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What is your favourite spanking position?

June 22nd, 2009

Pixie spanked over the tableMorning guys. Well, what is? I know I love to be bent over the knee but as we learnt from the lovely young Pixie in her interview, she much prefers to be spanked over furniture. Now, to be perfectly honest with you, I would not turn down a spanking which ever way it was administered! But I am very curious as to other peoples likes and dislikes. I do think that different positions work better for different implements. You would not get very far trying to cane somebody whilst they were over your knee would you? When we were filming in Essex, Carl and I did an outdoor scene where I was dressed in my school uniform. He was a hitch hiker and I was a very naughty adult school girl. We had planned that the spanking scene would take place over the bonnet but this was prevented by two things. Firstly, the car is black and it was a very sunny day – my word! that car was HOT . We thought we could get past this by me taking my blazer off and laying on that but then some ladies decided to walk their dogs right where we were filming! Now, I do not mind being watched but did not fancy being responsible for the heart attacks they would have probably have had at the sight of me spread over the bonnet. We decided that we had better film the second scene inside. We will be down in deepest Devon pretty soon and should have ample opportunities for some outside spanking. Provided of course, the british weather behaves itself. I don’t fancy being half undressed and spanked in the rain. Saying that, if you guys decide that is what you want to see….. I will just have to grin and bear it. It is after all, your site so you get to chose what goes on. We may have quite an exciting story to film whilst we are there but I can’t tell you the exact details until it has been agreed and finalised. I do so hope it comes off though. I must now get up and go for my run. More tomorrow. Kisses Sarah xx xx xx

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Pixie Paddled Puce!

June 18th, 2009

Pixie PaddledMorning guys, well, red actually but it wouldn’t have looked so catching ha ha! What colour is Puce anyway? It sounds something an aunt would wear. I suppose I could have said purple but that is even more silly. Anyway, as per usual, I digress. What a good taxi driver I would make – all around the houses before I get to the place you want to be. Oh, and that is a joke! please no hate mail from taxi drivers. I know you do a very good job really. Right, where was I? Ah that was it. Todays update sees the young and lovely Pixie giving us even more of an insight into her love of spanking and way of life. I did find this facsinating to listen too and I am sure you will to. She really does look good on camera and has a figure to die for and a bottom which seems to have been made to be spanked. In this second part you also get to see her take a real heavy dose of the paddle. Her bottom turns a lovely shade of crimson. You can tell that it is painful for her but that she loves it just as much as I do. I really do hope we will be working with Pixie again soon. This was her first time being spanked on film and hopefullyit will not be her last. Anyway, enjoy the film and let me know what you think. Kisses Sarah x xx xx xx

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Pixie spanking debut in this weeks update

June 10th, 2009

Sarah with her new dragon caneMorning guys, now I know a lot of you will want to know what happened yesterday in regards to the heavy punishment session and I promise, you will not have long to wait for the details. However, I must tell you first about this weeks fantastic update. We have rushed this film though the editing process (not that this has affected the high quality films you are so used to) But we have taken this unusual step as so many of you stated that you really could not wait to see young Pixie get a real good spanking! As you know, or should by now, I will do anything I can to please you my lovely members so here it is, hot off of the press so to speak. Pixie is such a beautiful young girl and she has been interested in spanking for quite a time, although she has been spanked in her personal life, this was the very first time ever she had been spanked on film. We decided that in order to give you a real insight into her life, we would conduct an interview to find out just how and why she became involved in the spanking scene. The results were truly fascinating. It really is a must to watch. In this weeks update she takes a very long and hard hand spanking. Believe me, it was enough to bring tears to my eyes watching that lovely young girl but she took every hard stroke. You can tell that like me, this lady loves to be spanked. She really is a natural on film as well, although a little nervous at first, she soon relaxed and we all had a great day. As I said, this was the first time ever Pixie had been spanked on film. Judging from the results, it certainly won’t be her last. We are always looking for new ladies (young and old) to come and work with us, so don’t be shy. Contact me here. Until then, enjoy the delightful Pixie. Kisses Sarah xx

