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Louise gets the Paddle for the first (and possibly last) time

November 8th, 2016
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I may well be writing this to myself! The last time I posted on this blog was back in April. Our blog software was hacked and to be honest, I totally lost heart in trying to sort them out only to find that they had been hacked again. I am also not sure whether people still read blogs …….. the comments are off again to stop a load of spam so I don’t really get any feedback either. If you do read my blogs then please let me know via email or twitter or in person if you come to visit. It might give me a little bit more of an incentive to keep them up to date. For now I will keep them short and sweet and post my photos than words as I am sure that is of more interest anyway.

Louise Burton is now having the second part of her interview with me. I have had a good chat with her but still don’t really know why she had decided to get into the spanking film scene as she is already a very well know glamour model. However, I do find out quite a lot about her and ask her if she wants me to give her the hard paddling which will be the next part of this interview. I am not too convinced that she wants this but she does agree to go ahead. So one painful paddling coming up








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The Cane for April

March 21st, 2016
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There is something quite sexy about a girl wearing tights. I don’t know why I like it so much but I do. Especially when I get to spank and cane them over them. April had been staying with me and like a lot of young people, she was not the cleanest. I hate having an untidy house so I had given her a really hard paddling for being so messy. Instead of learning a lesson the silly girl decides to borrow my computer to show her boyfriend what I had done to her.

I am understandably quite cross when I find that she has not learnt her lesson so decide to make sure I get my point across. If a paddling on the bare bottom has not worked then perhaps a heavy dose of the cane will have more of an effect.

Poor April cannot believe she has been caught but has little choice but to take her punishment. She gets a spanking over her tights first before being made to bend over and touch her toes and take twelve of the very best.

I have been told that spanking and caning over tights hurts far more than on the bare but as I am not sure about the truth of this I gave some on top of the tights and then took them down. I do believe that having a bare bottom and everything on display does leave a naughty girl feeling vulnerable.

Want to see the film? Go along and join SpankingSarah today.

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Spanking Cookery with Satine Spark

March 9th, 2016
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Please welcome Satine Spark back to SpankingSarah. I love shooting with Satine Spark. It seems like only yesterday that she came along to make her very first spanking film when in fact it was over six years ago. A lot can change within that time scale but I can honestly say that Satine looks as fantastic today as she did then.

I love shooting spanking films. I adore the fact that we have such a fantastic relationship with the girls we shoot films with and it is always nice to catch up and smack deserving bottoms.

Satine Spark has starred in many of our films over the years and Mr Stern was keen to do something a little different with her this time. He decided upon a new series ‘Spanking Cookery’ with Satine being the first presenter but as members will see – she was not very honest about her culinary skills!

Last week she wrecked his recipe for French Onion Soup and got a good hard bare bottom spanking. You would have thought that this would have quickly improved not only her skills but her attitude and behaviour wouldn’t you?

Satine had been given the recipe to make a fruit cake and told to follow it to the letter to ensure that further spankings were not given. Satine managed to do this and did make a very nice cake but unfortunately she shared it out with the crew before Mr Stern even got to look at it!

This was not the wisest of moves and understandably, Mr Stern was not very happy to see a half eaten cake. It is obvious that further punishment is required. As a hand spanking does not seem to have worked, Mr Stern decides to use a spanking paddle instead.

Poor pale skinned Satine already has a sore bottom from the hand spanking so begs Mr Stern not to punish her any further but he is determined to extract his revenge. The paddle is quite a nasty leather one and each and every stroke really hurts her already tender skin.

Her bottom is soon bright red, marked and sore but Mr Stern continues with the punishment. Satine is made to touch her toes and her bare bottom gets a prolonged and painful spanking.


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School punishments

February 19th, 2016
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I have something very different for you this week at Spanking Sarah. It is not often I get the chance to show a school film but for this weeks update I have in fact combined three films into one.

Yes three full length films featuring a very naughty schoolgirl caught going out of bounds from her rather posh boarding school. The nastiest master in the school happens to be taking his break in the grounds and catches her as she returns still in her uniform. He questions her and decides to inflict a nasty spanking on her there and then out in the grounds and so sets about spanking her firm bottom over her school knickers and then on the bare  bottom.

