A Naked Punishment for Jess

April 22nd, 2015
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Poor Jess!  She really does not know what has hit her.   She thought she was going on a course which would ensure the continuation of her benefit payments and that it would be an easy ride.  That impression was soon dashed when Sister Sarah took her over the knee and spanked her.  She has been left with a pile of text books to study and they are so boring she has fallen asleep.

She is rudely shaken awake by one of the Doctors who is not impressed with finding her sleeping.  In fact, he feels that this deserves even more punishment!  The poor girl really does not know what to do.  He claims to be in charge and has a horrible looking spanking paddle with him so she reluctantly agrees to allow him to spank her.

The Doctor tells her that she is an absolute disgrace to her uniform and that she should take it off immediately.  Jess argues that this should not be necessary but in the end she gives up and takes all her clothes off.  What Jess does not know is that her ‘Doctor’ is actually one of the porters and he cannot believe his luck in getting this vulnerable girl to do his bidding. 

Not only is Tony the porter going to spank her but he makes sure he ogles her wonderful body as well.   He really can’t believe his luck, it is not every day he wanders in on a gullible and naïve nurse.  He takes her over the knee and starts to paddle her already sore bottom.

This is the worst day for Jess ever!  first spanked and now paddled and to top it off in the nude.  The paddle is hard and she gets a sound thrashing with it.  Her bum is soon really marked and sore and still the spanking continues.

When Sister Stern walks in on the situation she cannot believe her eyes!  What will happen to Jess and Tony?  Take a look at this film and many more at Spanking Sarah

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A Hard Caning for Bemby

April 15th, 2015
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I flew back into the UK yesterday morning and I must confess I am still feeling a little bit jet lagged!  I was in New York for a week and I must say I had a truly amazing time.  It really is the city which never sleeps.  I am not sure if I will ever return (I don’t think my credit card could handle it)  But It is a trip I will always remember.  Poor Mr Stern stayed at home and I think he was pretty pleased to see me.   Saying that, I nearly didn’t go!  On the way to the airport I realised that I had the wrong passports.  Fortunately we had time to head back and pick up the right ones.

Fans of Caning will love the latest film at Spanking Sarah   Bemby is just eighteen years old (I checked)  because she does look rather young!  She has always been into spanking in her private life but had never been filmed and she had also never been caned before.   She was understandably very nervous on the day.  I do love shooting with new girls as often they do go onto becoming spanking models.

This was the second part of a story which saw Bemby in trouble with her Auntie.  She had already been given a severe slippering and now it was time for her to receive the ultimate of punishments, the dreaded cane.  Bemby was understandable rather afraid and begged her Auntie not to cane her.  The slippering had left her bruised marked and sore but her pleas where of no avail. 

Each and every stroke of the cane was given to cause maximum pain and suffering for this naughty young lady.  Her bottom was soon welted where the heavy cane had landed.  Bemby tried hard to be stoic but could not help but to cry out in anguish

Auntie Sarah gave her 12 hard strokes on her bare sore bottom to really drive the message home.  A harsh lesson for eighteen year old Bemby.    You can see this film and hundreds of others at Spanking Sarah

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Jess Joins the Care Workers Academy

April 8th, 2015
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I will be in New York when you read this.  Unless of course, you read it days or weeks after it has been posted.  There is then a good chance I will be back home.  I am looking forward to my first trip to the USA.  I know I will miss Mr Stern terribly but I am sure he would rather be at home than traipsing around with our not so little daughter and I ….  We have some serious shopping to do.  

This week we welcome Jess back to SpankingSarah.  I love shooting with Jess and try to make sure we arrange something every time she flies back into the Country.   Jess is better known for her bondage modelling.  This is something I have never tried but I have been told that it can be far more painful than spanking!

We thought that Jess would look pretty fantastic in a little nurses uniform so decided that she would be perfect to star in our new careworker series.  The girls who come along obviously have no intention of wanting to care for anyone, they just don’t  want their  benefits stopped.   Jess is no exception to this rule.  She thinks that the course will be easy and that she will soon be back sitting at home watching daytime TV.  How wrong could she be?

