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This weeks spanking good update

June 25th, 2009

Before the blow jobGood morning guys, what a fantastic update we have for you this week. It features yours truly and Carl. This film does look fantastic (yes, I know that is blowing my own trumpet a bit) But we had such great time making it and I truly think our enjoyment shows. We made it on one of those rare hot spring days about a month ago whilst we were in Essex. I was dressed in my nice new school uniform, complete with regulation white socks and knickers. Now, lets not pretend that I could ever be taken to be of school age! Although a lady never discloses her age, I think we will all agree that I will not be seeing thirty again any time soon lol. Anyway, I was playing the part of a lady on the way to a fancy dress party. On my way, I happen to chance upon Carl hitchhiking. Luckerly for him, I stop to give him a lift. Let me tell you, he gets far more than a ride in my motor car! I really did love making this film, what a pity that things like that do not happen for real. Have a look at the film and tell me what you think. More tomorrow. Kisses Sarah xx xx xx

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