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School punishments

February 19th, 2016
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I have something very different for you this week at Spanking Sarah. It is not often I get the chance to show a school film but for this weeks update I have in fact combined three films into one.

Yes three full length films featuring a very naughty schoolgirl caught going out of bounds from her rather posh boarding school. The nastiest master in the school happens to be taking his break in the grounds and catches her as she returns still in her uniform. He questions her and decides to inflict a nasty spanking on her there and then out in the grounds and so sets about spanking her firm bottom over her school knickers and then on the bare  bottom.

No sooner has he finished this than he gets a phone call from the village shop keeper informing him that a girl has been steeling cigarettes from the shop, the girl sounds very much like Rebecca, the one he is just spanking. She denies this but a quick search soon reveals her stash of cigarettes. Without further ado he fetches the school punishment paddle and after removing her knickers he makes Rebecca bend over for a real hard and prolonged paddling on the bare bottom. The poor girl is close to tears by the end of this but Snaith decides he must take her to see the headmaster.

In the heads study she realises she is in for a lot more pain now. He has his own punishment strap and delights in bending her over a chair to use it on her before fetching the senior girls cane. She bends over now to take the final punishment. A hard caning with no mercy shown for those punishments already inflicted.

I am sure you will love this extra session of school punishments, a really good collection so please get along and take a look at my site.


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Sneaky Sarah strapped

June 3rd, 2010

Good afternoon people, I am a little late with updating the blog this week, I would like to say it is because I have been very busy, but it is not. The truth of the matter is that I have been having such a lovely time at Carls Villa that I totally forgot! But do not worry, The Spanker has already made me see the error of my ways.

We have been doing some filming already today but I will tell you a little more about that later, I want to tell you now about this weeks site update.  It is a further instalment of the ‘Dothegirls Hall’ series.  As most of you know, the story so far is that Ms Granger has been teaching the caretaker a thing or two!  Namely how to almost collapse a bed with her acrobatics during sex.  This SchoolMistress certainly has a side to her not shown to the girls which she teaches.   Unbeknown to Ms Granger, not only has she been seen by one of the pupils, but she has been filmed as well.

Did you guess which of the troublesome girls caught the footage on their camera phone?  It was me of course!  Now, I was tempted to put the whole thing straight onto my facebook for all the other girls to see.  Can you imagine how Ms Granger would feel when she saw herself on the internet sucking cock and being fucked hard and fast in so many positions?  I doubt her school teaching career would have lasted much longer.     I decided that the first thing I should do was to show the headmaster exactly what his favourite teacher got up to. 

Now, you would have thought he would have been grateful to me wouldn’t you?  You would have thought he would have thanked me for bringing her disgraceful behaviour to his attention.  But no, the evil old goat decided that he would not only confiscate my mobile phone, but that he would strap my bare bottom as well.  I ask you, where is the justice in that?

Despite my best protestations, he soon had me bent over for a real leathering with the strap.  Firsltly over my white school knickers and then onto my poor bare sore bottom.  He really did give me a hard thrashing.  Take a look at the  free clip and see for yourself.

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Schoolgirl Clover spanked

May 12th, 2010

Morning guys, today I bring you part two of our ‘Dothegirls Hall’ series.  As some of you know, in part one we saw Ms Granger get up to some very naughty extra curriculum activities with the caretaker.  She did say she was looking for a real man and it seems that she found one!  Now, of course,  there will be consequences for her sluttish behaviour, unbeknown to her, the whole sordid episode was filmed by none other then yours truly on my camera phone.  But that is for another day.  It is Clovers turn to face the music.  She has been scolded by the Headmaster for her tardiness, bad grades and general disregard for school rules and now she has been sent to Mr Cranky for her punishment. 

Poor Clover has yet to be punished at ‘Dothegirls Hall’ but is well aware that this school has zero tolerance for rule breaking of any kind.  Mr Cranky decides that as this the first time that Clover has been sent for discipline that he will administer a hand spanking.  If Clover thought that this would be a light punishment, she soon realised that she was wrong.  Spanked first over her school uniform, and then her white school knickers, Clover is soon writhing with pain.  Her bottom red and sore as Mr Cranky shows her exactly what happens when you break school rules.  She is then asked to remove her knickers so that her bare bottom gets the full impact of his hard hand.  A real lesson for Clover and one she is not likely to forget in a hurry.  Have a look at the free clip and see what you think.

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Hard caning at Dothegirls Hall

March 10th, 2010

Good morning guys, I am a bit late with todays update as I am busy uploading things to my new clips4sale website. I know that being a member of a website is not for everyone so I decided that I would have a clips4sale site as well as the spankingsarah website.  You can see and buy the clips if you go here

Anyway, to todays update we are back at Dothegirls Hall where the wicked Mr Snaith and the nasty Mr Stern have well and truly set poor Chloe up for a fall.  As you know, they had installed a hidden camera in the groundsman room in order to catch Fiona  sucking on his cock.  She was made to sit and watch the video and told in no uncertain terms that she would be punished and punished hard!    The poor girl was subjected to a very long and hard session with a paddle and a strap and you would think these two teachers would have been content with the punishment given.