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End of the shoot

June 2nd, 2009

We really did have a great shoot this last week. We have two brand new ladies to feature named, Pixie and Conchita and they are involved in some sexy and very naughty spanking stories. As always we do try to bring you something a little different with all our films and our updates and we are always striving to improve on the already high standards we have set ourselves.
Conchita before the spankingMake no mistake, to keep finding just the right people to appear on our website is not easy, fortunately now that the site, although it’s only a couple of months old, is getting such a good reputation we are managing to search out what we hope are the right girls for you. As we promise with the site, there will be a good mixture of sex and spanking, that is where it is difficult to find just the right people. Lots of models out there will do the spanking films and lots will do the sex films but to find girls who do both is not easy.

Pixie was very happy to make her first full fledged spanking, paddle and caning film with us. This beautiful young girl took a real session of hard punishment and came out at the end of a long hard day with a smile on her face.

With Conchita we have found a lovely mature lady who looks just amazing and who loves sex in all its forms and especially for Sarah she has agreed to be spanked and paddled for the very first time, not just on film but the very first time ever. We have it all on tape, a great sex scene and a real scorching spanking and paddling scene where she is joined by Sarah for a double dose of the paddle, two beautiful red bottoms for the price of one. What more can we give to you, well we have Sarah in her sexiest scenes to date, you will have to wait to see those and the very marked bottom she ended up with after the shoot. These pictures will go into the members’ area later this week. We do have some other things planed so please keep with us, our membership fees are very reasonable and if you join now and maintain your membership we will keep it at this low price even when we do have to raise it for new members. Take our longest joining period of six months and see just how cheap it actually is. Enjoy this picture of Conchita.

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Twittering my time away after the caning

May 29th, 2009

Sarah and PixieMorning guys, and what a beautiful one it is. I woke up this morning to find that the spanker had decided to test all of his canes across my bare bottom to see which one hurt the most!! He really can be quite spiteful. Still, I did not complain, well, not much. It is our last day and he had promised me a hard punishment caning so I guess I deserved it. Quite a short post from me today, we are getting ready to pack up and head home. This week has gone by so quickly and we have made quite a few fantastic films for you.

Anyway, I have recently joined twitter and would love you guys to follow me on it – I have no followers at the moment so who will be the first? My username is of course spankingsarah.

I hope you like this picture of me with young Pixie, we have a great film of her first spanking, paddling and caning and they will be available to you very soon. I will try to get some more images of her on my blog for you to see.
Must dash, lots of packing to do and I need to rub some cream onto my poor sore marked bottom. Until tomorrow. Kisses Sarah xx

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Hand caning

May 26th, 2009

Black stockings and red bottomGood morning guys, and what a rainy and miserable one it is this morning! Tis lucky that we did a lot of filming outside yesterday. We did a great little sequence which involved me and a double glazing salesman. I don’t want to spoil the plot for you but will say it involved me playing with myself, with him and of course getting quite a hard spanking. Actually, I got two. Firstly over the salesmans knee for an over the knee hand spanking and then a heavy dose of the paddle. It was the first time I had experianced that paddle. It did not look to bad. My word though – it stung! It was a smooth redwood paddle and every single stroke was agony. The scary part is that after when I complained about how much it hurt, the spanker informed me that he had only been using it quite lightly! I dread to think how a full force punishment would feel with it, I may try and be a good girl for the next day or two just to ensure I do not find out. Well, maybe that is to higher expectation. This morning we will be filming the final part of this story. It will be one of my least favourite things. A hand caning. So many of you have asked for this so of course I want to do as you have requested. My members wishes are very important to me. As I am holding my hand out for the cane I willl be thinking of each and everyone one of you. The fact that I am doing something that you have requested really turns me on. I hope it makes the site that little bit more personal. Later today we have a lovely young lady called Pixie coming to do some filming with us. We are not quite sure what storyline to follow yet but I am sure we will think of something great for you. I will let you know what we did tomorrow. Anyway, best go, busy day ahead. More tomorrow. Kisses Sarah xx

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