New things happening

November 19th, 2015
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Well I am flabbergasted I have just started a new blog, no positing’s on it and Microsoft have marked it as unsafe, how dare they do this? There is nothing there! Anyway, to this weeks update, it once again features the amazing Kiki Vee, I just love this girl, she is so pretty and just loves to get her bottom beaten and hard. Just what I like to do. Here is the story.

Kiki is having her very first spanking interview and admits that she does love to be spanked. She is a very pretty young lady, new to the spanking scene and wanting to get as much experience as she can. I tell her that the next stage of her interview is that she must be paddled and she is looking forward to this. Once I use my paddle on her bare bottom I really do get a reaction, I don’t know if she likes it or if she hates it but I do not hold back with my swats on her bare bottom.

I have an amazing pre-Christmas film sale to offer. No, I am not usually so generous but just once in a while it is nice to be able to reduce the price of things for you.
I have reduced the price of loads of full length films on my SPANKING LIBRARY
to $5.00 that’s about £3.27 or €4.60 each.
There is a full range of films from all our web sites and I am sure there will be something for everyone.

All you need to do is go to my SPANKING LIBRARY and look for the reduced price films. NOT ONLY THAT. If you see a film you want and I have not reduced the price just send me an e-mail to this email address and I will reduce the price of that film to $5.00

Now this offer will be for a very limited period but I hope that you take the chance to take a look at some of our films, we have many episodes from UNLADYLIKE MANOR, The SPANKING MANSION, THE SEXY CLEANING COMPANY plus our school time series and many more featuring the top spanking models in the UK as well as some of our best glamour models being spanked for the first time.

I also have a good selection from my SARAH SPANKS MEN site, all at this amazing price. No one else will make such an offer and I can only run it for a few days but if you have not joined one of our web sites or seen any of our films this will be a great chance to come up-to date. All our films are shot in full HD and go onto our sites as top quality MP4 files so they can be played on any media including smart phones and tablets as well as desk tops.

This is my Christmas offer to you, so take advantage of it today.


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New from Unladylike Manor

November 11th, 2015
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Once again I am really pleased to be able to bring you another episode from my long running spanking soap Unladylike Manor. This week I am particularly pleased as it features two of my great friends, that naughty man around town Kodders and the very beautiful Susanne Smart. This is Episode 35 and I think it just keeps getting better. It is always difficult to find ways to keep the scripts of long running series fresh and entertaining but I think we are not doing too bad.

This story sees me blackmailing Lady Susanne, who has been reduced through changed circumstances to becoming my maid, into entertaining ‘gentlemen’ who wish to spank and otherwise abuse ladies bottoms. Now I know that she will not like this but this gives me extra pleasure and so it is that her first  customer is Kodders, this is his introduction to the manor and its strange inhabitants. In this film the lucky guy gets to spank Lady Susanne on her black lacy panties and then her bare bottom, now I think that even kodders would say he is not the best spanker in the world but when you have such a lovely bottom wanting to be spanked, and Suzanne does really want it spanked, you just have to man up and spank it. That’s what he did and to his credit my maid did end up with  nice red bum!

I really do like this series, I now have a special page on my site devoted to it where you will be able to get all the episodes, even the very first, re encoded into MP4 format to give you the very best viewing experience. If you have not seen this series before and want to take a look and maybe download one episode you will find it on my spanking library. Do take a look or all the episodes are on  my site.

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How to buy your Spanking Films

November 5th, 2015
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I do think that membership to my website is the best way to buy your spanking films.  The site has no download limits so if you join for a month you can watch or download nearly three hundred films for one low membership price.  Not only can you watch all the films, but you get a full photo gallery for each and every film, bonus films from my SarahSpanksMen site and fantastic SpankArt.

I do know that some people are distrustful of membership sites.  Many years ago some less scrupulous companies made it virtually impossible to cancel your membership.  Thankfully those days are well and truly over and the billing companies we use make cancellation very easy.   However, I completely understand that a site membership is not for everyone which is why we sell films on an individual basis.   You can now buy them from two places  Clips4Sale and Spanking Library.  These are the full versions of the films, just as you will get from my web site. I have also made my films mobile friendly now, they can be downloaded in the MP4 format which will play on your smart phone, tablet or as usual your PC.