After her bare bottom had been thrashed with the heavy paddle and leather strap,  Fiona was told that that was merely the warm up.   Her poor bottom was already red and sore yet she was taken by Mr Snaith into the headmasters study to be caned.  Upon arrival in his study, it became clear that her punishment would have to wait.  Mr Stern was already dealing with another errant pupil.   Do I need to tell you who that pupil was?  It was of course the naughtiest of all girls …..  ME.    He had me bent over in just my white school girl underwear whilst he applied a paddle to my bottom.   Not content with that, he had me remove my knickers for some very hard strokes of the cane.  Poor Fiona had no choice but to watch whilst I was given a most severe caning, knowing full well that she would be next in line.

When Mr Stern had eventually finished with my bottom I was made to stand in order for Fiona to take my place.  In the corner with hands on my head it was now my turn to watch that poor girl caned by Mr Snaith.  Stroke after hard stroke were applied to her bottom and no mercy was shown.  This is a great harsh punishment film.  See the free clip here and tell me what you think.

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Getting ready for a spanking good weekend

November 12th, 2009

Good Morning guys, I have a busy day ahead of me. I need to try and get everything done before I head off tommorrow for a fun filled spanking weekend. The Spanker has booked the hotel, we are on the guest list for a fetish club and we are spending Sunday at the Birmingham Bizzare Bazaar.

I am really looking forward to it. We have ordered some real school knickers in blue, maroon and white and hopefully they will arrive before we go. Lets be honest though, it does not matter if they do not, my knickers spend more time around my ankles then they ever do on my bottom! In fact, quite often, when I am out in public, I don’t wear any knickers at all! It feels so very naughty to do so and the spanker always rewards me with a good hard over the knee hand spanking when he finds out. A few months ago, my skirt blew right up and everybody in the street got to see my bare and cane marked bottom. It was quite funny. I spent the rest of that day holding my skirt down so as not to have a repeat performance.

I have to decide which of my school uniforms to wear where. I rather like my new maroon one but I also like my kilt. I was also thinking maybe of buying one in bottle green. Oh decisions, decisions, what do you think? I am rather excited as this will be my first visit to a fetish club. I have been asked to write a review for it in spanking-news. I am sure that I will have a wonderful time but I must confess, I am a little nervous about it.

Not as nervous as I was just over a year ago. Yes, a whole year has passed since I made my first film. I can’t believe how fast it has gone by. Just think, I did not even own one school uniform then, I had to borrow it! I will never forget it. I have learnt so much in the year I have been doing this and met both online and offline, some really lovely people. Of course, there have been a few idiots along the way, but I guess you come across them whatever line of work you are in. On the whole though, the people in this industry have been great. Here is to many more spanking years.

I will let you know how I get on over the weekend. I expect The Spanker will be taking plenty of photos. Did you like the new ones in the members area? He has certainly put those new dragon canes to good use hasn’t he? My poor bottom looks so very sore in a lot of them! It is lucky I love the cane so much. Catch you soon. Kisses Sarah xx xx xx

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What a way to start a spanking week!

October 19th, 2009

My new uniformGood morning guys, what an eventful few days it has been. I was in deep trouble before I had even got out of my bed on Saturday morning! It all started quite innocently enough, I woke up and thought that I would have a nice cup of tea in bed whilst I checked my e-mails. Nothing wrong with that, unless you have a kitten who is as naughty as you and wants to play! One minute I had a cup of tea in one hand and the lap top in the other, the next both were flying though the air and landing on the floor with a bump. Unfortunately for me, they both landed together. Tea plus laptop really do not mix! I switched it off quickly and dried it out as best as I could. Next was the hard part, telling The Spanker what I had done. He was not very impressed! I tried to explain that is was accidental but he was not a happy man.I was promised a punishment of the most extreme measures.  It was therefore with some trepidation that I set off for a week long spanking shoot.

So off I went with a heavy heart and a wet non working laptop. Off to meet my fate at the hands of The Spanker. He decided that the punishment would have to wait until the end of the week as he did not want my bottom to be so badly marked that we would be unable to do any filming. It is indeed quite lucky for me that he made this decision as a few hours after the spillage, my lap top began to work. How lucky was I? He still gave me six very hard strokes with the new heavy dragon though. I had no warm up first and I don’t mind telling you, they really did hurt!

As I had behaved like a child, the Spanker thought that I should be dressed like one so I spent the rest of the night in my new school uniform. I have put a picture up of me wearing it, what do you think? I really like the maroon blazer.

