside so no doubt the supermarket will be packed, the schools closed and the buses not running! Never mind, it looks very pretty. Anyway, to this weeks update and the return of a very naughty lady. You have been asking for her, and we at Spanking Sarah do try and give you our members exactly what you want. So this week we bring you, back by popular demand, the lovely Tiffany T.

As you may recall, Tiffany made her spanking debut with us back in the summer. She had never been spanked before but loved every single moment of it! She has been wanting to come film with us ever since so when we returned to Devon, she jumped at the chance to once more feel The Spankers hard hand. Along she came with a bag packed full of saucy undies and costumes, amongst which was a sexy nurses uniform. Well, I could not resist it. Could you? I decided that I could play the patient and Tiffany T could be my caring sharing nurse.

So the storyline was set. The Spanker played my long suffering husband (not great deal of acting needed there) who was paying for my twice weekly treatments from Tiffany. What he was not aware of was exactly what these treatments involved! I bet you can guess that I was not being treated by conventional methods. In fact, my nurse and I were using the time together to enjoy ourselves and each other. As well as lots of touching and kissing, she brought along some nice toys as well. You don’t get that on the NHS do you? Well, who could resist a nurses uniform? Especially upon one as lovely as Tiffany?

Unfortunately, my husband had had his suspicions about my treatment so had decided to watch our session. As you can gather, he was none too impressed with seeing his sick wife cavorting around with the paid help! Have a look at the film on site and tell me what you think. Kisses Sarah xx

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Strapped and caned hard in this weeks update

August 28th, 2009

Strap and cane for Sarah & TiffanyGood morning guys,  I have the update you have all been waiting for,  the second part of the story involving the very sexy Tiffany T and I.  Last week saw her getting a hard dose of the leather strap across her bottom and her pussy. As you know, this was her first spanking session and she took to it very well.

This week sees me taking my turn. I really do think that The Spanker should have been thanking me for introducing such a lovely lady to the world of CP,  but oh no, he was intent on punishing me.  All for just having a little look and play in his toy bag!  Now, don’t you think that that is a tad unreasonable?

He made me first of all bend over his knee so that he could administer the strap over my white school uniform knickers.  There was no warm up for me! As usual, I got most of the blame so more of the pain! He really did lay some very hard strokes onto my bottom.  It was not long before he decided that to have more effect, my knickers, along with the rest of my clothing, should be removed.  Well, let me tell you, I was far from happy about that! I had to comply but was in a bit of a temper so threw each item of clothing at him as I took them off.  Thinking about it,  it was a tad silly to do so, I mean,  he had a nasty double strap in his hands.  I should have really known better.

He used that strap quite relentlessly on my red and sore rear.  Stroke after full force stroke. Even Tiffany had began to feel sorry for me and she came over to give me a cuddle. I think she regretted it though as it earnt her a second dose of punishment.

Just when I thought it was at an end, out came the dragon cane.  My word, that cane does have a bite to it. I can’t remember how many strokes I took, but every single one of them was hard and in my opinion, totally unjustified.   I can’t understand why I always get the blame for things, can you?  Have a look at the film and let me know what you think.   Kisses Sarah xx

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Spanking debut for Tiffany T

August 21st, 2009

Tiffany spanked for the first timeGood morning guys, and what an update we have for you today. Introducing to you Tiffany T in her debut spanking film. I am sure you are going to love her and when you have watched the film, will understand why I am so eager to work with her again soon.

Tiffany like me, came into modelling a little later then usual but found that she absolutely loved it. She had always wanted to be spanked and when she saw my site, she got in touch. Well, of course, The Spanker was more than happy to help!

This weeks update features the lovely Tiffany and myself discussing her decision to do some spanking work. I told her that unlike some sites, the spankings on Spanking Sarah are very real and can be very painful. We do always respect limits though and want our models to enjoy what they do. She was well up for it so I placed a call to The Spanker via web cam so that he could see for himself just how sexy Tiffany was. Not surprisingly, he said he would be over straight away!

Well, whilst we were waiting, Tiffany saw his bag of toys and was curious as to what it contained. Now, I don’t know if all spankers have the rule that you do not touch their tools, but The Spanker has always made it clear that no-one can ever touch his without his express permission. But he wasn’t there, what harm could it do? Besides Tiffany really really wanted to see what was in that bag and who was I to stop her? To be honest, I think it’s a silly rule anyway and rules are meant to be broken. He would never know so would be none the wiser.

We emptied the bag out and started to play a little with the contents. Tiffany was none to keen on the canes. I think she was a little in awe of them but she liked the straps and paddles. We took it in turns to give each other playful spankings and I think we were both pretty turned on by the whole thing.

When we heard The Spankers car pull into the driveway, we put everything away quick sharp. He did not seem to happy when he walked in, and it soon became apparent as to why. Silly me had forgotten to turn off the webcam! He had seen and heard everything! He was none to happy and Tiffanys bottom certainly took the brunt of it. The poor girl did not even get a hand spanking as a warm up! He took a small paddle straight to her. It was not long before her bottom was a bright shade of red. I did feel a little sorry for her even though I did mantain it was all her fault. I tried to tell him to take it a little easier on her but I was as usual, ignored and he got out a bigger paddle instead! Tiffany was ordered to lay in the diaper position and not only did he paddle her bottom, but he also spanked her pussy.

I must admit, I did think that he was a little to harsh with her, but I soon realised that although it was very painful for Tiffany, she was enjoying it. Especially the feel of the leather against her wet pussy. She did take a long and severe punishment. Have a look at the film and tell me what you think. Kisses Sarah xx xx

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Back to naughty normal….

August 19th, 2009

Sarah & Tiffany look at the canesGood morning guys, well, that being good did not last long did it?  Yep, I spent the whole of one day working on the site and then did not even turn on my computer for the last three days I was away!  Very naughty, I know, and I am sure I will recieve a suitable punishment.  If and when I do, I will of course tell you all about it. I did have a fantastic time whilst I was away, and to be honest, I am a little bit sad to be home.  I was very tempted to stay a few more days but knew that I would not get any work done.  Hopefully I can go back quite soon.

It seems you like the ‘Masked members’ idea quite a lot,  so maybe this will be something we will pursue in the near future.  I love going to new places, meeting new people and of course, having my bare bottom spanked, so it really is an ideal concept for me.  I quite like the idea as well of a ‘double caning’ thinking about two of you, one either side of me giving me a hard caning really turns me on! Maybe a man one side and a woman the other, I have yet to be caned by a woman and I bet they cane a lot harder then men!  If you are, or know of a strict woman who would like to give me a good hard caning, get in touch. I have been spanked by a few ladies.  Verity gave me a really hard spanking as did Lady Leigh but I would like to add a good  caning to my resumee.

The update this week results in me being in a lot of trouble!  Again, though very little fault of my own.  I had one of my friends with me who was interested in becoming a spanking model so I saw no harm in showing her the contents of The Spankers beloved toy bag.  Nobody is allowed to touch it without his permission, silly rule eh?  Besides, how would be know we had been delving around in it?  He did of course but I will let you find out how when you see the update.  This was the first spanking film that Tiffany T had ever made and I am hoping it won’t be her last.  We had a fantastic day filming and she really was a lot of fun to work with. I am sure we will be working together again and she is hoping to have her own sex website available soon.

Anyway, I must get on and catch up with all the work I have not done in the past few lazy days.  More tomorrow.  Kisses Sarah xx xx xx

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