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Meet Kiki Vee

November 4th, 2015
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I do like to feature ladies who have never been spanked on film before.  Some of them have never ever been spanked in their lives and others like Kiki Vee  get spanked in their real lives.   Kiki Vee and her partner both enjoy spanking, bondage and BDSM.  When I meet other people in our life style I am always interested to find out how they got into it and when they first felt the need to be spanked.  Kiki Vee gives a very honest, open and candid interview and is happy to answer all questions.   There is a popular misconception that a need to be spanked comes from the need to relive childhood experiences but as Kiki Vee is far to young to have ever been spanked at home or at school,  it shows that spanking is for absolutely everyone.

After an interesting and revealing chat we got down to business.  Kiki Vee was really looking forward to going over my knee – she had heard about my legendary hard hand and was eager to feel it.  I must confess, initially I was kind but when I realised just how much Kiki Vee was enjoying herself I soon stepped up the pace.

This is a great film for lovers of f/f over the knee bare bottom spanking.  Kiki Vee is an absolutely beautiful submissive young lady who took her first on screen spanking really well.  By the time I had finished she was rather red and sore but still had a smile on her face.  Go to SpankingSarah to see the full film.

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November 1st, 2015
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Holly was one of the first recruits as maids at Unladylike Manor and she was just amazing in the roll. This young lady loved to get her bottom spanked and paddled, it turned her on and she always looked forward to coming to film with me. In truth as well as on the film she loved to be frightened of what was to come to her and if you look at her face on this amazing film you will quite clearly see that fear.

This is the latest in our re-encoding of the complete Unladylike Manor series and is Episode 4. We were still establishing the story where I am this nasty lady who loves to spank young girls bottoms! I am sure you don’t think for one moment hat could be true do you? Anyway, For those of you who would love to see the full series every episode, that’s about 34 I think is on my site but if you just want to download individual scenes then you can get them from my Spanking Library. So please get along and take a look. If you leave me your e-mail address there I will make sure you get notice of upcoming events and the latest films.

This episode has Sarah in her assumed roll as Lady of the manor punishing another lovely young lady for falling down on the job as a maid. The lovely Holly is subjected to a lot of verbal abuse and the fear in her eyes is real as she is bent over in the chair and her bare bottom paddled till she cant take any more. The real nasty side of Sarah is on view . A great addition to the story so far.

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Amber applies for a job

October 31st, 2015
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Amber is a very well brought up young lady and when she applies for a job at Unladylike Manor I am determined that I will put her firmly in her place. Mr Stern has hired me as his personal assistant but I have bigger things in mind as you will find out as this mega series develops over the weeks. Along with Katy Didit who is the head maid and general dogsbody I have hatched a plan to get me lots of fresh young bottoms to spank and play with. Mr Stern knows nothing of this and whilst he is away I have plenty of time to indulge my little kink.

Now, I have Amber just where I want her, she is bent over with her cute young bottom in the air and I can take my time about spanking it. I intend to enjoy thios rather long spanking session and to make sure that if I do give her a job she knows just what to expect working for me. You can see a great clip of this re-mastered film right here and you can also download the full film. If you want to get the whole series and cant wait for me to get them all into my Spanking Library then go along to my site where all 34 episodes are available to download now.

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Unladylike Manor How to get it

October 30th, 2015
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I have had such a great response to the restart of my long running spanking soap, Unladylike Manor that I have been spurred on to get Mr Stern to write some more scripts which we will start filming very soon. I have decided to make a special page in my site with links straight through to all the episodes of unladylike manor along with some new pictures and I am also going to re encrypt the new films to the very highest quality MP4 files. All our latest films will be in MP4 but I thought it would be nice if you could have this complete series in this extra high quality.

I am also in the process of posting all the films, into my Spanking Library, here you can download the individual episodes and maybe catch up with those you have missed or indeed if these films are your main interest in my site this would be a good way to get them all. I hope you like what I have done and the first couple of episodes are in the Spanking Library now, this link will take you to them and you will also be able to see a brand new free clip for all the films as they go up The new page should be on the site towards the end of next week.


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Unladylike Manor Lola Punished

October 28th, 2015
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You certainly seem to be enjoying the return of our amazing spanking soap Unladylike Manor and so much so that I have decided to give you another episode this week. Now this one matches up to a film which I have on Sarah Spanks Men, in this film Lola is getting up-to her old tricks entertaining men but she is doing it in my house after being introduced by Lady Suzanne, She will suffer for it later. If you want to see that film it is on the Mens site now or you can download it from my spanking Library here.

Now back to Lola, when I discover just what she is up-to, and what she got me involved in then I can assure you she is in for one hell of a whacking. It’s not very often I have the wool pulled over my eyes but when I do my vengeance is very nasty and swift in coming. I get her “client” to help me give her a good hard naked spanking and then I cane her. Now it has been said that I cane harder than most men and in this film I certainly give young Lola all that she deserves. Her bottom was not to be sat upon for a few days after this caning I can tell you.