Anyway guys, more news from the shoot soon. Kisses Sarah xx

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All the fun of the fetish fair

October 11th, 2009

Schoolgirl SarahGood morning guys, very soon I will be on a train heading for our Captial city.  It will be for my first trip to the London Fetish Fair.  As regular readers know, I have been once to the Birmingham one.  I am hoping that this one will be even better.

I will be wearing my school uniform, I think I will change once I get there rather than explaining to my fellow travellers why I am dressed like that ha ha.  I don’t want everyone to know just how perverted I am do I?

I am going with my friend and fellow blogger Jay Walker, sometimes known as Jay Flame, she is nearly as naughty as me so I imagine we will be having a lot of fun!

I will let you know our antics in a future blog post – got to go now, train to catch!  Kisses Sarah xx

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This weeks spanking good update

June 25th, 2009

Before the blow jobGood morning guys, what a fantastic update we have for you this week. It features yours truly and Carl. This film does look fantastic (yes, I know that is blowing my own trumpet a bit) But we had such great time making it and I truly think our enjoyment shows. We made it on one of those rare hot spring days about a month ago whilst we were in Essex. I was dressed in my nice new school uniform, complete with regulation white socks and knickers. Now, lets not pretend that I could ever be taken to be of school age! Although a lady never discloses her age, I think we will all agree that I will not be seeing thirty again any time soon lol. Anyway, I was playing the part of a lady on the way to a fancy dress party. On my way, I happen to chance upon Carl hitchhiking. Luckerly for him, I stop to give him a lift. Let me tell you, he gets far more than a ride in my motor car! I really did love making this film, what a pity that things like that do not happen for real. Have a look at the film and tell me what you think. More tomorrow. Kisses Sarah xx xx xx

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This is going to hurt me more than it hurts him!

June 9th, 2009

Morning guys, whoever made up that silly phrase? hmmm?  I think the orignal is ‘this is going to hurt you more than it hurts me’  still bloody stupid whatever way you say it.    Of course it is going to hurt me a hell of a lot more! Tis my bare bottom that is going to be severley caned. Anyway, as you all know, I am meeting the Dragon today and am going to be caned by him.    Now, you could misinterprete that as me calling The Spanker a dragon but of course, I would not as much dare as to call him such a name.  One must not forget wht happened the last time I insulted him on the blog. My comment was removed along with my knickers and I was given the hardest caning I had yet to have recieved. Admittedly, I have had a few harder since, but I still remember how very cross he was.  I do try quite hard to be a good girl but it is difficult.  The truth of the matter is, I love to be punished and the naughtier I am, the harder the dicipline session will be.  I have very mixed feelings about this dragon cane.  I have been fantasising about my punishment for the past couple of days and the thought of it striking my bare bottom excites me but if I am completely honest, it scares me as well.  I am under no illusions that this caning is going to be much more severe then any I have been given before.  I also know that I deserve and need a harsh punishment session.  Whenever I think about what is going to happen, I imagine that he takes me over the knee for a hard hand spanking first and then instructs me to put on my school uniform and return with the cane in my hand to present to him.  He would say something along the lines of  ‘If you are going to act like a child, you will be punished dressed like one’  whether this will take place is anybodies guess but I promise I will let you know in the morning.  I will also ensure that some pictures are taken and they will be available in the members area of the site for you all to see.  You must let us know if you would like these private sessions to be filmed, they are much harsher than the normal shoots and obviously do not follow any kind of story line.  As only the two of us are present, it would have to also be a static tripod so it would not be the usual quality that our site is becoming so well known for.  But if enough of you want to see what goes on when I have been a very bad girl, we will be more than happy to show you.  Anyway,I better go and get ready for that nasty old dragon!  Until tomorrow.  Kisses Sarah xx xx xx

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Spanked hard for cock sucking

May 25th, 2009

Dressed for a partyMorning guys, how unfair is that? I do exactly what I am told and still get spanked for it! I may as well go back to being naughty. Tis lucky I enjoy both cock sucking and spanking so much eh? A lot of you have sent e-mails telling me how much you love to see me with a big hard cock in my mouth and many many more of you have told me that you love to see me dressed as an adult school girl. One of my members went one step further and came up with a fantastic storyline involving both of these and a hitchhiker. As soon as I read his idea I just knew it would make a great film. What fun we all had making it! It was in quite a busy area as well – we could have quite easily been seen and I think that just added to the thrill! The member had requested that after I had sucked long hard and deep on the hitchhikers cock that he would love to see him come all over my bare bottom. So that is exactly what we did. It really was a cracking little storyline. Remember guys, if you send me your fantasies I will always try and reinact them for you. Obviously afterwards I had to be punished and I got quite a hard hand spanking. Firstly over my white knickers but he soon moved onto my bare bottom. I will let you into a secret. The guy involved had never spanked a girl before so I did think that I would be getting quite a light spanking. I once again was very wrong. He took to it like a duck to water and it was not long before I had a very red bottom. Anyway guys, I must go, more tomorrow. Kisses Sarah x x

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