Jess Joins The House of Correction

September 4th, 2014
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Jess spanked at the house of correctionMeet Jess.  Jess is the latest recruit to be unfortunate enough to join the House of Correction.  This naughty girl was caught shoplifting and now she must pay the price.  Jess seems to think Jess spanked at the house of correctionthat she is going to be in for an easy ride but she soon realises that Auntie Katie does not stand any nonsense from naughty girls.  As soon as she arrives at the house she is forced to strip and subjected to a search to ensure that she has not brought any contraband into the house.

Every inmate at The House of Correction gets spanked the minute they walk into the house.  This serves a few purposes, it lets the naughty girls know that their stay will be a pain filled one and it encourages better behaviour.  Auntie Katie has a hard and heavy hand and she puts it to good use.  Jess finds herself naked and vulnerable when she is placed over the spanking stool.   

There is no warm up to this spanking,  It starts off hard and fast and continues at the same pace.  This is a punishment and is made to feel like one.  Jess soon has a bright red bottom and you can see her visible signs of distress.  The poor girl really was not prepared for the treatment she is receiving.

Auntie Katie makes sure that the spanking is a prolonged and incredibly painful one.  Jess endures smack after painful smack on her pert bare bottom.  Take a look at the free clip here


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The Cane for a Bully at The House of Correction

September 1st, 2014
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Sophie Parker canedIt has been a long time coming but Sophie Parker has eventually got her just deserts at The House of Correction. Since she entered the House she has been making Amelia Janes life an absolute misery. She has bullied her endlessly and ensured that the poor girl has been beaten by Auntie Katie at every opportunity. They do say that cheats never prosper but I think we were all beginning to think that this wicked girl would get away with her bad behaviour. This week Mr Stern decides to intervene.  He has noticed how quiet and withdrawn young Amelia is and decides to have a chat with her and find out what is troubling her.  Amelia is initially to scared to confide in him but after some persuasion she tells him the whole sad and sorry tale.  Mr Stern is horrified!  The House of Correction is supposed to improve young ladies behaviour, not give them a platform to bully and cause further mishap.  He decides that he will deal with Sophie Parker himself and that she will be taught a very painful lesson indeed. Being a man of the cloth he decides to hear what Sophie has to say about the matter and calls her in for a chat.  As soon as Sophie realises that Amelia has told on her she jumps to the defence and actually attacks Amelia and tries to throttle her.  Sophie Parker canedPoor Amelia is powerless to defend herself and Sophie has to be dragged off the terrified girl and restrained.  A furious Mr Stern scolds Sophie and decides to punish her there and then.  In order to cause not only pain but humiliation, he decides to allow Amelia to watch.  Sophie is hauled over the knee and her knickers are pulled down and her bottom is given rather a sound spanking which leaves it bright red and sore but this is just the start of her ordeal. Mr Stern decides that the best punishment for this naughty girl would be a hard dose of the cane.  Sophie is made to kneel in the sofa with her bottom stretched tight and she is forced to endure stroke after painful stroke of his cane.  This leaves her bottom bruised and welted and will hopefully improve her appalling behaviour.  Take a look at the free clip here

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Amelia Jane Bullied at The House of Correction

August 22nd, 2014
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Amelia Jane punished by Aunt KatiePoor Amelia Jane.  She really should not be at the House of Correction.  She is a good girl who just got in with the  wrong crowd!   She is trying so hard to serve out her sentence without incident but It just does not seem to be working out that way.  It doesn’t help that her fellow inmate Sophie Parker is just so horrible to her.

Auntie Katie has asked both girls to clean the house as part of their punishment.   Amelia Jane is eager to please and gets straight on with it but Sophie just sits and mocks her.  Not only does she not help, but she deliberately breaks one of Auntie Katies prized ornaments. 

Amelia is mortified and tries to fix the broken boat.  Unfortunately for her, Auntie Katie makes an appearance and when she sees the damage assumes that it was Amelia.  Sophie takes great pleasure in lying to Katie she even tells her that Amelia has not helped with the cleaning!