No sooner has he finished this than he gets a phone call from the village shop keeper informing him that a girl has been steeling cigarettes from the shop, the girl sounds very much like Rebecca, the one he is just spanking. She denies this but a quick search soon reveals her stash of cigarettes. Without further ado he fetches the school punishment paddle and after removing her knickers he makes Rebecca bend over for a real hard and prolonged paddling on the bare bottom. The poor girl is close to tears by the end of this but Snaith decides he must take her to see the headmaster.

In the heads study she realises she is in for a lot more pain now. He has his own punishment strap and delights in bending her over a chair to use it on her before fetching the senior girls cane. She bends over now to take the final punishment. A hard caning with no mercy shown for those punishments already inflicted.

I am sure you will love this extra session of school punishments, a really good collection so please get along and take a look at my site.


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Sarah Sly Private Eye

January 7th, 2016
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I have a really great start to our new year of spanking films. What do you get when you take a good story, Amelia Jane Rutherford and the London Tanner. Putt them all together and film the result? I will tell you, you get a great spanking and leathering film to start off the year.

This is a new episode in an occasional series we do featuring stories from my private detective agency. Now I don’t rally own one so do not get me watching out for unfaithful wives or husbands, I might just find one. This series has some good stories and this sis no exception. Amelia Jane Rutherford is working with me in my private detective agency and is out to help a housewife in trouble. Her husband is spending far too much time in his garden shed and she needs to know what he is up to. There are strange goings on and lots of noises she does not understand. Amelia breaks into the shed and discovers it is the workshop of a leather manufacturer and as he returns she is in line to find out just what sort of leather goods he is making. Co-starring the London Tanner and Portia Rue. That’s the story and the London Tanner gets to use one of his favourite straps on one of our favourite ladies.

Now membership at my site is for as little as around £11 per month, that’s not bad for over 300 full length films plus pictures and other members product. If you feel that you don’t want to join a membership site then you can download my films at my Spanking Library or my Clips4Sale store. These are reliable places you can download top quality films from, so please take a look, you can also see free clips on the stores.

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December 23rd, 2015
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It’s not even Christmas yet and I still have things to do and I still have not got a present for Mr Stern. Now I know what he wants but I am not sure that I want to spend the whole of Christmas with a sore bottom so he might have to make do with a new shirt instead. I have loads of baking still to do, we have the lovely Kodders joining us this year for Christmas  so I will have to keep him in order and you know what that means! We have lots of family and that’s especially nice, as your kids get older you can so easily lose contact with them.

We have been so busy, we are going to come to the UK for Christmas, it’s just not the same in Spain, although I do like the New Year celebrations there. I know that all our films for the Christmas week are now on the web sites and I think we have a great selection. On my own site I have another episode of Unladylike Manor. I do love this series, it gives us a chance to do some real stories and have a bit of fun as well as get in loads of great spanking. We are looking for a new location for next year to progress the story so if anyone has a nice manor house and would like to share it with a house trained film crew and some very delectable spankees please contact us here and we will tell you all about it.

This weeks film can be seen in my site which has a very reasonable membership price or you can download it from my instant download site. So it just remains for me to wish you all a very happy Christmas, and of course to thank my loyal members for their continued support and interest and a special big thank you to all those guys who have appeared on my Sarahspanksmen site. You are a great bunch.

Love Sarah

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A real classic spanking

December 16th, 2015
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Now it’s not very often that I mention my husband on my blog but I feel that with this film I really must. He is not the best actor in the world, although he thinks he should have had more than one Oscar by now, but when he is playing a part opposite such a lovely lady as the subject of my update this week he really does look good. I think that’s what he would call a back handed compliment! Anyway, the other thing about him is that he has been making spanking films for well over 30 years and has spanked some of the best known ladies in our business and he always says that Kami Robertson is one of the very best.

That brings me to todays update and the reason for the foregoing, I have had requests for another Kami Film, I did feature one about two years ago and so I asked Mr Stern if he would let me use another from his prized collection. He gave me this, he thinks this is the real bratty Kami as we all know her, it has good acting, good hard paddling action and she is just a joy. So I make no apologies for bringing back this film and a big thanks to the Stern one.

Kami is a very naughty and cheeky secretary to Mr Stern, He decides that she needs to be punished and that his large leather paddle is the ideal way of achieving the desired results. She does take it very hard on her delectable bottom but you know, I think she likes it!


