the Auditon Files Ella Hughes Part 3

December 10th, 2014
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I guess this weeks latest film would most definitely be illegal under the stupid UK laws.  Not may I add illegal for you to watch, not illegal to make, but illegal to produce in the UK.   We have regretfully moved our Spanking Productions Company to Spain so that we can avoid persecution.  This was not a move I wished to make at this stage of my life and I am pretty disgusted at the way my Government believes it has the right to dictate what we do.  You can help in various ways and if you are a UK resident then I would urge you to do so.  If we allow this type of thing to happen uncontested then who knows what type of Country the UK will become.  The easiest thing you can do is sign this petition it takes about 2 minutes.  If we get 100,000 signatures then these regulations will be debated.    Julian Huppert MP has set out an Early day motion to get this act annulled.  So far he only has the support of 2 others. You can write a protest letter to your MP. You don’t have to admit to being kinky.  Not sure who your MP is?  You can check here Or you can join the London Protest on Friday.

Ella hughes caned for the first timeThis weeks film was made the very first time we shot with young Ella Hughes.  It was her first ever spanking shoot and she admitted to me that she was absolutely terrified of the cane.  Ella talks candidly about her spanking life and despite her tender years she already knows what she likes and dislikes.  The cane has always symbolised punishment, something to be feared.  Ella had already taken a hard hand spanking and  a serious strapping should I let her off of the final part of her punishment?

Well, I suppose if I was a nice lady then perhaps this is what I would have done.  Unfortunately but fortunately for our members, I am not and I decide to go ahead with the caning.  You can tell that Ella is visibly scared and she pales when she is shown the heavy canes I have decided to use.  She is understandably apprehensive about this, her bottom is already sore and marked from the previous punishments.

A reluctant Ella takes her position bend over the chair.  Her skirt is raised and her knickers removed.  The poor girl knows this is going to hurt but nothing can prepare her for the pain she feels when the first stroke is applied to her bare bottom.

This is a prolonged and painful caning.  Each and every stroke is expertly applied and raises a welt on her tender young flesh.  Ella Hughes is in tears during this her first ever filmed caning.  Take a look at the site to see this fantastic caning film.

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A Double Caning for Lola Marie

December 3rd, 2014
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Before I tell you about our latest update at Spanking Sarah I would like to reassure those of you who are aware of the new and rather scary UK laws that our sites will not be affected.  You can read more about this here   I know some people have been worried that if they join they may find that the sites could be taken down.  This is NOT going to happen.   I won’t go on here about how I feel about how the Country of my birth has made criminals of law abiding citizens but I will be posting a link to an e petition soon and I would urge you to sign it.

Double caning for Lola MarieAnyway…. Enough doom and gloom.  We have been around for quite a few years and intend to be so for many, many more.  This week we have updated the site with a double caning film starring one of your favourite spank stars Lola Marie.   We were very honoured when Lola Marie decided to make her spanking debut with us back in 2012 (yes, I really was that long ago)  and we have had the pleasure of filming with her many times since.  Our last shoot was rather memorable to me for all the wrong reasons.  I had a nasty accident the day before but as I didn’t want to let either Lola Marie or Jess down I decided to continue with the shoot despite being in considerable pain.  About five minute after this film was made I was in casualty have X rays on my knee and hand.

This was the final part of Lola Marie’s visit to the House of Correction.  She had been spanked, paddled and strapped and there had not really been any change to her bad behaviour.  It was time for the ultimate sanction.  A caning, but this was deemed not to be enough for this naughty girl, it was decided a double caning was in order.

Now Auntie Katie is well known for being a formidable caner and let us be honest, I a hardly soft despite being injured.  Poor Lola Marie was subjected to this punishment totally naked which of course added to her humiliation.  She was forced to bend over the spanking bench knowing that she was going to receive a terrible punishment.

Lola Marie was subjected to stroke after painful stroke of the cane with barely time to recover from each one.  Auntie Katie is right handed and I am left so both of her cheeks felt the full burning force.

It did not take long for white welts to appear on her skin.  A hard caning film.  Take a look on site to see

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The Paddle for Satine Spark

November 27th, 2014
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I bought a new diary today and I am already filing it fast with shoots, parties and appointments.  As another year draws to a close we have once more made our special free Christmas spanking film.  In fact, we have made not one but two!  This year saw us finally open SarahSpanksMen  this was a project I had been interested in for quite a few years but which only became a membership site within the last few months.  Obviously members of Spanking Sarah and Sarah spanks men may share some of the same tastes in spanking but we felt that it would be much better to make a great free film for both sites.  Yesterday we were joined by The London Tanner, Imogen D’Arcy, OnlyRealPrincess and Kodders.  We made some fantastic films and had an early Christmas lunch.

