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New Girl Kiki Spanked in the Hay Barn

March 7th, 2012

Please welcome the lovely Kiki to Spanking Sarah.  She is brand new to spanking so I went really easy on her on this first shoot ……….  Do you believe that?  If you do then you obviously are not a member and so therefore do not know just how hard I like to spank the lovely young ladies who come along to film with us.  I have a view, a simple one.  If you decide to star in a spanking movie then you need to get spanked!  I really do not believe in ‘soft’ patter cake spankings.   Fortunately Kiki was more than happy to go over my knee and get a good hard hand spanking.

This sexy young lady had snuck off to the HayBarn to meet her boyfriend.  But alas, it was I who happened upon her lazing around.  As this was not the first time I had caught her out, I decided to teach this naughty girl a lesson she would not forget in a hurry.  She had a choice to make.  I would report her to the Boss or she could take a different form of punishment.  Kiki did not want to lose her job so decided that a trip over my knee may be the better option.

Her spanking began over her tiny tight denim shorts.  To be honest, most of her bottom was exposed in them anyway so they did not offer much protection from my hard hand.  It did not take long for her butt cheeks to turn a blazing red colour.  The spanking was hard and fast and as this was a punishment, Kiki was not given any soothing rubs in between whacks.

After a while my poor hand began to ache.  Spanking denim is hard work so I decided it was time for those little shorts to come down.  Kiki was wearing white knickers which were in a real contrast to her crimson bottom.  The panties were also removed so that her bare bum felt the full impact of my hard hand.

Kiki was spanked relentlessy,  and was soon begging to be forgiven.  She really had learnt her lesson the painful way and I was going to let her up and dressed but who was to walk in?  A very cross Mr Stern.  Take a look at the free clip here

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