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My Birthday present

December 12th, 2015
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No it’s not really my birthday, it’s just for the film…What, you thought everything was real around here, well I have news for you. But back to the film and the really great story. Now this is the truth, Ashleigh actually does hate to be caned but she knows that every time she comes to see me she will get her bottom caned and she was the one who came up with this story. I had a new cane, my candy cane as I call it for obvious reasons, anyway she said the story could be that she had brought it for me and that I was to pretend I had never caned anyone before and she would let me practice on her.

Brave but a bit silly I thought as I readily agreed to this little story. So when it came to the time for Ashleigh to bend over she said to me to be gentle as she had come up with the story and was putting her bottom on the line. I said I had no inclination to be gentle and it would be me putting the lines on her bottom.

That’s exactly what happened and I have to say she did take this hard caning very well. I don’t think she will be volunteering to take the cane again in a hurry but rest assured, if she does I will be filming it for you. You can see the film by joining my site right here, there are well over three hundred other great films there and loads of pictures and free bits. If you just want to download the films individually then you can go to my C4S site here or my Library site here. These are my trusted resellers  and you may get the full films with full confidence.


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New things happening

November 19th, 2015
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Well I am flabbergasted I have just started a new blog, no positing’s on it and Microsoft have marked it as unsafe, how dare they do this? There is nothing there! Anyway, to this weeks update, it once again features the amazing Kiki Vee, I just love this girl, she is so pretty and just loves to get her bottom beaten and hard. Just what I like to do. Here is the story.

Kiki is having her very first spanking interview and admits that she does love to be spanked. She is a very pretty young lady, new to the spanking scene and wanting to get as much experience as she can. I tell her that the next stage of her interview is that she must be paddled and she is looking forward to this. Once I use my paddle on her bare bottom I really do get a reaction, I don’t know if she likes it or if she hates it but I do not hold back with my swats on her bare bottom.

I have an amazing pre-Christmas film sale to offer. No, I am not usually so generous but just once in a while it is nice to be able to reduce the price of things for you.
I have reduced the price of loads of full length films on my SPANKING LIBRARY
to $5.00 that’s about £3.27 or €4.60 each.
There is a full range of films from all our web sites and I am sure there will be something for everyone.

All you need to do is go to my SPANKING LIBRARY and look for the reduced price films. NOT ONLY THAT. If you see a film you want and I have not reduced the price just send me an e-mail to this email address and I will reduce the price of that film to $5.00

Now this offer will be for a very limited period but I hope that you take the chance to take a look at some of our films, we have many episodes from UNLADYLIKE MANOR, The SPANKING MANSION, THE SEXY CLEANING COMPANY plus our school time series and many more featuring the top spanking models in the UK as well as some of our best glamour models being spanked for the first time.

I also have a good selection from my SARAH SPANKS MEN site, all at this amazing price. No one else will make such an offer and I can only run it for a few days but if you have not joined one of our web sites or seen any of our films this will be a great chance to come up-to date. All our films are shot in full HD and go onto our sites as top quality MP4 files so they can be played on any media including smart phones and tablets as well as desk tops.

This is my Christmas offer to you, so take advantage of it today.


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New from Unladylike Manor

November 11th, 2015
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Once again I am really pleased to be able to bring you another episode from my long running spanking soap Unladylike Manor. This week I am particularly pleased as it features two of my great friends, that naughty man around town Kodders and the very beautiful Susanne Smart. This is Episode 35 and I think it just keeps getting better. It is always difficult to find ways to keep the scripts of long running series fresh and entertaining but I think we are not doing too bad.

This story sees me blackmailing Lady Susanne, who has been reduced through changed circumstances to becoming my maid, into entertaining ‘gentlemen’ who wish to spank and otherwise abuse ladies bottoms. Now I know that she will not like this but this gives me extra pleasure and so it is that her first  customer is Kodders, this is his introduction to the manor and its strange inhabitants. In this film the lucky guy gets to spank Lady Susanne on her black lacy panties and then her bare bottom, now I think that even kodders would say he is not the best spanker in the world but when you have such a lovely bottom wanting to be spanked, and Suzanne does really want it spanked, you just have to man up and spank it. That’s what he did and to his credit my maid did end up with  nice red bum!

I really do like this series, I now have a special page on my site devoted to it where you will be able to get all the episodes, even the very first, re encoded into MP4 format to give you the very best viewing experience. If you have not seen this series before and want to take a look and maybe download one episode you will find it on my spanking library. Do take a look or all the episodes are on  my site.

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