Sister Stern soon dissuades her of this notion.  Before she even gets to open a text book she finds herself over the knee getting her bare bottom smacked!  Jess cannot believe it!  It seems that the paperwork she signed allows Sister Stern to use corporal punishment as a way of ensuring good behaviour.

Jess finds it rather embarrassing to be treated like a naughty little girl and is conscious of the fact that anyone could walk in and see her over the knee getting her bum reddened.  Not only is it painful, but humiliating as well.

The spanking is prolonged and painful and leaves Jess with a red and sore bum.  Sister Stern instructs her to begin reading the coursework books and to await further instructions.  Take a look at this great film at Spanking Sarah

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A Hard Slippering for Bemby

April 1st, 2015
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I am always on the look out for new girls to appear at SpankingSarah and go to a lot of trouble to ensure that I find them.  I make no secret that some of the girls we shoot with are not into spanking, in fact, a lot of them have never ever been spanked before and some will never ever do it again!  Bemby had never made a film before but enjoys a BDSM lifestyle. We used our new mini camera to make this film and I think members will be as pleased with the results as I am.   The camera is hand held and lets us get right into the action.  In fact, Mr Stern has got so close at times that he has nearly ended up with a slipper in his eye!   We had already filmed some interview audition films with Bemby for English Spankers so she had rather a bright red bottom which we decided to incorporate into the film. Bemby comes home late and tells her Auntie that she has been working late at College.  Auntie had been worried and had been trying to ring her to find out where she was.  The silly young lady lies and says that her phone has run out of battery.  When the home phone rings and Auntie is told the phone has been left at the studio where Bemby has been making spanking films it all goes wrong for poor Bemby. Auntie demands to see her bottom and then announces that if she likes spanking so much she can have one from her.   Auntie is furious and is determined to make her niece suffer for her bad behaviour.  She gets her slipper and really goes to town on this bad girls bare bottom. Bemby is forced to kneel in the chair and take stroke after painful stroke.  She is soon in tears and yet the punishment continues relentlessly.  Her bare backside is soon severely marked.  Will this be the end of her ordeal?  Take a look at this and hundreds of other great spanking films at Spanking Sarah Oh, I hope you like the improved quality, we are now encoding our films to a much higher quality and putting them out at a full 1920 x 1080, you should see a marked improvement in quality.

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Ella Hughes Party Girl Punished

March 25th, 2015
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A great film starring Ella Hughes for you this week.  This young lady has made quite an impression on the spanking and modelling world in quite a short space of time and I must confess to feeling very honoured to have been able to make so many fantastic films with her.  She now alas cannot make films which leave her marked as she has so many other modelling commitments so she can no longer shoot with us.  You may see the lovely Ella and other Spank Houses but you will never see her taking the type of punishments she loved to take at my hand. Ella has had a party and I have come home to find mess all over the house, the alcohol missing and a man in her bed!  As you can imagine, I am far from impressed.  I decide that if this silly girl wants to act like a child then she should be dressed like one for some punishment.  A humiliated Ella is forced to strip and put on a school tunic before taking a trip over my knee.  She is rather reluctant to tell the truth but those of you who have ever had the misfortune of being punished by me know that I always ensure that the full facts of any situation are given.  Ella may think that she can pull the wool over my eyes but she is most sadly mistaken!  She is going to get one of the hardest hand spankings of her young life.  I do believe that a spanking should be conducted on the bare bottom so it does not take me long to lift up that tunic and pull down her knickers.  I ensure that each and every part of her bottom gets spanked and I also make sure that the sensitive tops of her thighs get the same treatment.  The poor girl is soon writhing around in pain but must be taught her lesson. My hand is quite a formidable implement when used at full force and I do not show this naughty girl any mercy.  It does not take long for her to be very marked and sore but the punishment continues.  Ella is soon telling the truth and is rather sorry for her silly actions.  Take a look at the full film at Spanking Sarah

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Belle and Luna punished together

March 18th, 2015
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I am beginning to have my doubts about whether Luna and Belle will ever make the grade as Carers.  I am not one to throw the towel in BUT these two naughty young ladies do not seem to have a compassionate bone in their bodies!  Their treatment of Doctor Stern bordered on criminal and instead of learning from the hard punishment I gave them they seem intent instead on fighting each other! 