Satine Spark is back at SpankingSarah this week.  We recently saw her fall foul of Mr Stern.  She had turned up at a hairy shoot with a rather red bottom!  The silly girl had been to a spanking shoot and thought that he could ‘photoshop’ the marks out.  Mr Stern soon put her right and had her over the knee to get a good spanking on her already reddened cheeks. 

When Satine realises that a hairy shoot is now out of the question she has a proposal to make.  How about he employ her for a spank shoot instead?   Mr Stern gets in touch with his partner Sarah and asks her to come along and give young Satine a good thrashing.

Upon arrival Sarah makes sure that Satine  is aware that if she agrees to go ahead with a spanking then it will be a jolly hard one!  Satine is already rather red and sore and decides that it can’t really get much worse…..  How wrong can a girl be?   Sarah selects a nasty looking spank paddle to use on her latest victim.  She asks Satine to kneel in the chair so that she gets a good swing. 

Satine soon realises that Sarah means business.  Each and every stroke of the spanking paddle bites into her tender skin and makes her wince and jump with pain.  The punishment is prolonged and painful and carried out without mercy.

Satine is forced to strip naked and soon has a bright crimson and very bruised bottom.  Take a look at the free clip here


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The Scam and the Razor Strop

November 24th, 2014
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In this life not many things are free.  There are of course exceptions to this rule and our Christmas film will be one of them but mainly, if you want something, there is a price to pay.   Unless of course you wish to be dishonest.   Our latest film features some very honest people playing some very dishonest characters!  The London Tanner and Amelia Jane Rutherford really do make this scene there own and both play their parts realistically.

The London Tanner has hit upon a plan to get beautiful nubile young ladies let him spank them.  It is a simple plot and it relies on one of our least favourite attributes …… Greed.  He has put an advertisement in a high end newspaper claiming that he is terminally ill and is looking for his long lost niece.   She will be the sole heir to his estate and so of course, this advert attracts a certain type of young lady.  Amelia Jane wants to get her hands on the dosh and will do almost anything to do so.  Uncle claims that she always used to love spanking so what choice does she have but to agree? 

The London Tanner has already managed to get her over the knee for a good bare bottom spanking but feels that he can chance his arm.  He tells Amelia that he is pretty sure that she is his long lost niece but in order to prove it that he needs her to take a good whacking with his old fashioned razor strop.  Amelia reluctantly agrees but manages to convince him that this next part of the punishment should not be carried out until the morning.

A pyjama clad Amelia is surprised when ‘Uncle’ comes into her room at first light.  She suggests that they could perhaps engage in some other type of activity but he points out that that sort of behaviour would not be fitting for those who are so closely related.  Amelia really does not want to be beaten but she can almost feel the money.  She therefore bends over the edge of the bed for the razor strop.

The London Tanner makes sure she feels each and every hard stroke of that strop.  The poor girl really suffers at his hands but tries to pretend that she is actually enjoying her punishment.  Her pyjama bottoms are pulled down so that the beating can continue on the bare.  It does not take long for her bum to turn a blistering red.  Take a look at the free clip here

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A Hairy Shoot for Satine Spark

November 13th, 2014
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I love shooting spanking films.  I particularly like filming them with people that I know and like.  It just makes everything so much nicer and easier.  Satine Spark made her spanking film debut with us about four years ago and we try and get together at least once a year to make some great new films.  Now, Satine is not a spanking  model …. That is to say that it is not her primary kink.  She is a well known and very well loved porn actress despite the fact that she looks like butter would not melt in her mouth.  In fact, that is probably why she is so popular.  She has not changed one bit since the very first time we shot with her.

A hairy spanking for Satine sparkWhen we were arranging this latest shoot Satine asked if I minded that she had a really hairy bush.  She has been doing quite a lot of hairy shoots at the moment.  Well, I did not mind at all and Mr Stern was ecstatic!  He does love a really hairy pussy and could not wait to see it.  I am of the opinion that if you have got It than you may as well flaunt it so we decided that we would incorporate the hairiness into a storyline.

Satine comes along to do a hairy shoot with Mr Stern.  He has booked her to make a special video where she slowly strips off her clothes whilst flashing all her hairy bits.   All is going really well until Mr Stern spots her bright red backside!  He calls a halt to the shoot to find out what has happened.  Satine  at this stage tells him she has been on a spanking shoot and that she thought he would be able to photoshop the redness out!  Well, can you imagine?  Of course Mr Stern is not very impressed and decides that if Satine likes spanking then she can go over his knee.

