A Naughty Nurse gets a nasty punishment

September 30th, 2015
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Have you ever visited SarahSpanksMen?  If you don’t like seeing men getting their bottoms well and truly smacked then it is probably best you don’t but I have found that quite a lot of you like to switch and enjoy watching all sorts of spanking porn.  SarahSpanksMen took a lot of time to get off of the ground …….  Mr Stern does not switch and he just did not believe me when I said that a site offering F/M spanking could be successful.  I kept on and on at him and in the end he agreed that we could give it a try.  He was proved wrong very quickly and he is very pleased to have been so. 

I have always enjoyed making films that can be viewed on their own as a stand alone storyline or can be watched with others and made into a series.   Having another site has given me the ability to do this more often.  This weeks update at Spanking Sarah is one of these films.

Members of Sarah Spanks Men saw April behaving rather badly.  She had been employed to look after a ‘poorly Husband’  His Wife was fraught with worry until she realised that all that was wrong with him was that he wanted his bottom smacked!  She had hidden a camera in the bedroom and got to watch the whole sorry show.

Sarah is not very happy and promises her Husband a punishment that he won’t forget in a hurry but first she is going to deal with young April.  If she likes spanking so much then she can take one.  Poor April has little choice but to do as she is asked and she is made to bare her bottom for a hard and heavy hand.

This is not only a painful spanking but a humiliating one as well.  April is placed in the wheelbarrow position so that everything is on display and given a prolonged hand spanking which leaves her close to tears.

Her bottom is soon red and sore but still the spanking continues.  Her knickers are pulled down so that her young tender flesh feels the full force.  A great spanking film.  All our films can now be watched by our members or by buying individual films at Clips4Sale or Spanking Library

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I get to play Doctor

September 24th, 2015
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I do love the chance to dress up and play the part of someone else, I think the best time for that was when we were shooting my Unladylike Manor series, there were loads of different personas for me to play in that and I am happy to say we arte hoping to shoot some more sequences for it very soon with the lovely Suzie Smart, one of my very best friends and a real spank lover. Mr Stern can’t wait to get his latest toy out to use on her bottom or so he tells me.

Anyway, back to playing a part and dressing up. In this latest film I take on the roll of a doctor, not me really if anyone is sick near me I run a mile but luckily Luna who is the star of this film was not really sick just pretending and that’s just why she had to be punished. She had said she was unfit to work and to even leave the house on her own, well I soon sorted that silly story out and the end of it is that she was to be on the receiving end of my leather paddle. Now the fact that she did not like being spanked or paddled had little to do with it. I had her bent over and started off by whacking her over her tight denim shorts. I soon tired of that though and had her remove them. She did wriggle around rather a lot so I clamped her legs between mine and then I did lay into her bare bottom with the paddle.

I am not sure if I taught her much of a lesson but she was a very sorry girl by the time I had done with her I can tell you.

Take a look at the film on my site at Spanking Sarah. Don’t forget that we do have our new site Handy Spank Cam which is very cheap to join and will be featuring just the hand held sequences taken from a number of our other web sites. All these together in one place for you. One more thing, we are now putting all our new films out in the MP4 format. This is because they are in full HD and it will make them easier to play not only on windows media player but also on your Mac, smart phone or tablet. These files will play on iplayer or on Real Player, both of which you can download for free if you don’t have them.

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The proper use of a riding crop

September 17th, 2015
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Now I am not what one might call a horsy person, in fact if the truth be told I am a little scared of them. My best friend keeps horses and she is always inviting me to “ride out” but you know, I’d rather walk through a boggy marsh in sandals than get on the back of one of these giant creatures. Don’t get me wrong, I do love horses as long as they don’t expect me to jump on their back and ride them.

I say all this because you will doubtless wander how I am able, in this film, to give Amelia Jane Rutherford lessons in the correct use of her riding crop. Well the story is that she has been seen in the village ill treating her horse with this crop and I have given her a damn good spanking for this. I did not think however that she showed sufficient remorse  despite the pain in her lovely rear end. That’s how she comes to be bending over whilst I apply the crop to her bare bottom.  It may be said that I don’t know my stock from my jodhpurs but when it comes to riding crops I do know how to use them and so I feel that the lesson I was giving Amelia would be well received!

Amelia is a lady well used to having her bottom spanked and caned and so when I have a chance to administer to this beautiful bottom I must admit to making the most of it, I sometimes don’t know when to stop as in this film, the camera people went home and left me still swinging away. Bliss! It’s a great film with just about the best spanking model in the country so get along to  Spanking Sarah and take a look.

