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Spanking Cookery with Satine Spark

March 9th, 2016
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Please welcome Satine Spark back to SpankingSarah. I love shooting with Satine Spark. It seems like only yesterday that she came along to make her very first spanking film when in fact it was over six years ago. A lot can change within that time scale but I can honestly say that Satine looks as fantastic today as she did then.

I love shooting spanking films. I adore the fact that we have such a fantastic relationship with the girls we shoot films with and it is always nice to catch up and smack deserving bottoms.

Satine Spark has starred in many of our films over the years and Mr Stern was keen to do something a little different with her this time. He decided upon a new series ‘Spanking Cookery’ with Satine being the first presenter but as members will see – she was not very honest about her culinary skills!

Last week she wrecked his recipe for French Onion Soup and got a good hard bare bottom spanking. You would have thought that this would have quickly improved not only her skills but her attitude and behaviour wouldn’t you?

Satine had been given the recipe to make a fruit cake and told to follow it to the letter to ensure that further spankings were not given. Satine managed to do this and did make a very nice cake but unfortunately she shared it out with the crew before Mr Stern even got to look at it!

This was not the wisest of moves and understandably, Mr Stern was not very happy to see a half eaten cake. It is obvious that further punishment is required. As a hand spanking does not seem to have worked, Mr Stern decides to use a spanking paddle instead.

Poor pale skinned Satine already has a sore bottom from the hand spanking so begs Mr Stern not to punish her any further but he is determined to extract his revenge. The paddle is quite a nasty leather one and each and every stroke really hurts her already tender skin.

Her bottom is soon bright red, marked and sore but Mr Stern continues with the punishment. Satine is made to touch her toes and her bare bottom gets a prolonged and painful spanking.


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December 23rd, 2015
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It’s not even Christmas yet and I still have things to do and I still have not got a present for Mr Stern. Now I know what he wants but I am not sure that I want to spend the whole of Christmas with a sore bottom so he might have to make do with a new shirt instead. I have loads of baking still to do, we have the lovely Kodders joining us this year for Christmas  so I will have to keep him in order and you know what that means! We have lots of family and that’s especially nice, as your kids get older you can so easily lose contact with them.

We have been so busy, we are going to come to the UK for Christmas, it’s just not the same in Spain, although I do like the New Year celebrations there. I know that all our films for the Christmas week are now on the web sites and I think we have a great selection. On my own site I have another episode of Unladylike Manor. I do love this series, it gives us a chance to do some real stories and have a bit of fun as well as get in loads of great spanking. We are looking for a new location for next year to progress the story so if anyone has a nice manor house and would like to share it with a house trained film crew and some very delectable spankees please contact us here and we will tell you all about it.

This weeks film can be seen in my site which has a very reasonable membership price or you can download it from my instant download site. So it just remains for me to wish you all a very happy Christmas, and of course to thank my loyal members for their continued support and interest and a special big thank you to all those guys who have appeared on my Sarahspanksmen site. You are a great bunch.

Love Sarah

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A Naked Caning for Jess

May 7th, 2015
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Poor Jess is not having a very good day.  She joined the Academy of Careworkers purely to prevent her benefits from being stopped.  When she signed the forms little did she know that she was signing away her rights and that she could be punished at anytime for almost anything!  She has been spanked hard by Sister Stern and then paddled by someone claiming to be a Doctor.  How was she to know that he was the porter?  Despite being duped she is now in even more trouble with Sister Stern.

Not a good day by anyone’s standards but it is just about to become even worse.  Sister Stern feels that Jess should have realised that he was not a proper Doctor.  The jeans under the white coat plus the fact that he was wearing a name badge for Portia La Roux should have given the game away.   The time spent getting the paddle should have been spent studying and now she must be punished.  As a spanking and the paddle do not seem to have had a great deal of effect Sarah feels that the cane should be applied.

Jess absolutely cannot believe it.  She tries to explain her position but soon realises that Sister Stern really does not care.  She wants to cane her so she will get the cane whether she likes it or not.  The false Doctor has already made her strip which has left her feeling vulnerable and humiliated.  Sister Stern is not going to allow his actions to go unpunished but has decided to deal with Jess first.