Now I do have more episodes of the series waiting to be edited for you and I will bring them to you just as soon as I can. I also have some more shoots arranged with my very good friend Suzy Smart who plays Lady Suzanne, Lord Sterns lover in the series. So if you have not already experienced the delights of this amazing series, this is episode number 34, then you should get along to my site right now and take a look at the whole series. If you want to take a look at one of the earlier films I have a link here where you can see a trailer and if you like download just that film.


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Return to the Manor Porn

October 13th, 2015
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I didn’t get a chance to blog last week.  It was manic!  But so much fun.  I caught up with some of my closest spanking friends made some amazing films, had some great sessions oh and managed to catch a really nasty chest infection.  I was told that it didn’t affect how hard I can spank but I know that by the weekend I was ready for my bed.  Mr Stern very kindly looked after me and I am almost back to full health.  I have been spanking today and have been assured that my hand is just as hard as normal. 

Before I tell you about the two latest films to be released at Spanking Sarah I would like to share some photos from our recent shoot.   We love our Unladylike Manor series and know you do too.  It is likely to be the longest running spank opera but with a twist.  Yes, you can watch all the episodes back to back but even if you just watch one you will pretty soon realise what is going on.  There are lots of suspense and  surprises plus plenty of hard spanking action and we were honoured when Suzanne Smart agreed to make a return to the Manor.

DSC_6737 DSC_6217 DSC_6314 DSC_6603 DSC_6641 DSC_6653 DSC_6674 DSC_6686Coming Soon to SpankingSarah


In fact, we were so excited about the Return of Unladylike Manor that we put the first of the new films up almost immediately!

Lola Marie has been in prison with Lady Suzanne.  She was serving time for prostitution and claims to be eager to turn over a new leaf.  Perhaps a change of occupation to a maid in the Stern Household will help?  Lord Stern is always willing to help a pretty young lady see the error of her ways and puts her over the knee for a good hard hand spanking.  Lola Marie claims to have repented but has she?npp7211003 npp7211010 npp7211022 npp7211038

I absolutely adore Lola Marie and as the preview photos show you, she certainly has not learnt her lesson!  It has been a while since we have filmed a full sex scene for SpankingSarah and I am curious to see how well it will be seen.

Luna May will be back on site on Wednesday.   Sometimes a doctor knows when the treatment is not working, this is the case with lazy work shy Luna and the remedy is clear to Dr Sarah. A good long hard dose of the senior cane across the bare bottom always works. Luna is not so sure that this special treatment is called for but she has little choice other than to bend over and take her medicine. The swish of the cane and the cry of anguish make this an exciting hard caning film.     npp7153022 npp7153004 npp7153008 npp7153011 npp7153014 npp7153020

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A Naughty Nurse gets a nasty punishment

September 30th, 2015
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Have you ever visited SarahSpanksMen?  If you don’t like seeing men getting their bottoms well and truly smacked then it is probably best you don’t but I have found that quite a lot of you like to switch and enjoy watching all sorts of spanking porn.  SarahSpanksMen took a lot of time to get off of the ground …….  Mr Stern does not switch and he just did not believe me when I said that a site offering F/M spanking could be successful.  I kept on and on at him and in the end he agreed that we could give it a try.  He was proved wrong very quickly and he is very pleased to have been so. 

I have always enjoyed making films that can be viewed on their own as a stand alone storyline or can be watched with others and made into a series.   Having another site has given me the ability to do this more often.  This weeks update at Spanking Sarah is one of these films.

Members of Sarah Spanks Men saw April behaving rather badly.  She had been employed to look after a ‘poorly Husband’  His Wife was fraught with worry until she realised that all that was wrong with him was that he wanted his bottom smacked!  She had hidden a camera in the bedroom and got to watch the whole sorry show.

Sarah is not very happy and promises her Husband a punishment that he won’t forget in a hurry but first she is going to deal with young April.  If she likes spanking so much then she can take one.  Poor April has little choice but to do as she is asked and she is made to bare her bottom for a hard and heavy hand.

This is not only a painful spanking but a humiliating one as well.  April is placed in the wheelbarrow position so that everything is on display and given a prolonged hand spanking which leaves her close to tears.

Her bottom is soon red and sore but still the spanking continues.  Her knickers are pulled down so that her young tender flesh feels the full force.  A great spanking film.  All our films can now be watched by our members or by buying individual films at Clips4Sale or Spanking Library

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