No sooner is my back turned then this degenerate pair are having a real cat fight with fists flailing and hair pulling.  My word!  They seem intent on causing each other some damage.   God knows what would have happened had I not walked back into the room.  We may have had a real casualty on our hands.

I don’t think I could say which was the most badly behaved.  In fact, I would say that neither young lady should be allowed to look after a goldfish let alone be a care worker.    Enough is enough and I decide that these two can be punished over my knees at the same time as each other.

Luckily I have very long legs and my lap is big enough to take two naughty girls at one time.  With my legs spread wide I can place them one over each knee which gives me the room to swing my nastiest leather paddle over both bottoms.  I don’t mess around, their uniforms are pushed up and their knickers yanked down.  If they thought they were sore before then they have a lot to learn!

The paddling is a fast, harsh no nonsense one which soon has both girls squirming and wriggling and begging me to stop.  Undeterred, I continue spanking at a harsh pace and make sure that each and every part of their naughty bottoms gets paddled and paddled hard.

I then make them both kneel on the sofa with their red bums high in the air so that I can use the full extent of my arm to swing that paddle back and forth.  They really do howl with pain but will they ever learn?  Two rather sore young ladies.  Take a look at this and hundreds of other great films at Spanking Sarah.

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A Naked Paddling for Bonnie May

March 11th, 2015
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Mr Stern is another year older and we are both considerably poorer!  We went to France for the weekend.  We had rather a lovely time and the weather was really good to us.  I am so pleased that at last the days are getting lighter and we have once more got some sunshine.  The winter months do seem to drain me.

Another fantastic film for you this week with one of my favourite spankees.  I will let you into a secret, I love most of the spankees we film with so I do have quite a few favourites!   But I do have quite a soft spot for Bonnie May.  She made her spanking debut with us some months back and has done several shoots since.  I also know that she is a favourite of many of our members too.

In this film Bonnie May plays my errant step child.  She has already had a spanking for trying to sell off my prize antiques.  I had left her standing by the fireplace with her red bottom bared and that is exactly where I expected to find her upon my return.

Imagine my surprise when I hear her on the telephone to one of her friends calling me lots of nasty names!  You really would have thought that the spanking would have taught her a lesson wouldn’t you?  As she hasn’t I decide that tougher measures are called for.

As a bare bottom spanking has not had the desired effect I feel that a good hard beating with the spanking paddle is in order.  Bonnie really does not want this and apologises profusely for her bad behaviour.  It is however to no avail, she is going to get the hardest paddling of her young life.

I decide not to bother spanking her over her knickers and jeans and instruct her to strip.  Bonnie really cannot believe what is happening to her.  She reluctantly takes off her clothes and stands with her hands on the mantle piece.

Bonnie is given a good hard bare bottom paddling which leaves her very marked and sore.  A sorry girl indeed.  Take a look at this and many other great films at my SpankingSarah website

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Luna gets the Paddle

March 4th, 2015
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Nurse Luna paddledWe are back at the care home this week where quite frankly, the nurses have not been very caring!  Fortunately Mr Stern was not an elderly patient but an undercover Doctor who exposed Luna and Belle and their atrocious behaviour to Sister Stern.  Belle has already been severely dealt with so now Luna must take a turn.

She has watched Belle take a good hard beating with the spanking paddle and knows that she is going to get exactly the same if not worse.  She is made to bend over, lift up the skirt of her uniform and remove her panties.   This punishment is going to be given on the bare.

