Spanker for hire

August 26th, 2015
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When the wife is away the husband will play or something like that. Paul thought I had gone away for a day or two and phoned an agency who sent him round a young girl to spank him, you can see this film on Sarah Spanks Men by the way. But back to todays film, I returned to find him over this naked girls knee getting a really weak spanking from this silly young thing. I quickly changed things around and threw her over my knee where I gave her a hell of a spanking and then I took my slipper to her pretty young arse. Now I can be quite nasty when I am upset and that was just how I felt so I took a leather paddle from t he bag this girl had brought with her and used that on her as well. I gave her a nasty dose of what she was supposed to be dishing out.

This is a great film and features the lovely Rachel Leigh and Paul. Rachel is a lovely girl, not really into the spanking scene but she can take a very good whacking, not that she had any choice in this film as I had her securely trapped between my long legs. Have a look at the film Spanking Sarah, which you can join for as little as £11 per month. I also have all my films for sale individually on my Clips site this is to Clips for sale

I now have another site featuring all the hand made films we are making. These are really different and exciting with loads of real close up action. This site is called Handy Spank Cam and you can take a look at it here Handy Spank Cam


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Jess gets the cane

August 23rd, 2015
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Welcome to Sarah’s latest blog post, I am sorry it is a bit late this week and that I have had to do it for her but she asked so politely, Mr. Stern do my blog or your in trouble. How could I refuse. but she has been so busy, no not only spanking bottoms although she has done a fair bit of that but having been on holiday she has literally hundreds of emails from you to catch up with.

We had one which really did annoy me, this is a copy of it:

There is a large banner on you website which promises a membership for £11 per month. http But it doesn’t work. Clicking on ‘join now’, the offer is £16 per month. It’s misleading, to say the least. Archive Your site offers access to an archive: as if they were part of the site. But it turns out that these films are only available from Clips4Sale. They are not on your site. On this page: there is a banner which reads:  ALL FILMS HERE ARE IN THE MEMBERS AREA Buty selecting any one of them takes one to the ‘JOIN’ page with no other option. There is absolutely no way to access the Archive as a member despite the promises. It may be that no-one cares as long as the subs roll in. But I’m fed up with these lies and this stupidity on websites that no-one cares about. It must be tragic to rely on idiots such as your current web programmers to control access to your hard-won content. Tony

Well he was wrong on all counts, all banners work, all our archived films are in the members area and in fact he was wrong with his criticism so our web master sent him a nice polite email pointing all this out. He did not apologise but sent  another email once again complaining about the banner advert offering the lowest price membership at only £11 per month, he said Sarah was lying and the banner was misleading. The web master pointed out to him that had he read the banner he would have seen the full offer and indeed it is for the low fee of £11 per month. He also said that he hoped that he would be big enough to say sorry to Sarah. Well as you can imagine to date she has had no apology, is this another case of the anonymous bravery one sees so much on the internet. There is still time for him to say sorry and prove to me he is not a total arse! We do love to get emails from members and from other spankos but I do expect people to be polite, just because one can hide behind an email address is no excuse for rudeness or bullying tactics. Politeness costs nothing as my old Gran used to say.

Most of the emails we get from you are great, if something is wrong with the web site then it does help me if it’s pointed out to us, things on line do sometimes work in a strange and mysterious way and things can foul up.

You will notice that from next week all our new films will be encoded in the MP4 format. This is because we are now using full size HIGH DEFINITION to give you the very best possible viewing experience and so that those of you with tablets and phones will be able to watch the films easier.  You must however download them to your own computer to play them, we do not offer a streaming server. I would love to but it is just too expensive to run. I hope you enjoy the new format so please let me know. The best way to contact me direct is via my help desk at STRAND HELP DESK

Right it’s time to tell you about our latest film:

This is the second part of the story featuring the lovely Jess. Jess is now due the cane, she really annoyed me with her attitude when I was told she was having sex with my best friends wife. I had thought the paddling I gave her would have taught her a bit of humility but she was having none of it. I made her take off all her clothes then after giving her a good telling off she had to bend over for a very hard application of my cane. This girl I really do love, I still don’t know if she likes being punished or not, she certainly takes it well but she is so cheeky that I sometimes wonder about her. Still enjoy the film and the 300 other on the site at Spankingsarah

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Training your staff

August 12th, 2015
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Training your staff or not, that is the question. Lola Marie is possibly the last person in the world you would employ in your high class restaurant, she is rude, cheeky and very bad mannered. When some new customers come along for the first time she insults them and then spills drinks on them without as much as a word of sorrow for her behaviour.