While the porter watches Jess is bent over for the application of 12 hard strokes of the cane.  She is rather frightened as she knows that this is going to be the most painful punishment that she will ever endure.  Sister Stern is an expert with the cane and is going to make sure that each and every stroke welts this young girls bottom.

The first stroke bites hard into her already sore bottom making Jess flinch with pain.  The Porter is forced to watch knowing that his ordeal is going to be worse.  Each and every stroke is hard and leaves its mark on her tender flesh.  12 hard strokes are administered without mercy.  Take a look at the full film at Spanking Sarah

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A first time spanking for a naughty nurse

January 21st, 2015
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A well spanked nurseWe have a brand spanking new series for you at Spanking Sarah.  We know just how much you love the House of Correction and we are going to continue with that as an occasional series but we felt that at the start of a New Year we would have a new ongoing story.  We follow the UK news quite closely and were interested to see how their Government is trying all sorts of things to cut the unemployment figures.  It seems that they sending people for retraining whether they want to go or not.  Can you imagine how awful it must be to try and train those people?  They have no interest in being there and just go purely to retain their benefits.   A complete waste of time but  what if you could spank them?  I think that may have people changing their attitudes pretty quickly! 

Enter our two trainee care assistants.  Belle and Luna.  Both girls have never held down a job and neither would ever consider being a carer bar the fact that they don’t want their benefits stopped.  They have been issued with uniforms and look rather lovely.  It is a pity that their attitude does not match their appearance!  These two young ladies have a lot to learn and Sarah Stern is soon going to teach them.

Sarah explains that their lives are soon going to change.  She does not take any nonsense and decides to start as she means to go on.  Both girls are going to get a good hard spanking whilst the other watches.  Luna and Belle really cannot believe what is happening to them and try to reason with their tutor.

Luna is chosen to go first.  This girl has never ever been spanked before but this does not mean that Sarah is going to go any easier upon her.  She is made to go over the knee.  A nervous Belle laughs which annoys Sarah and makes her vow to smack her even harder when it is her turn.

Smack after smack is applied to Lunas bare bottom.  Her tender skin is not used to this treatment and is soon a vivid red.  Luna is so shocked at what is happening to her and kicks her legs in protest and pain.  Luna is given a prolonged and painful spanking with the added humiliation of knowing her friend is watching.  See this and hundreds of other great films at Spanking Sarah

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The Cane for a Bully at The House of Correction

September 1st, 2014
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Sophie Parker canedIt has been a long time coming but Sophie Parker has eventually got her just deserts at The House of Correction. Since she entered the House she has been making Amelia Janes life an absolute misery. She has bullied her endlessly and ensured that the poor girl has been beaten by Auntie Katie at every opportunity. They do say that cheats never prosper but I think we were all beginning to think that this wicked girl would get away with her bad behaviour. This week Mr Stern decides to intervene.  He has noticed how quiet and withdrawn young Amelia is and decides to have a chat with her and find out what is troubling her.  Amelia is initially to scared to confide in him but after some persuasion she tells him the whole sad and sorry tale.  Mr Stern is horrified!  The House of Correction is supposed to improve young ladies behaviour, not give them a platform to bully and cause further mishap.  He decides that he will deal with Sophie Parker himself and that she will be taught a very painful lesson indeed. Being a man of the cloth he decides to hear what Sophie has to say about the matter and calls her in for a chat.  As soon as Sophie realises that Amelia has told on her she jumps to the defence and actually attacks Amelia and tries to throttle her.  Sophie Parker canedPoor Amelia is powerless to defend herself and Sophie has to be dragged off the terrified girl and restrained.  A furious Mr Stern scolds Sophie and decides to punish her there and then.  In order to cause not only pain but humiliation, he decides to allow Amelia to watch.  Sophie is hauled over the knee and her knickers are pulled down and her bottom is given rather a sound spanking which leaves it bright red and sore but this is just the start of her ordeal. Mr Stern decides that the best punishment for this naughty girl would be a hard dose of the cane.  Sophie is made to kneel in the sofa with her bottom stretched tight and she is forced to endure stroke after painful stroke of his cane.  This leaves her bottom bruised and welted and will hopefully improve her appalling behaviour.  Take a look at the free clip here