The poor girl just cannot believe what is happening to her.  She is trying so very hard yet she still seems to end up in trouble.  Auntie Katie is not happy at all and decides that Amelia needs to be taught a painful lesson.   She fetches a rather nasty strap and proceeds to give Amelia a good hard beating. 

Sophie is rather pleased to see Amelia in so much trouble and she loves the fact that she gets to watch such a humiliating punishment.   The strapping commences on top of her ting denim shorts which do not offer a great deal of protection. 

Amelia is made to kneel on the sofa with her bottom high in the air.  She tries to explain that she hasn’t done anything wrong but it is to no avail.  In fact, it makes Auntie Katie smack her harder.  Her shorts are soon removed as are her panties so that the strapping can continue on the bare.

This is an unfair, humiliating punishment which is eagerly watched by Sophie.  Poor Amelia is left red and sore and feeling really sorry for herself.  Take a look at the free clip here

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A Pot Smoker Punished at Spanking Sarah

August 13th, 2014
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Jadie Reece paddledI really enjoyed shooting with Jadie Reece a little earlier this year. Despite this lovely lady being on the scene for a long time we had somehow never managed to film together and this was something I was eager to change. We had met at a few parties and so I knew just what a nice girl she was and how much she loves to be spanked. All we needed to do was to get a date we could both make. After a couple of false starts we finally got together and had some great fun at the same time as making some great films.  I am hoping to be able to film with Jadie when I get back from holiday.

This week she plays my naughty girlfriend who has been dabbling in drugs.  Nothing harsh just a little pot but we all know that this is illegal and that a crime cannot go unpunished.  Sarah comes home from work a little early and catches Jadie red handed.  Jadie totally denies any wrong doing but Sarah knows exactly what has been going on.

After a stern telling off Jadie is given a choice to make.  Sarah can inform the police of her illegal activities or she can take a punishment from her cross and concerned Girlfriend.  Jadie at first thinks this is all a joke but soon realises that Sarah is completely serious.

Feeling as if she has little choice Jadie decides that she should be punished at home.  I am pretty sure that she almost changes her mind when she sees the size of the paddle Sarah intends to use upon her. 

Jadie is asked to kneel in the chair and to lift her dress and take down her knickers.  The paddle manages to strike both cheeks at the  same time and is applied without mercy.  Jadie cannot believe what a bitch her Girlfriend is being.  Sarah feels that Jadie needs to learn her lesson and is determined to make it a painful one.   Take a look at the free clip here

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Lola Marie joins the House of Correction

August 6th, 2014
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Lola Marie joins the house of correctionAuntie Katie has had rather a few naughty girls to deal with at the House of Correction.  She has only just recovered from being tied up and taunted by the rather evil Vicki aka Ms Vixxen.   She did wonder whether she should retire but she knows that there will always be young ladies who need her strict type of discipline.

It becomes apparent that she is going to have her hands full with the latest recruit.  Lola Marie has attitude with a Capital A and she knows exactly how to show it.  She has been convicted of a multiple of crimes and is quite frankly rather lucky not to have been sent to jail.   You would think that this would make her a little grateful to have been sent but this is most definitely not the case.  Lola Marie does not want to be there and is going to make sure that if she is miserable then so is everybody else.

Katie has dealt with so many girls that this behaviour really is like water off of a ducks back.  While Lola Marie is in her house she will behave or she will face dire consequences.  Lola Marie may well have met her match!

On arrival she is subjected to the same treatment as everybody else.  Lola is to be strip searched,  checked for drugs and given a naked hand spanking over the special stool.  Her complaints and insults are ignored and she is forced to comply.

I do think that Katie gives this girl a much harder spanking then she has others but do feel that she felt that this mouthy madam needed it!  Lola can shout and scream as much as she wants.  Katie makes sure that the smacks are full force and her ebony bottom is soon rather red.  Take a look at the free clip here

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The Birch for Asheligh

August 1st, 2014
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A little late with the blog this week. we have spent a couple of days with Suzanne Smart and her lovely Husband. We didn’t make any films with this wonderful lady this time but hopefully we will make some more soon. I know many of you want to see how she is getting on at Unladylike Manor now that she has been released from prison. I myself am not quite sure where that story is going to go but rest assured, it will be as good if not better than any of the previous episodes.