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Rachel spanker for hire caned

September 10th, 2015
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This is the second part of the film I made with Paul and Rachel, she is supposed to be a spanker of bottoms but I soon pointed out to her that she was in the wrong profession. I always think that if you are going to do a job you should do it to the best of your ability and in the case of Rachel, she just had no ability, well not as a spanker although I am sure she would be good at something.

Anyway in the first film I gave her a good welting with my paddle but you know me, I do like to do a job properly and so I had to get my cane. Now this particular cane from my extensive collection may look a lot like a candy cane I can assure you it doe deliver a very nasty sting, especially when it is me doing the swinging. Poor Rachel bent over the sofa  and waited for the punishment to begin. I do believe in keeping these girls bent over waiting for that first stroke, the anticipation is terrible as I know only to well. I have to admit that by the end of the caning I gave to Rachel I was starting to feel a little sorry for her, not so sorry that I let her off any strokes or held back, but then you will see that. The film is out now and you really should get a look at this very beautiful young girl getting her bottom caned. Just go to Spanking Sarah and you will also have access to over three hundred other films and picture sets as well as loads of special free content.

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AJR and her horse

September 4th, 2015
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Now what I know about horses could be written on the back of a postage stamp but I do know that they should be treated properly and with consideration. When the vicar told me that he had seen Amelia Jane Rutherford riding her horse through our little village and beating it with her riding crop I was not best pleased. When she returned home I was determined to have it out with her but as usual she had to argue and try to justify this bad behaviour. Now I will not have anyone arguing with me as she soon found out to her cost. Her thick jodhpurs may have saved her  backside from my initial spanking but I was just getting warmed up to my task.

When I had her take the jodhpurs down and get back over my knee her manner soon changed I can tell you. I know just why have been blessed with such a hard hand and also the ability to spank with my left and right hands, it is to bring the maximum pain to lovely young ladies bottoms and that’s just what I did on that day. Now I do not know if Amelia’s behaviour will improve, maybe stronger measures are called for? Have a look at the film at Spanking Sarah

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Spanker for hire

August 26th, 2015
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When the wife is away the husband will play or something like that. Paul thought I had gone away for a day or two and phoned an agency who sent him round a young girl to spank him, you can see this film on Sarah Spanks Men by the way. But back to todays film, I returned to find him over this naked girls knee getting a really weak spanking from this silly young thing. I quickly changed things around and threw her over my knee where I gave her a hell of a spanking and then I took my slipper to her pretty young arse. Now I can be quite nasty when I am upset and that was just how I felt so I took a leather paddle from t he bag this girl had brought with her and used that on her as well. I gave her a nasty dose of what she was supposed to be dishing out.

This is a great film and features the lovely Rachel Leigh and Paul. Rachel is a lovely girl, not really into the spanking scene but she can take a very good whacking, not that she had any choice in this film as I had her securely trapped between my long legs. Have a look at the film Spanking Sarah, which you can join for as little as £11 per month. I also have all my films for sale individually on my Clips site this is to Clips for sale

I now have another site featuring all the hand made films we are making. These are really different and exciting with loads of real close up action. This site is called Handy Spank Cam and you can take a look at it here Handy Spank Cam


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Jess gets the cane

August 23rd, 2015
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Welcome to Sarah’s latest blog post, I am sorry it is a bit late this week and that I have had to do it for her but she asked so politely, Mr. Stern do my blog or your in trouble. How could I refuse. but she has been so busy, no not only spanking bottoms although she has done a fair bit of that but having been on holiday she has literally hundreds of emails from you to catch up with.

We had one which really did annoy me, this is a copy of it:

There is a large banner on you website which promises a membership for £11 per month.   http://www.spankingsarah.com/firstfilm-page.html http

http://www.spankingsarah.com/join.html But it doesn’t work. Clicking on ‘join now’, the offer is £16 per month. It’s misleading, to say the least. Archive Your site offers access to an archive: http://www.spankingsarah.com/freespankingfilms05.html as if they were part of the site. But it turns out that these films are only available from Clips4Sale. They are not on your site. On this page: http://www.spankingsarah.com/freespankingfilms01.html there is a banner which reads:  ALL FILMS HERE ARE IN THE MEMBERS AREA Buty selecting any one of them takes one to the ‘JOIN’ page with no other option. There is absolutely no way to access the Archive as a member despite the promises. It may be that no-one cares as long as the subs roll in. But I’m fed up with these lies and this stupidity on websites that no-one cares about. It must be tragic to rely on idiots such as your current web programmers to control access to your hard-won content. Tony