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Vicky arrives at the house of correction

July 9th, 2014
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Vicky at the house of correctionSarah is not feeling herself today! No I have that wrong, Sarah has a very bad pain in her arm and back today and I know what caused it. She was whacking a naughty man the other day and laid the cane on his bottom a bit too hard and that’s the result. That will teach her to go easy, they do say she is just about the hardest spanker around and having watched her and been on the receiving end of a spanking I can tell you just how true that is. Oh, just in case you’re wandering, this is Aunty Katie standing in for Sarah today as she cant even use her computer.

Now this weeks update features my very own series The House Of Correction and this week I have another new inmate, the very naughty Vicky. This young lady came along with a real attitude problem but I know just how to beat that out of young ladies.

After I had made her strip naked I bent her over and putting on my latex gloves I examined her for smuggled contraband, very humiliating I think, anyway, I did not find any so I told her she would get the same welcome as every other girl. Placing my spanking stool in the centre of the kitchen she eventually after much argument got herself over it. Now I said that Sarah can administer a good hard spanking but I have to tell you I can do just the same. I really did give this young lady a real hard spanking on her bottom and the tops of her legs. She was not quite so cheeky after I had finished spanking her I can tell you. Even though I do say so I think this is a real good film so now just get along and have a look at the free clip.

Now I do know that some of you like to see Sarah punishing naughty men, this is how she hurt her back so she really does give it to them. If you want to see her and some of the very newest films she has made then pop along to this link. and have a look see. I think you will love these films, and the guys are very brave to let Sarah punish them I think!

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Jadie Reece Joins Spanking Sarah

May 7th, 2014
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Jadie spanked by SarahI love my job. You meet some absolutely fantastic people. Of course, not everyone into spanking is nice but it does seem that a huge amount of spankees and spankers really are. I have met Jadie Reece a few times over the years at spanking parties and I really wanted to shoot with her. Yesterday we finally got around to making some films and let me tell you – they are hot!

In fact, I loved the films we made so much that I couldn’t wait to share at least one of them with you so despite only being made yesterday the first film will be edited and up on site a little later today.    Jadie plays  my rather naughty girlfriend who has been stopping out all night and cheating on me!   I am rather unhappy about the whole situation and feel that our relationship is over.  Jadie does not feel the same and so suggests that instead of throwing her out that I give her  a spanking. 

I explain to her that if I do proceed with a spanking it will not be a sexual one.  It will be a punishment and will certainly feel like one.  Jadie agrees to go ahead so goes over my knee on the bed.  The spanking starts as it means to go on, hard and without mercy.  Jadie is spanked on her bottom with particular attention being given to her tender sit spot and the tops of her thighs. 

This is a prolonged and painful spanking given without mercy and with much telling off.  Jadie has little choice but to accept it but is she secretely enjoying the hard smacks?  Sarah feels that some of her moans sound like pleasure so checks.  She is dismayed to feel that her Girlfriends pussy is soaking wet and that she is getting off on what should be a punishment!  Sarah increases the pace and force of her slaps to try and drive the message home.

Despite her best efforts and giving Jadie the hardest ever spanking Sarah does not feel that Jadie has learnt her lesson.  How should she proceed from here?  Take a look at the free clip  

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Cheerleader Clover gets the Paddle

February 12th, 2014
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Cheerleader gets the paddleIt seems like only yesterday that I opened my Spanking Site. Over the years there have been a lot of changes and I have filmed with countless wonderful spanking models. It is impossible not to have favourites and I must confess, Clover is certainly one of them. I like to shoot with her at least once a year and had the pleasure of filming with her quite recently.

Those of you who have followed my site from the start know that I didn’t switch for many years. When I began to I loved it but I struggled with playing the role of a caring Top.  Now, I know that it is all make believe and we are only playing a part but I just couldn’t get into the ‘I am doing this for your own good part’   I love smacking bottoms, I want to smack them and so decided that that is the role I would play. Instead of being a caring disciplinarian I would be a nasty unfair one who made girls submit to punishments that they probably didn’t deserve.