The birch for AshleighThis week at SpankingSarah young Asheligh is facing her toughest punishment yet.  She has been expelled from school and Auntie is not very happy at all.  She has already given this naughty girl a good hard strapping on her bare bottom and told her that worse is to come at bedtime.  A nervous a sore Ashleigh has been ordered to change into her pyjamas and left in her bedroom to await her fate. She knows that she is going to get a harder punishment but has no idea exactly what is going to happen to her.  The poor girl is distraught!  She is so very sore and already has a red and swollen bottom.  Just what is Auntie going to do? 

After several hours of waiting Asheligh hears Aunties tread on the stair. As Auntie Sarah enters the room Ashleigh begs to be forgiven and shows her just how badly marked her bottom already is.  Auntie Sarah believes in strict corporal punishment and wants to ensure that her young charge learns a lesson she will not forget in a hurry.  Ashleigh is going to be taken over the knee and given an over the knee spanking before she gets the hardest punishment possible, the birch.  Ashleigh just cannot believe what is going to happen to her.  The birch is a nasty bunch of canes which will cause her bottom so much pain when applied.

She pleads and pleads but it really is to no avail.  Not only will she get the birch but it will be applied to her bare bottom. The poor girl is made to go over the knee for her hard hand spanking.  Ashleigh struggles with this but knows that things are soon going to become far worse.  Auntie really wants to ensure that she pays for her misdeeds and will think before she acts in the future. Ashleigh is asked to put the pillows on the middle of the bed and to lay across them.  Her legs are spread and the birch is applied full force to her painful bottom.  The young girl cries with pain and terror with each and every strike. Her bottom is left welted and bruised.   Take a look at the free clip here

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Chaos at The House of Correction

July 23rd, 2014
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Hard punishment at the house of correctionIs Auntie Katie losing her touch? Over the years she has turned many young girls away from a life of crime. This strict matriarch has ruled the House of Correction with a rod of iron but has she met her match in Vicki? Somehow this naughty young lady has managed to overpower Katie and tie her up. She is rather delighted with this turn of events and spends time tormenting the rather helpless Katie. Poor Katie just cannot believe what has happened. She has never been so grateful to see the probation officer!

Sarah often visits the House to check in on  the young ladies in Auntie Katies care.  She cannot believe her eyes when she sees Katie tied to a chair and demands to know exactly what is going on.  Poor Katie cannot talk, not only has she been tied up but she has been gagged as well.  Eventually Sarah releases her and hears the whole sad and sorry tale.  Vicki obviously needs to be punished and Sarah feels that she should be the one to administer it.

Sarah makes Vicki kneel on the table and produces a rather nasty looking leather paddle with holes in it.  She explains to Vicki that she is going to get a good hard beating for her bad behaviour and that Auntie Katie will be there to witness it.  Vicki is not very happy that her plan to abscond from the house has been foiled but has little choice than to comply with Sarah.

Her clothes are removed and Sarah makes sure that the position Vicki is placed in is not only humiliating but uncomfortable as well.  Vicki is on her hands and knees with her bum high in the air.  Each and every stroke of the paddle is administered full force and designed to hurt this young girls tender flesh.

Vicki is in considerable pain but tries to take her punishment stoically.  She however cannot keep up the pretence and is soon howling in pain.  Her bum is soon bright red and clearly shows the marks were the paddle has hit.  A hard punishment movie take a look at the free clip here

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The Strap for a naughty school girl.

July 16th, 2014
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Naughty schoolgirl punished at homeAuntie Sarah really has her hands full! Ashleigh has hit puberty and her hormones have exploded. She has discovered boys and so seems to have forgotten all about her studies. She has been misbehaving really badly at school and the teachers have just about had enough. Ashleigh has been sent home and told to med her ways.

She is lounging on the bed when her Auntie comes home.  She is unaware that the school have contacted her Guardian and let her know exactly what this naughty young lady has been up to so she tries to lie and claims that she has a ‘half day’  Auntie is not impressed.  Her Niece is dressed like a slut and is covered in make up.  It is time to regain control of this terrible teen before she completely ruins her life.

