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Suzannes Spanking good lesson

April 27th, 2011

Morning guys, hope you all had a restful Easter and are looking forward to another a long Bank Holiday Weekend.   We were rather lucky with the weather wasn’t we?  Let us hope that it comes back soon.  Anyway, let me tell you all about this weeks update.  Last week we saw Suzanne come along to me for a chat.  Her husband wanted to spice up their love life and had suggested that perhaps they add a little spanking into their foreplay.  Suzanne knew that I led a spanking lifestyle and so decided to come along and ask my advice. 

I suggested that the best thing to do to see if she liked spanking, was for her to go over my knee for a good bare bottom smacking. I warned her that I would really give her a hard whacking as I wanted to ensure that she knew exactly what she was letting herself in for. Her bum was bright red and sore by the time I had finished but Suzanne absolutely loved it.

Well, this week sees Suzanne back and she has brought along with her a stack of implements that her Hubby has bought.   They had tried some bare bottom spanking and loved it so wanted to try a few toys.   Not only did her Husband want to use them on her, but he also wanted to switch.  Suzanne asked if we could have a repeat performance but perhaps could she also try some of the implements out on me.

As you all know, I adore being spanked just as much as I like to give a spanking so I was quite excited at the prospect of Suzanne testing her toys on my bottom.  I hitched up my skirt and bent over the kitchen sink so she could practice on my bottom.  Suzanne rather got into it and loved using them.  It was not long before my cheeks were nicely pink.

Now it was Suzannes turn to try them out.  I warned her that as with the spanking, no mercy would be shown and each tool would be given to her harshly.  I explained that as much as she had enjoyed my hand on her bottom, she may not like the feel of the heavy strap, paddle and flogger.   Did she enjoy it?  Take a look at the free clip and see what you think.

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Young wife Suzannes spanking good lesson

April 20th, 2011
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Morning guys and indeed girls. What a lovely day it is again today. I will be going to school today where I will most likely get spanked and caned so will be inside for most of the sunshine, but fingers crossed that it will last until the Bank holiday weekend. I guess it is too hot to stay in and watch spanking movies at the moment isn’t it? At least during the daytime, how lucky then that all my fantastic spanking movies can be accessed on your I phone, Ipod or MP4 player! You can sit in the garden with a few beers and see me getting exactly what I deserve.

Or in the case of this weeks update, see young wife Suzanne come along to me for a little bit of advice.  Newly married, Suzannes husband had put a proposition to her, he wants to spice up their sex life by introducing a little spanking fun into their foreplay.  Now, Suzanne is eager to please her hubby but also a little anixous.  She has asked him for a little time to think about it.  Knowing just how much I love spanking, she decides to come along and see if I could perhaps show her what it is all about.

Well,  you know me,  I was more than happy to show her the ropes.  It was a delight to put this lithe young lady over my knee and give that tight, firm bottom a good hard hand spanking.  I explained to Suzanne that I would not go easy upon her – she needed to know just how painful a bare bottom beating could be. It certainly would not have helped her if I had merely given her a few playful taps would it?

I do have a very hard hand,  some say even harder than the spankers!   It was not long before Suzannes backside was red marked and sore but did she enjoy it? Take a look at the free clip and see.  Kisses Sarah xx Oh, don’t forget if you love me please follow me on twitter at –  strandpro

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