This film portrays me in exactly the role that I relish.  Clover is my step daughter.  She is a nice girl who has the misfortune of having a really evil step mother who resents her living in her home.   Sarah basically wants the Husband but not his baggage so is going out of her way to make life as miserable as possible for poor CLover.

Clover is a sweet young lady who wants to appease her Step Mother and lives in hope that if she tries to behave really well then perhaps things will improve.  She comes home from cheerleading practice overjoyed at winning a prize.  Sarah tricks poor Clover by telling her that she has a present for her but will only give it to her if she promises to ‘take it’  Imagine the poor girls shock when she opens it to find a nasty spanking paddle. 

She has no choice but to accept the present in the spirit it was given, a really nasty one!  Sarah whacks the poor girl over her bright white knickers.  Her bum is soon glowing red and worse is yet to come.  Not only does Sarah want to hurt her, she wants to humiliate her as well!  Clover is made to remove her knickers so that the spanking can continue on the bare.

Clover is subjected to a prolonged and painful paddling which leaves her in tears.  A unjust and undeserved thrashing.  Take a look at the free clip here

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The Very First Spanking for Bow

August 12th, 2013
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Her first spankingMany girls make their Spanking Debut at our sites and Bow was one such girl. Bow  bounced onto our screens a little over a year ago and has proved to be a very popular young lady.  In fact she now has her own clips4sale site.   She has been known as Bow, Kissie and Camilla.   Everyone has to start somewhere and fortunately for us, Bow started at Spanking Sarah

We have many films of this lovely young girl but this was the very first movie she ever made.  Why has it taken us so long to show it you?  Well, if I am totally honest, it is because I forgot that I had it!  We make films for three different sites so shoot a lot of lovely ladies so occasionally we forget that we haven’t used them.  We found this gem when we did a data base search recently.

In this interview Bow gives us a delightful insight into the domestic discipline relationship she shares with her Boyfriend and tells us all about some true life tales which have ended up with her being punished.  She also talks about how it feels to be punished for the first time by someone apart from her partner and how nervous she is about being filmed. 

As members know, just because it is somebodies first time, it certainly does not mean that it will be an easy one.  Bow is taken over the knee and given a good hard old fashioned bare bottom spanking which leaves her bum bright red and sore.  Take a look at the free clip here

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Dare you Dine with me? Culprits Caught

July 24th, 2013
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Poor Amelia got the cane last week at Spanking Sarah for something which really wasn’t her fault.  I love the unfairness of punishments, I think it is because I found out very early on in that life sometimes is not fair.  We do not live in storyland where good deeds outweigh bad ones.  That is why I often write stories where the ‘wrong person’ gets spanked or caned.

I wrote ‘Dare you Dine with me’ as a one off.  Mr Stern however will use any and every excuse he gets to smack me so when he saw the script he asked if I would add a part 2 where the real culprits are caught and caned.   I had originally decided to retire  from getting spanked on camera at the start of this year but so many of you still want to see me getting punished that I have decided to stay on for a little while longer.

In part two Mr Stern has heard from the producers.  They have footage of the whole event and know that Katie and I set Amelia up.  Mr Stern is desperately sorry that he has taken his cane to this innocent girl and decides that he will ensure the real perpetrators get their comeuppance.

He confronts Sarah and Katie and when they realise that they have been caught red handed they have to admit it.   Both find it quite funny that Mr Stern has punished Amelia but they soon change their tune when they realise that they are due to receive even harsher treatment from this angry man.

Mr Stern puts Katie and Sarah over his knee and thrashes them soundly with a wicked slipper paddle.  Both ladies writhe and moan whilst over his knee but it is to no avail.  Both are left badly marked and bruised but their ordeal is far from over.

They are both made to take it in turns to bend over the armchair with their sore bare bottoms high in the air.  They are both given several hard strokes of the dragon cane which leave them welted and sore.  Take a look at the free clip here

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