Her boss, that real nice gentleman The London Tanner hears what has been going on he has no option but to punish her in a way she will not forget. Just like all good chefs he keeps a cane handy in his kitchen for just such an emergency. Lola argues that she should not be subjected to cruel and inhumane punishments but we all know that with this young lady that is the only thing which will work. She is bent over the cooker and her panties taken down to her knees. Now The London Tanner has a very strong right arm and when he swings a cane at your bottom you know all about it and so did Lola Marie. This is a great fun and caning film and it’s on my site now

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Who is cheating!

August 6th, 2015
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I think you may find this to be quite an intriguing story line. It features Jess and Kodders, he is playing my husband and Jess is the babysitter. I find him trying to grope Jess, now that in itself is bad enough but he tells me she made him do it, and further more she is shagging my friends wife, he is a bit week minded and so I suppose he could easily be persuaded by a beautiful girl offering it to him on a plate. Anyway, I am not having any of that nonsense in my house and so I decide that I will deal with Jess there and then.

I get rid of my husband, he will be dealt with later and I make Jess kneel in the chair and I then get one of my heavier paddles and start whacking her bottom. On top of her skimpy panties at first abut then on the bare bottom. As you may know I do have a very strong arm and Jess did feel this paddling I can tell you. Now you can see this film on my web site but if you want to find out why this is an unusual sequence then I think you should take a look at Sarah Spanks Men This is my latest site and I do know that those of you who have joined up at the very reasonable rate are enjoying this very different site.


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Nurse Ella Caned

July 29th, 2015
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What can you do when a young nurse has been so naughty she really should be kicked out of the job. Well that should be obvious. In my lovely world of spanking fantasy they get punished. Now I did start off by giving Ella a nasty paddling with my very heaviest leather paddle but now I think it’s time she felt the cane. What has she done you ask?

It was reported to me that she had been letting young doctors play with and even spank her bottom. In return they gave her some extra money and they gave her good ward reports. Now that just is not the way I like to run things. So, we now have Ella Hughes bent over the staff room table with her panties off and her bare bottom already marked from the paddle. I have chosen quite a thick heavy cane as I intend this to be a punishment caning. Those of you who have been caned by me know just how hard I can cane! Poor Ella, it has to be said that by the time I had finished with her I was beginning to feel a little sorry for her, just a little! This is a real hard discipline film. If it is the sort of thing you like to see get along to my web site and join up. It’s very cheap and there are over 300 other films and picture sets to look at as well. Spanking Sarah

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Self Spanking leads to the Cane

July 15th, 2015
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Bonnie May has been rather a naughty and silly girl.  She came along for a spanking shoot and decided to give herself a bit of a spanking.  She stripped off naked and paddled her bare bottom really hard.  When Sarah caught her she could not believe it!  How could they do a spanking shoot when Bonnie already had lots of marks?

Bonnie is really sorry and explains that she just got carried away but understands the rules.  If your bottom is red and bruised you cannot get spanked.  We know our members like to see an unmarked bottom at the beginning of a film and a red and sore one at the end.

Sarah explained to Bonnie that the only type of film they could make would be a caning.  Bonnie agreed to this as she felt really bad about coming along and wasting Mr and Mrs Sterns time.  She was already naked apart from her long socks and so Sarah wasted no time in getting her bent over ready for the cane.

Bonnie is given twelve strokes of the cane on her bare sore bottom.  Sarah takes her time in giving these and makes sure that each and everyone of them is given full force to cause  maximum pain.

Bonnie may have enjoyed spanking her bottom with the paddle but she certainly does not enjoy the sting of the cane.  Her bottom is soon welted and sore.  Take a look at the full film at SpankingSarah

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Satine Spark and Sarah. Sexy Spanking

July 8th, 2015
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Wow,  I must confess this is one sexy film!  Now, I know when some producers say that it means that the spankings are not very hard.  Believe me, this really is not the case in this production.  Sarah and Satine do know each other very well, they have been filming together for years.  The girls are good friends and wanted to make a set of films which were just a little bit different.  You can see Satine giving her first ever spanking to a man at Sarah Spanks Men 

Sarah has bought lots of new spanking toys and she is eager to test them out on her girlfriend.  Satine is not so sure but as needs Sarah to pay her rent, has little choice but to comply.  Sarah is so excited and makes poor Satine strip naked so that every part of her youthful nubile body is available for her to play with.