Poor Satine!  She is still sore from the latest spanking shoot but what choice does she have?  She knows she has messed up and that she must now pay the price.  A reluctant Satine goes over the knee for what she knows is going to be a very hard spanking indeed!   Mr Stern is secretly quite pleased to have her over the knee but continues the pretence of being cross and gives her bare skin a blistering bottom burning spanking

Satine wriggles and wiggles but this just makes Mr Stern smack her harder!  It has been a while since he has administered a spanking but you can tell that he is absolutely loving every moment of it.  Satine does not seem to share the sentiment and is very glad when it is all over!  Take a look at the free clip here


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Lola Marie Paddles Jess

November 6th, 2014
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Lola Marie paddles JessI was in Venice for a few days last week and had an amazing time.  The weather was absolutely wonderful and I really enjoyed my first visit to this beautiful and unique city.  It truly was a fantastic experience.  I was only there for a few short days so tried to pack in as much as possible.  Upon my return we decided to add a new addition to our family.  We are now the proud owners of little Noah a ten week old Shorkie pup.  He is rather naughty and needs a lot of training but I am sure he will get there.

Auntie Katie is doing some training as well, but she has her hands full with naughty girls not puppies!  I could make a rather rude joke about her ‘puppies’ but I won’t!  Lola and Jess are the latest additions to the House of Correction and they are both in dire need of being re educated about some things.    Jess tied Lola up and then told Auntie Katie that Lola had been involved in some kind of sex act!  They both got a beating but an innocent Lola is out for revenge and decides to take matters into her own hands.

Lola has stolen one of the spanking paddles and when she catches up with Jess she confronts her about her lies.  Jess really does not have any excuse, she just felt that Lola deserved everything she got.  Imagine her surprise when she is hauled across the knee by Lola for a spanking!  Lola may not be wearing any clothing but this does not make her feel vulnerable …. In fact, I think it has the opposite effect.

Lola Marie is pissed off and Jess is going to pay.  She sets about beating the other girls bottom which is already sore without any mercy.  She makes sure each and every stroke of that paddle hits its mark and Jess is soon wriggling and squirming and trying to convince Lola to stop.  Her pleas fall on deaf ears.  Lola feels aggrieved and she is going to ensure that Jess never ever gets on the wrong side of her again.

Jess is very fair skinned and her bottom bruises quite quickly, she really cannot tolerate the level of pain that Lola is inflicting.  Lola holds her firmly in place and carries on administering the beating of a life time.  By the time Lola feels that Jess has been punished enough the poor girl has a bright red marked bottom and tears in her eyes.  What next at the House of Correction?  Take a look at the free clip here

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The Scam

October 29th, 2014
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Amelia spanked by The London TannerSarah is away on holiday this week and has asked me to update her blog for her. Now I could take this opportunity to tell you just what a wicked, conniving  and very sadistic lady she is, I could say this but if I did I would be the one to suffer the most so I will just say that as well as being all of those things she also makes some very good films and has just the most amazing web site…(Hope this is alright Sarah).

Anyway, she will be back in time to shoot some more sequences for her new Fem/Dom site Sarah Spanks Men. Now I know this is not everyone’s cup of tea but if you are into naughty guys being well punished then this site is different from all others out there and is well worth a look see. She is adding new films every week and at the moment the membership price is very very reasonable. Sarah does make all the films herself and I know she takes a great deal of time to give her members just what they are looking for.

Now for this weeks update on Spanking Sarah. This features a very old friend of ours and a man so well known in the spanking scene that it’s almost like he invented it. I refer of course to the London Tanner he makes what are without question the best leather spanking implements in the world. We use as many of his implements in our films as we possibly can and now we have the great honour of having him feature in these films. This week his film partner is another equally famous spanking personality Amelia Jane Rutherford, what an amazing lady, just the very best actress in the film scene and a real nice person to boot. Now in this film Ian has devised a scam to get young ladies to agree to being spanked, in fact he has them asking to be spanked. I am not going to give away the plot because you do need to see the whole film but needless to say Amelia does end up with a very red and well spanked bottom. A great idea for a film and well, I may give it a try myself! Take a look at the free clip here

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The Clothes Brush for Lola Marie

October 22nd, 2014
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Lola Marie beaten at the house of correctionLife is not always fair at the House of Correction.  Jess convinced Lola Marie that Auntie Katie had asked her to tie her up!  Now, I know that sounds unrealistic but you have to remember that Lola had been such a naughty girl that Katie had decided part of her punishment should be that she was not allowed to wear any clothes!  It made getting to her bum to spank it just that little bit easier and added to her humiliation as well.

