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Back and busy but missing my spankings

February 26th, 2010

Hi guys, what is a girl to do? All day my job entails looking at pictures of naughty ladies and girls getting spanked and caned and I have to wait a whole week before that is going to happen to me again. It is absolute torture! How I miss being spanked. I really need to start looking for a second property to rent so that I can start doing one 2 ones, that way, I will get all the punishments I need.

Still, at least I do get to be dealt with on a fairly regular basis. Lord knows what would happen if I wasn’t. I have been promised a really hard punishment session. Not because I have done anything to deserve it. I have actually been quite good over the past week or so. But because I really need it. I am hoping to come home with a lovely red bottom and some nice new marks to show for it.

So, only six days to go, and counting. I am not one to wish my life away but I do wish they would hurry up and pass! I get so excited on the drive up or down the country anticipating what is going to happen to me. It makes my pussy so very wet! Kisses Sarah xx

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