Not content with just spanking her partners bottom, Sarah spanks her pussy and her tits as well.  She tries to convince Satine that she may learn to enjoy it!   I for one am not convinced.  Sarah is a hard and heavy spanker and soon Satines pale skin is marked and welted.

Sarah does not just want to spank, she wants to test how compliant and submissive Satine will be so she makes her get into lots of compromising positions to be spanked, touched and stroked.  Satine really does not know how long this ordeal will continue and just what is going to happen to her.

Satine tries her hardest to do exactly as she is told because she knows any defiance will mean nastier punishments.  Sarah is pleased she is behaving but still enjoys hurting her young lover and scaring her.

The final punishment has Satine in the revealing wheelbarrow position with everything on display.  She is paddled on the most tender part of her bare sore bottom.  A hard, cruel, sexy spanking film.  Take a look at it at Spanking Sarah


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Self Spanking for Bonnie May

July 1st, 2015
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I love shooting with Bonnie May.  Until last year she had never even been spanked!  I wasn’t sure whether she was going to like spanking and that seems to be true.  Bonnie May does not like spanking ……  She loves it!

This became rather apparent on our latest shoot.  We left Bonnie alone for a while whilst we sorted some paperwork out and do you know what she did?   The naughty girl couldn’t wait for us to spank her.  She picked up the implements and started spanking herself.

I think there is something really sexy about a girl giving herself a good spanking.  Bonnie May most certainly did not hold back, she smacked her cute short covered bottom hard and fast with the paddle.

When she had warmed herself up the saucy girl stripped totally naked and continued smacking herself in some really revealing and sexy positions!  What a tease.  Bonnie had soon made her bottom really red and sore but she continued to give herself some real hard slaps.

Will she get caught and punished some more?  Take a look at the great film at Spanking Sarah


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Rachel Leigh Paddled for the first time

June 24th, 2015
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Rachel Leigh is not doing very well.  It is her first year at college and her first time away from home so instead of spending her time on her studies she has been out partying.  This has not gone unnoticed by her Tutor who has called her in to discuss this.

When it becomes apparent that Rachel has fallen too far behind to catch up the tutor initially thinks that perhaps the best outcome would be for her to leave her studies but Rachel really does not want this.  She knows she has done wr ong and begs for help.   The tutor decides that perhaps Rachel would benefit from some behaviour motivation.  She has already been over the knee for a hand spanking but now harder measures are going to be used.

Rachel is going to be given a dose of the spanking paddle.  She really does  not want this.  She found the spanking incredibly painful and thinks that she has already suffered enough.  However, her tutor has different ideas and tells her quite plainly that she either takes the paddle or leaves the college.

Her uniform leaves a lot to be desired, the skirt is far to short and you can see the tops of her stockings.   Mrs Stern mentions this but Rachel does not seem to see anything wrong with her attire.  I think she rather wishes her skirt was a little longer when the paddle is applied to her bottom!  It offers no protection what so ever.

Her knickers are soon taken down and the paddling is given on the bare bottom.  The smacks are hard and administered quickly which soon has Rachel kicking and squirming and trying to get her hands on her bum to protect it.

This is a prolonged and painful paddling which leaves young Rachel red and sore.  Take a look at the full film at Spanking Sarah


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Slave training for Satine Spark

June 17th, 2015
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Satine Spark has lost her job.  She is hoping to get another one before her flat mate finds out so has been sending out her CV to lots of different companies.  She is behind with her rent and has been lying to Sarah about when she will be able to pay.  Sarah has been sent a copy of her CV by another recruitment company so the game is now up. Sarah confronts Satine who tries to get herself out of trouble but it does not work.  She does not have a job and without work she is unable to pay her share of the rent.

Sarah has a rather unique proposal to put to her flat mate.  If Satine agrees to be her slave then Sarah will let her stay in the flat and will pay her share of the rent.  Satine is not really in a position to say no, she does not want to be homeless so feels that being submissive might be the easier option.

Satine has already felt the wrath of her flat mate.  Sarah had spanked her hard for spending too long in the shower.  Sarah explains that there are different types of spanking.  If Satine is really naughty then the smacks will be fast and furious but if Sarah wants to play with her then they will be more sexual in nature.

Sarah demonstrates this by putting Satine into the diaper position.  This is quite an uncomfortable position for the spankee but it ensures that everything is on display.  It is not only a painful way to administer a spanking but a humiliating one as well.

Sarah feels that Satine needs to be punished for telling lies so takes off her slipper and smacks  Satine’s bare bottom with it hard.  Her fair skin marks up quickly and it does not take long for the poor girl to be rather sore.   Take a look at the full film at Spanking Sarah

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