When Auntie Katie gets back and finds Lola in this predicament she gives Jess an over the knee bare bottom does of the paddle for being so silly.  However, Jess is adamant that she didn’t do it.  She convinces Katie that Lola Marie has been up to some kind of weird sex act and that she is an innocent victim.  Well, Auntie Katie is not sure what she believes.  She does however know that Lola has been nothing but trouble since her arrival so decides that she may as well spank her again in case she has been up to no good.  Lola Marie really cannot believe it.

As Lola Marie has already felt the sting of the paddle Katie decides that harsher measures are called for and what can be worse that the wooden hairbrush?  This really is a fearsome implement and is only used for those whom do not seem to be able to learn their lessons.  Lola Marie begs Auntie Katie not to beat her but it is to no avail.  She is made to bend over in the couch with her bottom high in the air.

Each and every swat of this heavy wooded brush have this poor and in this case innocent girl squirming.  Auntie Katie does not hold back and gives Lola Marie the thrashing of her young life.  The brush is heavy and you can soon see the marks on her ebony skin.  A harsh punishment film.  Take a look at the free clip here

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The Paddle for Jess and The Cane for Zanda Lee

October 16th, 2014
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Jess punished by Katie DiditWe have been in Spain at the World Spain Party which was hosted by our good friend The London Tanner.  The weather was glorious and the spankings in abundance!  We are now back in the cold and catching up with everything.  The site was updated whilst we were away, the blog I am afraid was a little neglected.

Last week we paid another visit to Auntie Katie and her House of Correction.  So many of you love Katie and the fact that she does not take any nonsense from her naughty charges.  Jess had played rather a nasty trick on Lola and convinced her that Katie wanted her to be tied up!  God knows why Lola believed her but she did!  Well, Katie is far from impressed so Jess had a pay the price.  It was over the knee for a good hard dose of the paddle which left her bum glowing red and really sore. 

This week our new lady Zanda lee takes the cane for the very first time.  Now, one would think that as she had never been caned before then perhaps we Zanda lee canedwould take things a little easier on her ….  Well, we didn’t.  In fact when I say we, I mean me.  I gave Zanda Lee some rather wonderful stripes on her bare bottom which she said took nearly two weeks to heal. 

Zanda Lee plays the part of a secretary who has been stealing from her Boss.  When she is first caught she is not very remorseful but this soon changes after he puts her into the diaper position over her desk and uses a nasty wooden ruler on her bum!  Despite being bruised and marked he feels that further harsher measures are called for.  He instructs his deputy to cane the secretary and to ensure that she is never tempted to steal again.

Each and every stroke of the cane is applied to cause maximum distress and really hit home that this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated at all!  Poor Zanda Lee is in tears at the end of her ordeal.  Take a look at the free clip here

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Meet Zanda Lee at Spanking Sarah

October 2nd, 2014
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Secretary paddled at Spanking SarahI do love finding brand spanking new models for our sites and this week have a real treat for you.  Meet ZandaLee  she may be new to spanking websites but she is not new to spanking.  She loves it!  Saying that, I am not sure she liked being hit on the hands with a ruler but more about that later.

ZandaLee is in her forties and is one sexy lady.  She is rather open minded and her list of fetishes is not only mind boggling but endless as well!  I loved shooting with this lady and have already booked another shoot for when we come back from Spain.

This week she plays the part of a secretary.  Her Boss Mr Stern appreciates the work she does for him so is shocked when he finds out that the petty cash has gone missing.  ZandaLee admits to stealing it but seems totally unrepentant!  She needed new shoes so just dipped her hands in.  Well, as you can imagine, Mr Stern is far from impressed.  He decides that hands that steal need to be punished.  He produces a big wooden ruler and gives poor Zandalee quite a few smacks on each of her hands. 

She is then instructed to bend over the desk.  The ruler is then applied to her bottom.  It is a rather heavy implement and certainly has an affect despite the fact that her bottom is covered with her skirt.  In fact, when it is removed you can clearly see the marks left by this nasty wooden implement.   Zandalee is soon regretting the theft but her ordeal is far from over.

After a good spanking with the ruler she is made to lay on the desk and raise her legs into the diaper position.  This is not only a very painful way to be spanked but rather humiliating as well!  ZandaLee is thrashed with a large strap.  Every single part of her bottom feels this punishment.  Take a look at the free clip here

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