Well he was wrong on all counts, all banners work, all our archived films are in the members area and in fact he was wrong with his criticism so our web master sent him a nice polite email pointing all this out. He did not apologise but sent  another email once again complaining about the banner advert offering the lowest price membership at only £11 per month, he said Sarah was lying and the banner was misleading. The web master pointed out to him that had he read the banner he would have seen the full offer and indeed it is for the low fee of £11 per month. He also said that he hoped that he would be big enough to say sorry to Sarah. Well as you can imagine to date she has had no apology, is this another case of the anonymous bravery one sees so much on the internet. There is still time for him to say sorry and prove to me he is not a total arse! We do love to get emails from members and from other spankos but I do expect people to be polite, just because one can hide behind an email address is no excuse for rudeness or bullying tactics. Politeness costs nothing as my old Gran used to say.

Most of the emails we get from you are great, if something is wrong with the web site then it does help me if it’s pointed out to us, things on line do sometimes work in a strange and mysterious way and things can foul up.

You will notice that from next week all our new films will be encoded in the MP4 format. This is because we are now using full size HIGH DEFINITION to give you the very best possible viewing experience and so that those of you with tablets and phones will be able to watch the films easier.  You must however download them to your own computer to play them, we do not offer a streaming server. I would love to but it is just too expensive to run. I hope you enjoy the new format so please let me know. The best way to contact me direct is via my help desk at STRAND HELP DESK

Right it’s time to tell you about our latest film:

This is the second part of the story featuring the lovely Jess. Jess is now due the cane, she really annoyed me with her attitude when I was told she was having sex with my best friends wife. I had thought the paddling I gave her would have taught her a bit of humility but she was having none of it. I made her take off all her clothes then after giving her a good telling off she had to bend over for a very hard application of my cane. This girl I really do love, I still don’t know if she likes being punished or not, she certainly takes it well but she is so cheeky that I sometimes wonder about her. Still enjoy the film and the 300 other on the site at Spankingsarah

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Training your staff

August 12th, 2015
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Training your staff or not, that is the question. Lola Marie is possibly the last person in the world you would employ in your high class restaurant, she is rude, cheeky and very bad mannered. When some new customers come along for the first time she insults them and then spills drinks on them without as much as a word of sorrow for her behaviour.

Her boss, that real nice gentleman The London Tanner hears what has been going on he has no option but to punish her in a way she will not forget. Just like all good chefs he keeps a cane handy in his kitchen for just such an emergency. Lola argues that she should not be subjected to cruel and inhumane punishments but we all know that with this young lady that is the only thing which will work. She is bent over the cooker and her panties taken down to her knees. Now The London Tanner has a very strong right arm and when he swings a cane at your bottom you know all about it and so did Lola Marie. This is a great fun and caning film and it’s on my site now

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Who is cheating!

August 6th, 2015
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I think you may find this to be quite an intriguing story line. It features Jess and Kodders, he is playing my husband and Jess is the babysitter. I find him trying to grope Jess, now that in itself is bad enough but he tells me she made him do it, and further more she is shagging my friends wife, he is a bit week minded and so I suppose he could easily be persuaded by a beautiful girl offering it to him on a plate. Anyway, I am not having any of that nonsense in my house and so I decide that I will deal with Jess there and then.

I get rid of my husband, he will be dealt with later and I make Jess kneel in the chair and I then get one of my heavier paddles and start whacking her bottom. On top of her skimpy panties at first abut then on the bare bottom. As you may know I do have a very strong arm and Jess did feel this paddling I can tell you. Now you can see this film on my web site but if you want to find out why this is an unusual sequence then I think you should take a look at Sarah Spanks Men This is my latest site and I do know that those of you who have joined up at the very reasonable rate are enjoying this very different site.


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Nurse Ella Caned

July 29th, 2015
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What can you do when a young nurse has been so naughty she really should be kicked out of the job. Well that should be obvious. In my lovely world of spanking fantasy they get punished. Now I did start off by giving Ella a nasty paddling with my very heaviest leather paddle but now I think it’s time she felt the cane. What has she done you ask?

It was reported to me that she had been letting young doctors play with and even spank her bottom. In return they gave her some extra money and they gave her good ward reports. Now that just is not the way I like to run things. So, we now have Ella Hughes bent over the staff room table with her panties off and her bare bottom already marked from the paddle. I have chosen quite a thick heavy cane as I intend this to be a punishment caning. Those of you who have been caned by me know just how hard I can cane! Poor Ella, it has to be said that by the time I had finished with her I was beginning to feel a little sorry for her, just a little! This is a real hard discipline film. If it is the sort of thing you like to see get along to my web site and join up. It’s very cheap and there are over 300 other films and picture sets to look at as well. Spanking Sarah

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