Auntie starts by scolding this naughty young lady but it is obvious that it is not going to make the slightest bit of difference……  Ashleigh is out of control and Sarah knows of only one sure fire way of reigning her back in.  Ashleigh maybe almost an adult but she is not to old to have her bottom smacked and smacked hard. 

Ashleigh just cannot believe what is happening to her!  She protests but it is to no avail.  Her skirt is so short it offers no protection and her knickers are soon pulled down so that she can feel the sting of Aunties hard hand.  She wriggles and complains and her bottom is soon bright red.

Her ordeal is soon to become far worse.  Auntie produces a nasty leather strap and makes her niece kneel up on the bed for its application.  Her bottom is pulled tight so that each and every well applied stroke hits its mark.  A painful lesson for school girl Ashleigh.  Take a look at the free clip here

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Vicky arrives at the house of correction

July 9th, 2014
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Vicky at the house of correctionSarah is not feeling herself today! No I have that wrong, Sarah has a very bad pain in her arm and back today and I know what caused it. She was whacking a naughty man the other day and laid the cane on his bottom a bit too hard and that’s the result. That will teach her to go easy, they do say she is just about the hardest spanker around and having watched her and been on the receiving end of a spanking I can tell you just how true that is. Oh, just in case you’re wandering, this is Aunty Katie standing in for Sarah today as she cant even use her computer.

Now this weeks update features my very own series The House Of Correction and this week I have another new inmate, the very naughty Vicky. This young lady came along with a real attitude problem but I know just how to beat that out of young ladies.

After I had made her strip naked I bent her over and putting on my latex gloves I examined her for smuggled contraband, very humiliating I think, anyway, I did not find any so I told her she would get the same welcome as every other girl. Placing my spanking stool in the centre of the kitchen she eventually after much argument got herself over it. Now I said that Sarah can administer a good hard spanking but I have to tell you I can do just the same. I really did give this young lady a real hard spanking on her bottom and the tops of her legs. She was not quite so cheeky after I had finished spanking her I can tell you. Even though I do say so I think this is a real good film so now just get along and have a look at the free clip.

Now I do know that some of you like to see Sarah punishing naughty men, this is how she hurt her back so she really does give it to them. If you want to see her and some of the very newest films she has made then pop along to this link. and have a look see. I think you will love these films, and the guys are very brave to let Sarah punish them I think!

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Belle Calder Gets the Paddle

June 30th, 2014
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Bell Calder paddled by Sarah SlyAn early update for you this week. I normally update the site on a Wednesday but I am having extensive building work being done on my house and didn’t want the builders to see me uploading naughty films! You therefore don’t have to wait til Wednesday to see the latest great film to grace my wonderful site. If you haven’t been a member for a while then can I firstly let you know about some changes that have recently taken place? I have added a huge amount of bonus spanking content. For your low monthly membership price you now get so much more. Not only will you get a full film and photo gallery each and every week but you will also find Spank art cartoons, POV Spanking films and some F/M Spanking films. These will always be as well of and not instead of the normal monthly updates.

This week young Belle Calder is in trouble.  Sarah Sly had placed secret cameras around to see just how she was getting so much money.  It transpired that Belle was doing some rather naughty web camming!  Her Uncle was quite horrified and had given her quite  a hard bare bottom spanking but  Sarah is not convinced that the lesson has been driven home hard enough.

Sarah gives Belle quite a scolding but like most youngsters Belle feels that she knows better and that she shouldn’t have to listen to Sarah and her lecture.  In fact this silly young lady almost laughs in her face.  Those of you who know Sarah Sly Private eye will know that that is rather a foolish thing to do!  Sarah is going to teach her not only to respect her elders but to respect herself as well.

Sarah bends this naughty girl over and smacks her with rather a nasty leather spanking paddle.  The paddle has holes in it which make each and every whack feel harder.  Belle certainly does not find this funny especially when she is made to take her knickers down in order for the spanking to be carried out on her bare backside.

Sarah really lays the paddle on hard and smacks not only her bum but the tops of her thighs as well.  Belle is soon in tears and regretting her days as a web cam model.  A hard lesson for this young lady which leaves her with a bruised and battered backside.  Take a look at the free clip here

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