The paddle is applied without mercy to her already sore bottom.  It is a pity that she had not taken heed of the previous spanking she had been given.  Her cries of pain are genuine but Sister Stern is going to make sure that she suffers for her cruelty.

Luna soon has a very red and marked bottom.  A prolonged and hard but well deserved paddling.  Take a look at this and hundreds of other films at Spanking Sarah

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Denim Jeans Spanking for Bonnie May

February 27th, 2015
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Spanked on denim jeans and bareAt Spanking Sarah I am always on the lookout for new girls to appear on site.  Lots of lovely ladies have never ever been spanked but feel that they want to try.  I am very honest with these ladies and let them know in no uncertain terms that if you are not into spanking, then it hurts a lot.  We recently filmed with a really beautiful young lady who really could not take the pain.  Fortunately Bonnie May not only managed to take a good spanking, but she even come back for a second go! 

Bonnie came along for her shoot wearing tight denim jeans which framed her bottom perfectly.  She brought a huge array of clothing with her but I thought she looked so good in the jeans that she should keep them on.  I must confess, that spanking a denim clad bottom does rather hurt the hand but she looked so fantastic that it was a price worth paying.

Like most teenagers, Bonnie does not like her Step Mother.  She tries to make her life as miserable as possible and has recently decided to sell off all her precious knick knacks.  She has invited a dealer around to the house and it is only luck which prevents her plan from going ahead.   Her Step Mom walks in on the transaction.   Sarah has had enough of this awful bad behaviour and decides that something has to be done about it once and for all.

Bonnie has been treated with kid gloves for too long.  It is time for her to learn that she cannot get away with continuous bad behaviour.  Her Step mom decides to take her over the knee.  Bonnie initially thinks that this is some kind of joke but soon realises the seriousness of her situation. 

Sarah pulls the unruly teen over her knee and begins the spanking.  There is no warm up for Bonnie.  Each and every spank hurts despite the fact that she is wearing jeans.  Bonnie is soon squirming and begging for the spanking to stop.

Unbeknown to Bonnie, her ordeal has barely began.  Her jeans are soon removed and the smacks continue to fall on her knicker clad backside.  Poor Bonnie cannot believe just how much this hurts.  Just when she thinks it can’t get any worse her knickers are yanked down and she is smacked on the bare.

Bonnie is given a prolonged and painful bare bottom hand spanking which leaves her bum bright red and sore.  When her StepMom is finished she is made to stand in the corner with her fiery bum on display.  Watch this and hundreds of other great films at Spanking Sarah

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Ella Hughes Stable Girl Punished

February 18th, 2015
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Stable girl beaten Greeting from (hopefully) sunny Spain.  Due to the new UK laws we have had to become Spanish residents so will be spending time in both Countries until our Daughter is old enough to leave school.  It is not an ideal situation but we have been left with little choice.  Neither Mr Stern nor I fancy breaking the law.  We love making spanking films so will continue to spread our time between our country of residence and our country of birth.

A wonderful outdoor spanking film for you this week starring the rather popular Ella Hughes.  We do love finding and filming with brand spanking new girls and we were rather proud to debut this model last year.  We knew that she was going to take the modelling world by storm so made sure we got lots of great spanking films with her.  Our prediction came true and we know that although Ella is still making spanking films she cannot be marked anymore.  But fear not, we still have lots of hard spanking films for you.

This one was filmed last September and I remember it well.  We thought that Ella would look rather fetching in jodhpurs and as you can tell by the photo, this was yet another thing we were right about!  This naughty girl likes to have a crafty cigarette and as we all know,  fire and hay does not mix very well.  As this is a spanking film, Ella is caught and obviously spanked.

A nasty riding crop is used on her bottom and she is also given some strokes on her pussy which really made her jump.  The crop is applied firstly over her tight jodhpurs before being used on the bare.  It may look rather sunny in the film but I can tell you that it was rather cold and an outside punishment hurts so much more.

A fantastic hard punishment film showing Ella Hughes at her very best.  Take a look at this and hundreds of other films at Spanking Sarah

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