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The Wooden Paddle and Cane for Kiki at SpankingSarah

February 3rd, 2016
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Two updates to tell you about.  I was too busy last week to update the blog so I will make up for it this week.  Kiki is a wonderful young lady who loves to be spanked and paddled.  So much so that she even brought along her own special wooden paddle to our last shoot.  When Kiki first came along she had never ever felt the sting of the cane but she knew that if she wanted to shoot with SpankingSarah she would need to take this punishment.

It used to be only males who abused their position in the work place but in the age of sexual equality it seems that predators can be of both sexes.  Kiki has taken a fancy to one of her co workers and has been trying to convince the young lady to embark on a sexual encounter.  This has made the poor girl feel uncomfortable and the matter has been raised with the Boss.  Sarah values Kiki as an employee but knows that this kind of behaviour cannot go unpunished.

Sarah visits Kiki at home and questions her about the allegations.  Kiki admits that she has acted unprofessionally and begs Sarah not to  dismiss her for her actions.  She understands that she needs to be punished and readily agrees to be beaten.  Her first punishment is given with a nasty wooden paddle which leaves her bare bottom marked and sore but her ordeal is far from over. 

Kiki must also take a hard caning from her employer.  Her bottom clearly shows the effects of the paddle but she still has to bend over for twelve hard strokes of this formidable implement.    The strokes are given without mercy and leave her sore and welted.  Two great hard spanking films.

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Self Spanking Leads to a Caning for Kiki

September 12th, 2012
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Naughty Kiki thought she was all alone in the stately home. The rest of the school had left on the coach so she decided it was time to have a kinky call with her boyfriend. She spanked her bottom with her hand and a spanking paddle and got so turned on that she started to play with her wet pussy.   Unfortunately for her, she had not really thought about what would happen when it was discovered she was missing from the coach.

School Teacher Ms Bright soon realised that she was missing one of her charges so returned to the Stately Home to see what was happening.  The Security Guards were rather preoccupied when she arrived and one look at their security monitors showed her why.  The had been watching every single thing that this dirty school girl had been doing!  Ms Bright made sure the tape was wiped clean before she went off to deal her errant pupil.

Kiki was so carried away that she did not even hear Ms Bright enter the room and only stopped playing with herself when she heard the thud of the cane hit the bed.  The poor girl had been caught well and truly in the act and couldn’t deny what she had been doing.  Especially when she learnt that the whole thing had been recorded on video.

Ms Bright decides that as Kiki likes being spanked so very much that she can have a bit more.  She pulls the girls legs high into the air and begins to beat her bare bottom harshly with the paddle.  As you can imagine, Kiki does not find this very sexy at all.  In fact, in hurts her quite badly as Ms Bright ensures that she is thrashed on every single part of her bottom.

After a good hard beating Kiki is made to stand but her ordeal is far from over.  Ms Bright is going to teach this naughty girl a lesson she will not be forgetting in a hurry.  She is going to give her a good hard caning on her already well marked and sore bottom.

Kiki has to endure stroke after painful stroke which leaves her bruised bum well welted.  Take a look at the free clip here

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The Paddle for Naughty Kiki

June 6th, 2012
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I love working with young Kiki. She really is an amazing looking girl and she loves to be spanked. In fact, I am making some more films with her on Friday. She is just so yummy and I know you all think so too. If you have any ideas of just what I should do to her then please let me know.

In this weeks fantastic update Kiki plays a rather naughty school girl.  Kiki has been on a field trip and her teacher has had to spank her bare bottom quite hard already for misbehaviour.  A little later on the trip Kiki had complained of feeling faint and sick so Ms Bright had rushed her young charge into hospital.  Bloods were taken and the Doctor questioned Kiki about why she thought she was so ill.  Kiki seemed to think it was the spanking she had been given earlier.  The Doctor disagreed.  He thought it was more likely the huge amount of alcohol that the blood test showed this naughty minx to have drank.

Ms Bright is furious and decides to deal with Kiki there and then.  Right in the middle of the casualty department.  Kiki has to kneel on the hospital bed bare bottom high in the air and her Teacher really spanks her hard on her already sore bottom.  Kiki tries to claim her innocence but knows that Ms Bright will not fall for her stories.

Ms Bright then produces a nasty leather paddle from her hand bag and places Kiki into the diaper position so every singe tender part of her bottom gets to feel the pain.  Poor Kiki is so humiliated as she knows that everybody can hear her being punished.  She is left a very sore and sorry girl.  Take a look at the free clip here

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New Girl Kiki Spanked in the Hay Barn

March 7th, 2012

Please welcome the lovely Kiki to Spanking Sarah.  She is brand new to spanking so I went really easy on her on this first shoot ……….  Do you believe that?  If you do then you obviously are not a member and so therefore do not know just how hard I like to spank the lovely young ladies who come along to film with us.  I have a view, a simple one.  If you decide to star in a spanking movie then you need to get spanked!  I really do not believe in ‘soft’ patter cake spankings.   Fortunately Kiki was more than happy to go over my knee and get a good hard hand spanking.

This sexy young lady had snuck off to the HayBarn to meet her boyfriend.  But alas, it was I who happened upon her lazing around.  As this was not the first time I had caught her out, I decided to teach this naughty girl a lesson she would not forget in a hurry.  She had a choice to make.  I would report her to the Boss or she could take a different form of punishment.  Kiki did not want to lose her job so decided that a trip over my knee may be the better option.

Her spanking began over her tiny tight denim shorts.  To be honest, most of her bottom was exposed in them anyway so they did not offer much protection from my hard hand.  It did not take long for her butt cheeks to turn a blazing red colour.  The spanking was hard and fast and as this was a punishment, Kiki was not given any soothing rubs in between whacks.

After a while my poor hand began to ache.  Spanking denim is hard work so I decided it was time for those little shorts to come down.  Kiki was wearing white knickers which were in a real contrast to her crimson bottom.  The panties were also removed so that her bare bum felt the full impact of my hard hand.

Kiki was spanked relentlessy,  and was soon begging to be forgiven.  She really had learnt her lesson the painful way and I was going to let her up and dressed but who was to walk in?  A very cross Mr Stern.  Take a look at the free clip here

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